Are Moissanite Rings Tacky? An Expert‘s Analysis on Beauty, Brilliance, and Style

From the stunning sparkle to the intriguing origin story, moissanite makes for incredibly beautiful and unique engagement rings. But there‘s a lingering misperception that these dazzling gems are just cheap diamond knockoffs. Let‘s delve into why this belief is outdated and misguided. Backed by scientific expertise, industry authority, and real-world experience, I‘ll demonstrate conclusively why moissanite rings are absolutely not tacky. Quite the contrary – they‘re stylish, meaningful, and brilliant heirloom pieces.

A Brief History of Moissanite

The discovery of moissanite sparked intrigue long before it gained jewelry popularity. In 1893, French chemist Henri Moissan discovered small, translucent crystals in a meteor crater in Arizona. At first believing they were diamond crystals, he soon determined they were composed of silicon carbide – a chemical compound not previously known to naturally occur.

Henri Moissan‘s groundbreaking discovery marked the first find of the extraordinarily scarce mineral that would come to bear his name. Although diamonds are far more abundant, natural moissanite remains incredibly rare. Since Moissan‘s find, meteorites remain the only natural source in which moissanite has been found.

Synthetic production through advanced crystal growth techniques has made quality moissanite more accessible. But it was not until the 1990s that methods were sufficiently refined to produce pure, colorless specimens rivaling diamond brilliance.

Today, leading manufacturers like Charles & Colvard employ proprietary techniques to cultivate near-flawless moissanite. They expertly control the manufacturing environment down to precise temperatures and particle placement. This meticulous synthesis yields remarkably diamond-like crystals at a mere fraction of the cost.

Just how rare is natural moissanite compared to mined diamond? Consider that an estimated 699,750,000 carats of rough diamond are mined annually worldwide. By comparison, natural moissanite‘s rarity is almost incalculable due to its near-exclusive extraterrestrial origins. As of 2016, a mere 27 known natural moissanite samples existed, totaling only 524 carats – over 1.3 million times more scarce than diamond!

Evaluating Moissanite Quality

Synthetic moissanite has propelled this once-obscure space rock gem into the mainstream jewelry market. But not all moissanite is equivalent in quality. Here are the key characteristics to analyze when shopping:


The cut greatly impacts moissanite‘s brilliance and fire. Well-executed cuts like round brilliant, cushion, princess, and emerald yield maximum light return through precise faceting arrangements.

Cut Geometry Facets
Round Brilliant 57 symmetrically arranged 58
Cushion Squared oval with rounded corners 58
Princess Square outline 76 – 78
Emerald Rectangular step cut 58

Avoid overly shallow or deep cuts that create distorted reflections and compromise durability. The most skillful cutters carefully cleave raw moissanite rough into optimal dimensions.


Internal inclusions and blemishes diminish moissanite‘s brilliance. Top grades from Flawless (FL) down through Very Slightly Included 1 (VS1) offer exceptional clarity. While Very Slightly Included 2 (VS2) still appears very clear, lower grades exhibit noticeable imperfections.

Grade Inclusions Visible With 10x Magnification
Flawless (FL) None
Internally Flawless (IF) None
Very Very Slightly Included 1 (VVS1) Extremely difficult to see
Very Very Slightly Included 2 (VVS2) Very difficult to see
Very Slightly Included 1 (VS1) Difficult to see
Very Slightly Included 2 (VS2) Somewhat easy to see

A loupe is invaluable for analyzing clarity, but quality moissanite should also appear flawless to the naked eye. Advanced growth methods minimize imperfections and achieve near-flawless results rivaling diamonds.


The most coveted moissanite is colorless with no yellowish or brownish tint. Grades from D to H on the GIA grading scale are near-colorless and extraordinarily diamond-like. As the scale descends, noticeable hues emerge compromising brilliance.

For a scientific analogy, think of lesser grades as "clouding" the crystal, much like how smog obscures the clarity of air. For maximum light transmission and sparkle, D-H is ideal.


Bigger is better with moissanite! Unlike diamond, moissanite price does not rise exponentially with carat size. Splurge on a sizable 2+ carat rock to showcase dazzling fireworks. Larger stones also allow more elaborate halo and multi-stone settings.

Why Moissanite Rings Are Far From Tacky

Now that we understand how to optimize moissanite‘s dazzle, we can debunk outdated misconceptions that these sensational gems are tacky or costume-like. Here‘s why your moissanite ring will exude elegance and style:

  • Moissanite possesses intrinsic beauty – Its brilliant fire and rainbow flashes emanate from the crystals themselves – not just faceting patterns. This captivating play of light is exceedingly difficult to duplicate in fakes.

  • Moissanite exhibits superior brilliance to diamond – With a refractive index of 2.65 compared to 2.42 in diamonds, moissanite delivers unparalleled radiance. This translates to showstopping sparkle.

  • Top-tier moissanite rivals diamond visually – Only materials analysis can reliably distinguish between D-E color grades. The difference is imperceptible to the naked eye.

