10 Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2022

Best anime streaming sites

If you’re a fan of anime and spent a long time watching it, then you know that keeping up with new episodes can be extremely challenging, especially with online anime-streaming websites going up and down. It’s no secret that local television doesn’t broadcast anime, and even when it does, it runs out of material before the series end.

That said, to help you cherish your hobby, we compiled a list of best anime streaming sites to help you enjoy your favorite stories and keep up with your heroes’ adventures.

When it comes to pop culture, anime is a standard nearly everyone in the world knows about. Just like Hollywood-based movies and TV shows, anime has gathered fans from around the globe and just continues to spread and become more accepted among the young audience, but also those who are older.



KissAnime is one of the largest anime streaming networks, and it boasts a rich community that helps you socialize with other anime fans and make different discussions. It’s equipped with a vibrant, responsive and creative design which naturally attracts more users to enjoy anime.

When it comes to title hosting, there’s no anime that KissAnime won’t offer. It sports an extensive anime list which continually gets updated, mobile navigation to help you watch on mobile device, chat rooms so that you and other people can discuss on-air episodes, as well manga reading features. Moreover, visual novels are also popular on KissAnime.

The website is free to use and is supported through ads. While this is good because it doesn’t require registration and credit card input, those ads can be of inappropriate content, misleading or disturbing to children, who are major anime fans. Visitors can whatsoever keep up with the latest anime classified in different genres, able to sort among popular and latest titles. Video quality is respectful; each anime has a summary; there are reliable English subs and much more.

Another minor drawback is that visitors will need to insert captcha before they can start watching. Other than that, the website is swift, dynamic, responsive, and reliable.


  • Vivid, dynamic, and responsive design.
  • Large library of different titles and genres.
  • Good video quality, reliable subtitles
  • Chatroom and forum for discussion.
  • Doesn’t require registration.


  • A lot of inappropriate ads.
  • Requires signing captcha before watching specific anime series.

Link: https://kissanime.com.ru/



If you’re a hardcore anime fan, then visiting Animexd for your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly dose of good anime-related content is a must. It’s been here for a while, so it had time to compile a super-large database with anime and manga collections.

While KissAnime is the top-leader in video quality and reliability, Animexd delivers the largest anime database on the web. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the video quality on Animexd is bad; it can deliver enough frames and resolution to keep you entertained for hours. It has a search bar that helps you search by keyword, a large sidebar that highlights most rated titles currently on the website, among which is Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z and other elders of great anime as we know it today.

Finally, Animexd boasts a chat in the sidebar where different users and visitors can communicate between one another. This feature is particularly great because new episodes emerge all the time, and people can discuss new episodes or clear out any issues or misunderstanding through the episode. Additionally, seasoned users can help new users navigate through the website.

The website doesn’t require registration, so you’re free to use all its contents. However, to support and run itself, Animexd deploys a great number of ads, many of which are pop-up. This can get extremely irritating and turn you away. Nevertheless, the result is great.


  • Dark and eye-soothing design.
  • Easy to navigate through the website.
  • Sidebar features most popular anime titles.
  • Interactive chat bar for communication.
  • Superb video quality.


  • A lot of pop-up ads.

Link: https://ani.me/watch



If you’re looking for a reliable, secure, and legal website to watch anime online, that will be Crunchyroll. This innovative website boasts dynamic and vibrant design that helps users efficiently manage and search for their favorite titles to watch.

Crunchyroll offers an extensive anime library, with both old and new titles. There are many genres users can choose from, including horror, drama, comedy, shounen, action, and others. What makes Crunchyroll different compared to other anime-hosting websites is that it sports two types of membership. The first one is free and available for everyone, while premium membership costs $6.95 per month.

The free membership offers a large selection of anime titles to watch. However, they’ll be ran through ads which can irritate watching experience, while the video quality will be downed to 480p. Those who subscribe to a premium version can enjoy the limitless watching experience, 1080p quality, premium subtitles, and completely get rid of the annoying ads.

The website, similarly to Animexd displays a vibrant sidebar with the most popular anime titles on the website. Premium members can enjoy some additional perks, like getting DVD and Blue-Ray anime seasons through the mail, as well as anime reviews they can catch up on before playing some anime for the first time.


  • Responsive, modern, and reliable design.
  • 100% legal website.
  • Sports large community.
  • Members can enjoy various features.
  • Large store with apparel, accessories, toys, and more.


  • To get rid of ads and limited viewing resolution, visitors must register and subscribe to a premium plan.

Link: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

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Gogoanime.io boasts a large library of anime series, manga, genres, anime games and more. Its website sports a minimalistic design featured with the most popular anime titles. It boasts a large sidebar which features most popular titles and seasons one can watch. Additionally, under that sidebar, there are dozens of genres that users can pick up to watch. The streaming quality is reliable, and this website also allows users to download videos to their computers.

While the website seems safe and reliable, it’s worth noting that the streaming content on Gogoanime.io isn’t entirely legal; hence the use with caution is recommended. Additionally, the sponsored content on Gogoanime.io isn’t monitored meaning that the ads displayed on the website may be malicious.

