Best KickassTorrent Alternatives And Similar Sites

Best KickassTorrent Alternatives And Similar Sites

If you’ve ever been exposed to the Bit Torrent client, and dove into the world of piracy, you’ve certainly heard of KickassTorrent, one of the most popular torrent search engines on the internet next to PirateBay. However, the life of torrent-hosting websites can often be a rough one. That said, nothing guarantees that one site may be up forever, or even the next day. That day, we crafted a list of the best KickassTorrent alternatives and similar sites for you to explore.

KickassTorrent is having a very tough time right now. Its mirrors keep getting shut down, and moreover, the founder of the website, Artem Vaulin is sitting in jail after being tracked while buying an actual legal app. The website keeps having ups and downs, and while there are many KickassTorrent signed alternatives and mirrors to reflect on, we compiled a list of websites you can use when both KickassTorrent and its proxies go down.

What is KickassTorrent?

The KickassTorrent stood for the king of all torrent search engines after taking over the long-known PirateBay. Using KickassTorrent, users could immerse into endless lists of movies, anime, TV shows, games, tutorials, programs, and other content. Additionally, the website boasted a broad community that was always there to seed downloads, making the entire experience more comfortable.

KickassTorrent became one of the most visited torrent websites, but in 2016, its founder and owner Artem Vaulin were arrested. While the website managed to rise from ashes several times, nothing guarantees that it’ll remain stable enough, so while you may use it one day, the next day all its contents and proxy servers could be gone. That is a result of US enforcement to shrink and raid the number of illegal domains that spread across the web.

Since then, a lot of KickassTorrent copycats have come, with some even managing to deceive users and lure them into downloading their content. Some people even tried reviving the website under the domain known as, but it’s a difficult process.

While searching for the adequate KAT proxy or the original website may be annoying and time-consuming, especially with the risk of hitting a fake site, we compiled a list of KAT-like sites where you can enjoy torrenting movies, games, software, books and other stuff online. Let’s dive in!

10 KickassTorrent Alternatives

#1 – 1337X


When KickassTorrent is down, as well as its main competitor, PirateBay, 1337X will be your best friend that comes to the rescue. You can enjoy a lot of content using it, including Hollywood-grade movies in Full HD, Blue-Ray, 4K, and other qualities, your favorite games, TV shows, licensed software, and others.

It has an easy-to-use UI which makes it easy to browse through new torrents and look up upcoming movies. Additionally, this website doesn’t only boast movies and TV shows; you can find various software, videogames, and much more.

There are a lot of ads 1337X uses to keep its website running. However, the ads may be misleading, inappropriate, and down-right annoying.


  • Large movie and TV show library.
  • It also boasts videogames, software, anime, documentaries, and tutorials.
  • It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use.


  • There are many pop-up ads.
  • Some torrents are broken or don’t exist.


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#2 – PirateBay


The Pirate Bay provides movies, TV shows, games, music, documentaries, tutorials, anime and much more for over ten years. It is considered one of the leading platforms and parent of most of pirating websites. It’s the second competitor to KickAss Torrents, which replaced it many years ago.

The Piratebay has several drawbacks that may discourage you from using it. It doesn’t provide a meta link to its users whenever there is an attempt to download torrent. That means that the content is forced into Bit Torrent client and downloaded to the system without previously saving the torrent file on the user’s computer. Additionally, because it is under constant government-forced attacks, more often than not, the website gets discontinued.

There were even occasions where police broke into the Piratebay facility, arresting the people working on maintaining the website. Nevertheless, it has fewer ads compared to other pirating websites, and they don’t pop-up.


  • One of the largest online content libraries within a torrent search engine.
  • It is user-supported, with new content being uploaded daily.
  • Fewer ads than on other websites.
  • Many Proxy servers in case it goes down.


  • Not too user-friendly.
  • Is under constant cyberattacks in government attempts to shut it down.


#3 – is one of the most popular websites for torrenting movies, games, TV shows, books, and others and a great KickassTorrent alternative. It was gone for a time due to some issues but resurrected as Torrentz2 after some time. Unlike PirateBay it offers the meta-search engine, so it offers the results from dozens of other sites.

As you search for content online, you can also filter the displayed content and sorting it. Additionally, it sports an Adult Content toggle that allows users to pick whether they want inappropriate content to be served to them or not. Just like the other sites, boasts a high amount of unmonitored ads which may display inappropriate content despite the Adult Content filter, so be vary of that.

All torrents have more than enough of seeders for downloading, and you’ll undoubtedly find a lot of stuff worth checking out.


  • Over 61,000 different torrents are hosted on the website.
  • Easy to download and navigate through.
  • A lot of sorting and filtering options


  • A lot of inappropriate ads.
  • The website may go down once in a while.


#4 – Internet Archive

Internet Archive

As its name suggests Internet Archive stores some of the best online content and appears to be legal in the process. You can find anything you’re looking for, starting from movies from around the world, TV shows, games, and most importantly books.

The featured section boasts community videos, community books, live events, music from live events, libraries from around the world, Television archive, and much more. Additionally, there is a blog section which will help you make your way on around the website and enjoy its contents.