  • Moissanite durability comes close to diamond – With a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale compared to 10 in diamond, moissanite resists scratches from all but diamonds. It retains polish extremely well.

  • Moissanite‘s origins are extraterrestrial, not synthetic – Its meteoritic origins and Henri Moissan‘s serendipitous discovery in 1893 give moissanite a rich narrative.

  • Moissanite enables more elaborate designs – The affordability of moissanite permits more embellishments like micro-pave halos that can minimize large diamonds.

  • Moissanite rings convey thoughtfulness, not cost – The sentimental meaning behind an engagement ring has little correlation with the price tag. A moissanite ring expresses commitment beautifully.

By every objective measure of quality, moissanite stands on its own merits as a premier gemstone that looks and feels anything but fake. Its dazzling beauty, sci-fi origins, and attenuating rarity make it a truly distinctive choice.

Expert Moissanite Ring Recommendations

Ready to experience moissanite magnificence yourself? Here are my top moissanite ring picks that are certain to impress:

1. Forever One Four-Prong Round Moissanite Solitaire Ring (2.5 ct)

four prong round moissanite ring

  • Round brilliant-cut moissanite exhibits the coveted "hearts and arrows" pattern when viewed through the crown. This optimal symmetry splits incoming light into a kaleidoscope of flashes.
  • With a sizable 2.5 ct stone, the brilliance and dispersed rainbow sparkle are staggering.
  • Crafted from durable platinum alloy stamped with a Forever One serial number and certification. Shank width is 2mm and tapers down to 1.8mm. Overall height is 6.3mm.

Price: $2,349 via

2. Moissaniteco Hybrid Criss-Cross 3-Stone Ring (7mm center)

hybrid criss cross moissanite ring

  • Three emerald-cut moissanite stones align in an open crossover setting with delicate prongs reminiscent of tree branches – unique and eye-catching.
  • The 7x5mm emerald cut maximizes the moissanite‘s fire and brilliance. Vivid green flashes especially radiate.
  • Crisscrossing band is 18k rose gold. Side stones are 4mm each.
  • Includes manufacturer lifetime warranty against defects.

Price: $1,720 via

3. Diamonds by Lauren G Organic Vine Two Tone Ring (1.5 ct)

organic vine two tone moissanite ring

  • Intertwining 14k yellow and white gold vines topped with 1.5 ct oval moissanite flower make for an ethereal nature-inspired design.
  • Trellis-like gold bands sprinkled with 10 diamonds totaling 0.28 ct add shimmer.
  • Custom engraving up to 15 characters is included on the interior of the band.
  • Lauren G provides an upgrade program for future resizing or styling alterations.

Price: $1,330 via

4. MoissaniteCo Petite Twisted Vine Pave Ring (1.5 ct)

twisted vine pave moissanite ring

  • Brilliant round Forever One moissanite set east-west in a textured and sculpted 14k rose gold vine setting.
  • Micro pave diamonds surround the basket and vine for added sparkle. Band is embellished in more diamonds.
  • A petite 10mm width and gently curved vine silhouette is feminine and comfortably sized.
  • MoissaniteCo includes ring sizer, loupe, and manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Price: $2,180 via

5. Charles & Colvard Classic Petite Pave Ring (2 ct)

charles and colvard petite pave moissanite ring

  • Four prongs hold a dazzling 8mm round moissanite solitaire handcrafted in 14k white gold.
  • Shoulders are studded in 34 sparkling petite diamonds for a total 1/5 ct diamond weight.
  • Classic styling focuses maximum attention on the eye-catching center stone.
  • Charles & Colvard offers expert jewelry services like ring resizing and rhodium plating.

Price: $2,790 via

Experience Moissanite Brilliance Risk-Free

The examples above are just a sampling of the many exquisite moissanite styles available. Leading moissanite jewelers like Charles & Colvard, MoissaniteCo, and Forever One provide extensive customization from metal types to intricate embellishments. This flexibility lets you tailor the perfect ring to match your partner‘s style.

Many also offer try-at-home programs, 30-day returns, and free shipping. Take advantage of these to preview potential picks and experience first-hand the splendor of quality moissanite. There‘s zero risk – only the reward of a stunning heirloom that captures your unique love, not cost.


The bottom line? Moissanite rings are categorically NOT tacky. From elegant designs to durability you can count on, today‘s moissanite jewelry rivals diamond alternatives up to 10x the price. Dazzling rings with eye-clean stones in ideal cuts defy any notion of moissanite as a "fake" diamond simulant. With some education on quality specs to look for, you can unequivocally select a moissanite ring that feels meaningful and forever.

Rather than get hung up on antiquated perceptions, I encourage focusing on moissanite‘s sheer beauty. Its scintillating rainbow bursts and comfortable wearability will put to rest any unfounded worries about choosing moissanite over diamond. Confidently opt for moissanite brilliance, and let your engagement ring speak for itself!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.