There are many other perks using this anime search engine, however. Visitors can keep up with new episodes, seasons and titles, as the library extensively gets upgraded with new content. Its navigation also lets you search titles by new episodes, popularity, as well as get an extensive list of anime movies.


  • Extensive anime library.
  • A lot of genres to choose from.
  • Doesn’t require registration to use.
  • Videos can be downloaded on the go.


  • Content on gogoanime.io isn’t entirely legal, so use with caution.

Link: https://gogoanime.nl/



9Anime is another great website that caters to anime fans from around the world. Its website is straightforward to navigate on and stands out from the crowd of monotony with its futuristic purple user interface.

It boasts large collection of anime titles, whether they are short series, several-season topping shows, or movies. The website offers high video quality and subtitles to help users understand the language.

Navigation allows users to filter the content they want to see with the breeze. That said, they can list most popular shows, newest shows, sort by genre, and other criteria. Another thing that this website can offer is English dubbed content, which many may find unappealing as the sole point of watching anime is also learning Japanese in the process, although there are people with different preferences.

Finally, users can easily download their currently-watched anime if they have to get on a bus or plane and enjoy the new episode in offline mode. The possibilities are endless, and content that is hosted promises unforgettable fun.


  • Vibrant user interface
  • Many sorting and other filtering options.
  • Supports English-dubbed content.
  • Videos can be easily downloaded using this website.


  • There may be too many ads to handle.

Link: 9anime.me



On Chia-anime, you can stream high-quality anime episodes and browse among hundreds of anime titles released throughout the recent years, but also decades old. The website has been around for a while, gathering a large anime-loving community.

If you’re a die-hard anime fan, you can browse among hundreds of titles, different genres, and sort content based on how recent it is, popularity and more. Chia-anime isn’t an only anime-oriented website; you can find movies, other TV shows, manga, Asian drama, anime soundtracks and much more.

This website, aside from offering full HD quality, also offers the users to download videos so that they can watch on the go. The site is frequently updated so there’s no doubt you’ll find useful content on it.


  • A lot of anime content.
  • Availability of manga, anime soundtracks, movies, Asian drama, and more.
  • You can download videos.


  • A lot of ads.

Link: https://chia-anime.su/



Anime-planet is flattered by a simplistic graphical user interface that doesn’t occupy too much RAM and helps visitors easily navigate and browse anime. The website offers a plethora of features, nevertheless. You can browse different titles, sort them by popularity and time of release, while the currently-airing titles are available on the sidebar of the screen.

Each anime is equipped with a full description and summary. Users have an insight into description, summary, characters, genre, release year, and more. The video is streamed in Full HD quality and offers reliable subtitles. While there is a considerably less number of pop-up ads, you’ll still have to close quite few of them before you can start watching.


  • Clean interface.
  • Extensive library
  • Full description of each anime.


  • Pop-up ads.

Link: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/watch-online/



If you’re one of a few dubbed-anime fans, then AnimeFreak.tv is the right place for you. It’s been available online for over ten years, providing superb services to anime fans globally. Its interesting user interface is easy to navigate through, with extensive and comprehensive filtering and sorting feature that lets users easily browse what they’re looking for.

Aside from full HD quality, supportive sidebar and an extensive anime library, AnimeFreak offers trailers, manga, and other features. Its only downfalls are the ads and at times hardcore video buffering, so reliable internet connection is a must.


  • One of the longest-standing sites.
  • Extensive anime library
  • Manga is also available
  • The HD quality of video.


  • Buffering issues.
  • Pop-up ads with inappropriate content.

Link: https://www.animefreak.ws



Animeheaven boasts a large selection of anime shows, movies, and manga, packaged in an attractive design and layout. You can easily browse between subbed and dubbed anime titles, keep up with recently uploaded content and browse based on categories.

Each anime is equipped with a nice description, category, release year, and number of episodes so users can get to know it first. There’s also a large community where you can discuss and debate on anime content. The only drawbacks are annoying pop-up and video ads that can easily mislead and redirect user to another website.


  • Minimalistic layout and design.
  • Each title has a summary and description.
  • Large community.


  • A lot of pop-up ads.
  • Video quality isn’t the best.

Link: https://animeheaven.ru/

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If you want to browse through different genres from drama to action, enjoy frequently updated anime database and read manga, Animedao is the right place for you. You can browse through manga, view a lengthy anime list and choose between dubbed and subbed episodes. Additionally, you can easily download video content.

Even though Animedao sports clean and user-friendly interface, ads can easily mislead the user into clicking something malicious. With that in mind, use with caution.


  • A lot of available genres.
  • You can read manga
  • Videos are downloadable
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Way too many pop-up ads.

Link: https://animedao.to/


There are many more anime-streaming websites online, but we made sure to include our favorite, most reliable, and secure anime libraries. Keep in mind that not all content on these websites is legal, which means you can bear some law-related consequences if you stream pirated content. Which website do you use for watching anime and reading manga? Let us know in the comments.

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