The Best Free Antivirus Software 2023: Protect Your Devices for $0

Choosing an antivirus software is one of the most important cybersecurity decisions you can make. A good antivirus acts as the gatekeeper of your device, scanning files and network traffic to block malware before it can infect your system. But quality antivirus software often comes with a hefty price tag, leaving budget-conscious users in a quandary.

The good news is that you don‘t have to break the bank to get robust antivirus protection. Many top vendors offer free versions of their software with surprisingly powerful features. In this guide, we evaluate the top free antivirus tools to help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

How We Chose the Best Free Antivirus Products

With countless free antivirus options on the market, narrowing down the choices was no easy task. We examined over a dozen major products, then selected the top performers based on these criteria:

  • Malware protection: How well does the antivirus detect and block viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other threats in independent lab testing? Products had to score highly in tests by firms like AV-TEST to make the cut.

  • Performance impact: What‘s the impact on system resources like CPU usage and boot time? Lower is better.

  • Extra security tools: Does the product go beyond core antivirus to provide additional protections like a firewall or VPN? These extras enhance security.

  • Usability: Is the interface intuitive and easy to use? Can beginners figure things out? Complex, confusing products were dropped.

  • Compatibility: Does the antivirus support major platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS? Wider compatibility is better.

Based on these criteria, we singled out the top free antivirus tools currently available.

The 3 Best Free Antivirus Programs of 2023

1. Avast Free Antivirus – Best Overall

With excellent malware protection and a generous selection of free features, Avast Free Antivirus takes our #1 spot.


Malware protection: In AV-TEST evaluations, Avast Free Antivirus earns perfect scores for detecting widespread and zero-day malware on Windows 10. Independent lab tests show it‘s one of the top performers among free antivirus products.

Performance impact: Avast is lightweight and won‘t noticeably slow down your system. In AV-TEST performance benchmarks, it earns a perfect score.

Extra tools: The free version includes extras like a WiFi security scanner to detect vulnerabilities in your home network, basic ransomware protection, a limited VPN, and Avast‘s useful Browser Cleanup tool for removing annoying junk from your browser.

Usability: The interface is clean, modern, and user-friendly. Everything you need is easily accessible from the main screen. Novices can figure things out quickly.

Compatibility: Avast Free works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, though not all features are available on non-Windows platforms.

Downsides: While Avast Free offers a taste of the paid version‘s full feature set, you need to upgrade to get complete functionality. The VPN is limited to 500MB/month, for example. But as far as free antivirus software goes, Avast provides excellent protection coupled with a generous selection of free tools. It‘s our top overall pick.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free – Best Malware Protection

Don‘t let the lack of extra features fool you. With ironclad malware blocking, Bitdefender Antivirus Free is one of the best at keeping your computer secure.


Malware protection: In AV-TEST‘s latest Windows evaluations, Bitdefender earns a perfect 100% score at stopping malware. Independent tests consistently rank it among the top antivirus products. The free version uses the same award-winning scanning engine as Bitdefender‘s premium suites.

Performance impact: Thanks to its efficient coding, Bitdefender Antivirus Free has little impact on PC performance. Boot times and responsiveness remain fast.

Extra tools: Unlike other free antivirus programs, Bitdefender focuses strictly on core security essentials. So you won‘t find a lot of bonus features. But the stripped down approach contributes to Bitdefender‘s blazing scanning speed and low system footprint.

Usability: The interface is clean and visually minimalist. Controls are easily accessible from a left-hand menu. Less experienced users may need some time to get familiar with Bitdefender‘s UI, but overall it‘s straightforward.

Compatibility: Bitdefender Antivirus Free is only available for Windows PCs, limiting its compatibility versus more platform-agnostic rivals. But its specialized focus on securing Windows gives it an edge in malware blocking.

Downsides: The lack of extra security tools and single-platform support put Bitdefender a notch below more versatile products like Avast Free. But if virus protection is your top priority, Bitdefender Antivirus Free is second to none.

3. AVG AntiVirus Free – Best for Beginners

With automatic real-time scanning and an absurdly simple interface, AVG AntiVirus Free is a great choice for beginners.


Malware protection: Although not as robust as Bitdefender, AVG still earns excellent marks in independent lab tests for malware detection. And its real-time scanner provides constant monitoring to catch threats when they first appear.

Performance impact: The streamlined software doesn‘t burden your PC‘s resources. In AV-TEST benchmarks, it earns high scores for low system impact.

Extra tools: AVG AntiVirus Free focuses on core security features. But it does include anti-ransomware monitoring and email scanning for malware links.

Usability: The interface is delightfully simple, with three main tabs for scanning, updates, and settings. First-time antivirus users will appreciate AVG‘s intuitive and visually minimalist design.

Compatibility: Install AVG on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. However, advanced features are concentrated on Windows, giving Mac and mobile users a more stripped down experience.

Downsides: AVG Free has no VPN, firewall, or other bonus features. But as an easy-to-use basic antivirus solution for beginners, it hits the mark.

Should You Pay for a Premium Antivirus?

Free antivirus tools provide vital protection at no cost. But premium antivirus suites offer benefits that their free cousins lack:

  • Enhanced malware detection: Paid antivirus software uses advanced heuristics and machine learning for better zero-day threat detection.

  • Additional features: Premium suites provide a full security toolkit including a firewall, parental controls, password manager, webcam protection, and more.

  • Fully functional VPN: Paid suites often include a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your web traffic and prevent snooping. Free VPNs are very limited.

  • Better tech support: Premium customers typically enjoy priority access to phone and live chat support when issues arise.

  • Cross-platform functionality: Paid security suites keep all features consistent and fully functional across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

If you need more robust protection and a complete security toolkit for all your devices, upgrading to a paid package may be worth it. But free antivirus software still offers solid basic security if you‘re on a tight budget.

Other Free Antivirus Options Worth Considering

The top three free antivirus tools above took the highest honors in our evaluation. But a couple other free products deserve an honorable mention:

  • Windows Defender – Built into Windows PCs, Microsoft Defender provides baseline antivirus protection at no added cost. While less fully featured than third party software, it‘s quite capable against common malware strains.

  • Avira Free Security – With device-based malware scanning plus a limited VPN, Avira‘s free offering provides a taste of its premium suite. But some features only work if you opt into data collection.

Both Windows Defender and Avira Free Security offer another layer of protection if you want extra security atop one of the top three free antivirus picks above.

The Bottom Line

You don‘t need expensive antivirus software subscriptions to protect your devices. The best free antivirus tools like Avast, Bitdefender, and AVG provide robust malware detection at no cost. While premium suites offer more features, leading free antivirus products get the basics right.

Focus on finding a free antivirus that fits your needs. If you want the top all-around package with extras like a VPN, Avast Free Antivirus is your best bet. Bitdefender Antivirus Free is ideal when rock-solid malware blocking is your top concern. And AVG AntiVirus Free takes the crown for beginner-friendly design.

Whichever you choose, installing one of the top free antivirus products is a smart move to secure your devices without emptying your wallet. Just remember to update the software regularly and run frequent system scans to keep threats from slipping through the cracks.

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