17 Tested and Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List Faster

Building a strong email subscriber list is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and potential customers. However, it can be challenging to grow your list quickly and get people to opt-in.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll share 17 proven tactics to rapidly grow your email list. These strategies have been tested and implemented by top marketers to generate more leads and subscribers.

1. Offer a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive you provide in exchange for a visitor‘s email address. This could be a free guide, ebook, checklist, or other piece of premium content.

The lead magnet should provide high value and solve a specific problem for your target audience. For example, if you have a cooking blog you could offer a "Top 10 Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes" ebook.

Place your lead magnet form prominently on your site and social media. For example, use a popup or sticky bar that appears when someone first lands on your site.

2. Gate Some of Your Content

Consider "gating" some of your blog posts or other content behind an email signup form. Visitors can see the title and a short excerpt, but must enter their email to access the full post.

This technique works best with highly useful, in-depth content. For example ebooks, guides, case studies, and other premium content.

Use a WordPress plugin like OptinMonster to easily gate content behind email opt-ins.

3. Run a Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways are hugely effective for growing email lists. Visitors enter their email for a chance to win prizes.

Promote your giveaway through social media, email, and on your website. For maximum reach, partner with influencers and other brands in your niche.

Use a tool like Rafflecopter or Gleam to collect entries and pick random winners. Offer prizes that genuinely appeal to your target audience.

4. Offer a Discount Coupon

Everyone loves saving money! Offer an exclusive coupon or discount code in exchange for an email signup.

For example, you could offer 10% off their first purchase or free shipping over a certain amount. Reveal the coupon code after they enter their email address.

Time limit the offer to encourage urgent action. For example, "Sign up in the next 10 minutes to get 10% off!"

5. Add Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups appear when someone is about to leave your site. These help convert abandoning visitors into email subscribers.

For example, when someone moves their mouse to close the tab or browser, a popup appears offering a lead magnet for their email.

These should be non-disruptive and easy to close. Exit-intent popups can significantly boost conversion rates when used correctly.

6. Use Scroll-Triggered Opt-Ins

As visitors scroll down your page or blog post, use opt-ins that slide or appear at set intervals.

For example, after someone scrolls past 50% or 75% of the page, a signup form smoothly slides in from the side or bottom.

Because the reader is already engaged with your content, they‘re primed to subscribe at this point. Time it to appear right before they reach the end.

7. Add Social Proof

People are more inclined to take action when they see others doing it first. Known as social proof, this technique builds trust and credibility.

Share metrics like "Join over 5,000 subscribers" or testimonials like "Best newsletter in the industry!". Feature subscriber counts prominently near opt-in forms.

Tools like TrustPulse display real-time social proof notifications as they happen, creating FOMO and urgency.

8. Send Post-Blog Opt-Ins

Once someone finishes reading a blog post, they‘re primed to take action like subscribing or sharing.

Immediately after your post content, add a custom section encouraging them to join your email list to receive future updates.

Keep the messaging short and persuasive. Offer a compelling freebie like "Get our Most Popular Recipes PDF" in exchange for their signup.

9. Add a Signup Bar to Your Website

A fixed signup bar at the top or bottom of your site ensures your opt-in form is always visible. Visitors can quickly subscribe without having to hunt for how.

Keep the design slick and non-intrusive. For example, a thin horizontal bar fixed subtly to the bottom left or right corner.

Use contrasting colors that stand out, like white text on a green background. The goal is high visibility without distraction.

10. Send a Follow-Up Email

Many visitors don‘t convert on first visit. Send follow-up emails to re-engage them.

For example, an automated email 1-3 days after their first visit encouraging them to subscribe to receive more content.

Focus the messaging on the key benefits and offer a compelling freebie like a guide or checklist to incentivize signups.

11. Add a Popup Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are full-page popups that appear immediately when someone lands on your site. They grab attention and introduce opt-ins.

Keep the messaging super short and focused. For example "Want Our Top 10 Recipes for Free? Enter Your Email Below!".

To avoid annoyance, display them only to first-time visitors and make easy to close in one click.

12. Run Retargeting Ads

Retarget visitors who left without subscribing using Facebook/Google ads. When they see your ad again it reminds them to opt-in.

For example, if someone leaves your site without subscribing, you can show them an ad with a special offer or lead magnet to capture their email.

Retargeting helps convert abandoning visitors into subscribers by presenting new opt-in opportunities off-site.

13. Add Opt-Ins In Your YouTube Videos

YouTube overlays allow adding opt-in forms and other graphics into your videos. For example, you can overlay a lead gen form or subscribe button.

Appear 30-60 seconds into your video when viewers are engaged. Time it right before you deliver your main point or value piece.

End screens also present a prime opportunity to add a prominent subscribe graphic or video link.

14. Run Lead Gen Facebook Ads

Facebook offers lead generation ad formats that allow collecting emails directly within Facebook.

For example, you can run a poll or question asking for emails in exchange for quiz results or a free guide.

Optimizing these for conversions can help you grow your email list targeting cold audiences who may not visit your actual site.

15. Add Email Opt-Ins to Sales or Landing Pages

When someone visits a key page on your site, they‘re primed for conversion. Don‘t miss the opportunity to collect their email.

For example, on product pages, checkout pages, and high-traffic landing pages add opt-ins for discounts, content offers, or newsletter signups.

Pages with high bounce rates are also prime spots to experiment with opt-in placements to capture more leads.

16. Make it Mobile Friendly

With over 60% of traffic coming from mobile, your opt-ins must work seamlessly on mobile devices. Test across smartphones and tablets.

Avoid popups and graphics that block content on mobile. Favor fixed bars, slide-ins, and below post opt-ins for mobile friendliness.

Keep forms short with minimal fields for faster signups. Name and Email only if possible.

17. Continuously A/B Test

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to email list growth. You need to test different opt-in variants.

Try different form placements, offers, headlines, designs, colors, and more. Use a tool like OptinMonster to easily A/B test opt-ins.

Analyze results to determine which variants perform best. Then double down on those optimized versions to maximize conversions.

Growing a quality email list takes consistent testing and optimization. Use these 17 proven tactics to get more website visitors to subscribe and engage with your content.

Focus on providing value, not just growing numbers. Treat your list with respect and avoid spamming. A loyal, engaged email audience will pay dividends for your business.

What email list building strategies have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.