10+ Amazing Audio to Text Converter You Should Try

Audio to Text Converter

Say no more to manual transcribing and turn to audio to text converter instead. In this digital era, technologies are so advanced that we can easily convert one thing to another in an instant. You will no longer need to take a couple of long hours to listen to an audio file and transcribe each of the words from it. The machine will instead do your job as you wait patiently for the converting process to finish.

The rise of text-to-speech software, as well as speech-to-text software, benefits our day to day life. Some people use this software to narrate stories and give dictation. The most recent trend is to use voice search with the technology of speech-to-text software. Whatever task you need in regard to converting audio to text, certain apps will help you get it done.

Converting an audio file to text can take a few minutes according to the size of the file and the duration of the audio. A short audio file sometimes only lasts for one to ten minutes. Songs are the most common types of audio files to text converter. Unlike short audio files, the long ones usually take longer to convert. For example, an audio file from an interview, a documentary, and a movie are among the files with long durations. Instead of taking seconds, the converter may take a couple of hours to finish transcribing it.

In order to help you convert audio files to text efficiently, here are quick and easy ways to do it. On the list below, you will find a couple of methods to convert audio files to text. We have curated several apps you can try out below.

Mobile Speech to Text Apps – Audio to Text Converter

Convert your audio files straight from your mobile device. If your audio source is on your mobile phone, you can use standard mobile speech-to-text apps to transcribe the audio. As a highly rated app, Speechnotes does a quite proper video transcription on your Android phone. By using this app, you will get absolutely free transcription service. This app gives approximately accurate text results for your audio files. Keep in mind that you can only take notes separately. Furthermore, you can’t input the transcription results into the audio or video source.

360Converter – Online Audio to Text Converter

Some of the online free converters may not give you the best results. Therefore, you need to be selective in choosing the audio to text converter that works best for your need. If you’re wishing for somewhat better transcription results online for audio to text conversion, 360converter offers a simple interface to ease up the conversion process. This application supports both audio and video to text conversions. Once the conversion is done, the results can be downloaded as a document or PDF file. Keep in mind that there are limitations for the files you wish to convert since this is free software. You need to also take precautions in case the results have some errors to it. This free audio to text conversion site is good enough to transcribe conversations and prerecorded speeches, but the result is nowhere near that of a professional result.


Use InqScribe to get professional audio to text conversion result. It is not often you find the best digital transcription software on the internet. Instead of searching up and down the list of Google search, you can simply look for InqScribe to get your audio files to text converter. Aside from the audio files, you can also transcribe video files with considerable duration. The software can pretty much handle a transcription of full-length movies. In addition to the transcription service, this app also offers you choices for your transcription text such as font scheme, word counter, select transcript width, and different frame rates according to the audio inputs. All of these features will ensure that your transcription texts will be accurately displayed based on their exact positions within the length of the video.

Bear File Converter – Free Audio to Text Converter

Sometimes you only need a short file to convert and it will be inconvenient if you can’t find one simple online audio to text converter to work. If you wonder how to convert short audio files to brief notes, you can simply look for Bear File Converter. This online based app has a couple of decent conversion options. According to Baidu recognition engine, Bear File Converter can do a fitting job in converting clear audio files with few noises in between. The downside of this app is that it is not very reliable when it comes to converting audio files in forms of mp3 to text. In addition to the format exclusion, this online software cannot uphold a record with durations for more than three minutes.


Forget the failure of mp3 conversion in any other converters and look for the solutions with Sobolsoft. If you’re looking for professional results for your MP3-to-text conversion, Sobolsoft is your best choice. There are no time limits for audio conversion. In addition to the unlimited output timings, there are intuitive options which allow you to convert multiple files and split the timelines of the texts. With Sobolsoft, you will get the far better results in comparison to the previous converters we have listed above. In order to operate this software, you need to make a purchase beforehand. If you want to try the features first before you make up your mind, a free trial is always available for you.


Cutting edge technologies make everything easier. Transcribing texts from audio will no longer take a long time with audio to text converters you can find online. Sonix is the best-automated transcription software which is powered by cutting-edge AI. It is the most elegant kind of converter which can transcribe, organize, and search for your audio and video files. Audio and video to text transcription are now fast, accurate, simple, and affordable with Sonix. You can simply go to the Sonix official website to get your audio converted text for free. If you’re satisfied with the result and willing to get more service, then you can sign up for a membership.

AmberScript – Premium Audio to Text Converter

Converter software will automatically transform your audio and video to text. AmberScript includes automatic speech recognition which saves hours of transcription time. Get this service with the cheapest prices and fastest AI generated turnaround. By using Amerscript, you can upload, search, edit, and export with ease. The speech recognition engine creates the first text from your audio, which you can improve in the online editor. Make every language transcription possible with the 29 language availability in this app. Once the transcription is finished, you can export it as a Word or JSON file, with optional timestamps and speaker distinction.

Happy Scribe

As a converter software, Happy Scribe can transcribe text from the audio files. Almost all type of audio and video formats can be processed with this application. Happy Scribe doesn’t limit the size of the file that you upload to the app. It will transcribe your audio or video file using voice recognition technology within a few minutes. Once your file is transcribed, you will be able to access and edit your transcript with the Interactive Editor. The software will recognize when the speaker changes. You just need to write their name once the conversion is finished. In addition to the different speaker recognition, you can also add timestamps anywhere you want in the text. To make archiving easier, you can export in Word, TXT, SRT, STL, HTML, AVID and Premiere Markers when the conversion is done.

Speech to Text Demo

Transcribe your audio files using Speech to Text Demo. Unlike any paid converter apps, you can simply use your microphone to record audio in this site. To get the best results, you can use broadband models for the best microphone input. In addition to the live record, you can also upload pre-recorded audio in forms of .mp3, .mpeg, .wav, .flac, or .opus. The result of the audio conversion will include the recognized text, word alternatives, and spotted keywords. Even though some versions of this converter may detect multiple speakers, keep in mind that it may slow down the site performance.

My Voice 2 Text

In this technological era, everything we do needs to be efficient and quick. Times like these, you need to leave the ink and quill behind to transcript the academical transcriptions. It’s time we let the machine work. Leave all the typing works to the machine because it may just as well save your precious time. Since it takes a lot more time to type than to think, the traditional process may result in a slowdown in productivity.

In order to save you from the complexity of traditional transcription process, My Voice 2 Text will serve as a solution to your problem. The simple online audio to text converter will basically transform your audio file in English to text. You can see it getting converted into text in real-time. By using My Voice 2 Text, you will save a lot of time and boost your productivity.  The tool uses high-end AI technology as well to convert spoken words into texts with 100% accuracy.

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