  • Legal library of thousands of movies, TV shows, books, games.
  • Extremely large website with a lot of filtering options.
  • Dedicated blog.
  • No ads.


  • It’s slightly hard to navigate through the site.


#5 – Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

When it comes to the sites that are dedicated mostly to the movies, Public Domain Torrents will exceed all your expectations and work as a great KickassTorrent alternative. Given that the growing number of movie streaming apps is emerging, the torrent sites have begun to shrink. Not Public Domain Torrents, however.

This simple and vintage website offers a large selection of movies spanning over the genres of Sci-fi, Comedy, Action, Drama, Romance, and more. The content is compatible with any BitTorrent client, so don’t worry about not being able to mirror the movies.

If you’re undecided on what you want to watch, you can head over to a dedicated page which shows the torrents with the most activity, derived from the number of seeders and leechers. If you take a look at the sidebar, the site even encourages users to buy instead of download, so there’s something legal on this, otherwise pirated website.


  • The website sports a plethora of movies and TV shows of different productions.
  • You can visit comment section to leave a review.
  • Detailed information is available on all movies.


  • The site isn’t aesthetically attractive, making it extremely difficult to search content on it.
  • There are mostly old movies and classics


#6 – LimeTorrents


If you’ve used KickassTorrent before, you’ll fall in love with LimeTorrents. With its simplistic UI, yet a large and extensive libraries of movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, anime, and others, LimeTorrents may become one of your favorite KAT alternatives. There are several proxy alternatives that may help you reach in case site goes down.

LimeTorrents won’t require you to sign-up to mirror torrents on your PC. However, if you want to use the site and upload your content at a deeper level, the site encourages you to make an account. The best part of LimeTorrents is that it’s filtering out the 18+ content so that underage teenagers won’t mistakenly reach some inappropriate content.

LimeTorrents is now going strong for over ten years and is completely free to use. There is a number of pop-up ads that support its domain and running, but the good news is that the site encourages you to avoid using them, as they can be misleading.


  • Clean and creative UI.
  • Many categories to browse from – movies, TV shows, games, music, anime, and more.
  • There is easy-to-use navigation to sort search.
  • Doesn’t require registration.


  • Too many ads.


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#7 – YIFI Torrents

YIFI Torrents

If you are concerned that no KAT alternative suffices the need for Full HD movies available for torrenting, YIFI Torrents is a great option to keep up with the record-breaking Hollywood titles. You can use it to search Full HD movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, and games.

If the movie is newer, likely, it won’t offer the 720p or 1080p HD and Full HD respectively. However, as time passes by, its library continues to get expanded, welcoming new titles and resolutions.

Given that YIFI is also a target of the government-issued attacks, more often than not it’ll become unavailable, leaving an extensive web of proxies and alternative websites that can easily be accessed. With all this in mind, YIFI Torrents is one of the best KickassTorrent alternatives for watching movies.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy to access and use.
  • Movie libraries are growing each day.


  • A lot of ads.
  • The site goes down every once in a while.
  • A lot of copycat sites.


#8 – Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy is an excellent Torrent search engine for movies, TV shows, and anime, but you can also stumble upon a good e-book, game or music. Its library may not be as large as one of KickassTorrent, but it’s still diverse and vibrant. Its simple website categorizes torrents in different categories, so in a drop-down menu, you will be embraced with extensive lists of mirrors with number of seeders, leechers, size, downloads, and others.

Additionally, there are plenty of filtering options where users can pick parameters to search on. Also, there’s a sidebar that features popular movies, and those that have come out in theaters recently. The only drawback of this website is a massive pile of 18+ ads that are all over the website, making searching uncomfortable and often, interrupted.


  • A large movie and TV show library
  • Each mirror is properly described.
  • Most of the content is Full HD.


  • The annoying number of inappropriate ads.


#9 – Monova


Monova is a lower-end torrent searching website, but it’s great for those who want to keep up with recent episodes of their favorite series and have difficulties with finding the right KickassTorrents alternative. Aside from series, this website also hosts games and usually is updated as soon as game cracks and repacks are out.

The site doesn’t require users to make an account, but if you want to upload content, creating account is mandatory. The drawbacks are that this site is not as notable as other alternatives and there are a lot of pop-up ads.


  • Simple UI
  • Site is constantly being updated.
  • Sidebar with Twitter news.


  • A lot of ads.
  • Considerably smaller library than on other sites.


#10 – RARBG


This retro website is a great alternative if you’re looking for a quick movie or TV show download and the above alternatives don’t work. It has various selections such as movies, TV shows, anime, manga, documentaries, music, and much more, divided into categories. It’s worth noting, however, that this website doesn’t get frequently updated. Instead, some posts may be extremely old, and now and then the website will go down. Additionally, its retro design may not be soothing to everyone’s eyes.


  • There are various genres to choose from.
  • The website has been around for a long time.
  • Provides news about upcoming films.


  • A lot of pop-up ads.
  • The website isn’t always available.


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Keep in mind that most of these sites offer illegal, copyrighted content. This article serves for informational purposes and discourages pirating copyrighted content. What is your favorite KickassTorrents alternative? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.