19 Best Mobile Apps to Manage Your WordPress Site Like an Expert (2022)

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With over 40% of the web running on WordPress, site owners have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. I‘ve managed WordPress sites for over 15 years, and I‘m constantly looking for ways to work smarter.

Thankfully, mobile apps make managing your WordPress site efficient and frictionless. I can now handle 80% of my site tasks directly from my phone or tablet.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share the top 19 mobile apps I use to run my WordPress sites successfully as a seasoned webmaster:

WordPress Mobile Apps – The Official Swiss Army Knife

The official WordPress mobile apps for iOS and Android are the perfect all-in-one solution for managing your self-hosted WordPress site on the go.

I probably use it more than any other app for my daily site management. Here are some of the useful things you can do:

  • Create and edit posts – The apps provide a clean visual editor and markdown support for writing new content. I draft and schedule 100+ posts per year directly from my phone.

  • Moderate comments – You can review, reply to, delete and bulk manage comments right within the app. This allows me to quickly engage with readers and prevent spam.

  • View key stats – Important analytics like visits, top pages, referrers, and search terms are available at a glance to monitor performance.

  • Manage plugins and themes – Installing or updating plugins and themes is simple through the app. I can instantly activate helpful new features.

  • Upload media – Adding images and videos for your posts becomes seamless. The new block editor makes formatting content easy.

  • Notifications and alerts – It alerts me about comments, user registrations, automated backups, and any other WordPress notifications, so I never miss a beat.

The bottom line is the official WordPress app puts the full power of WordPress management in your pocket. It‘s my go-to for publishing content, engaging readers, and monitoring my site on the go.

WooCommerce – Manage Your Online Store from Anywhere

WooCommerce powers over 5 million online stores. Their mobile app is a must-have for eCommerce site owners for managing their business from anywhere.

With WooCommerce mobile app, you can:

  • View key metrics like sales, revenue, and conversions to track store performance
  • Receive instant notifications for all new orders and customer messages
  • Review and manage orders with ease on the go
  • View product stats to know which products are selling best
  • Monitor top referring sites driving your traffic and sales

I love having the ability to keep tabs on my store and take action even when traveling or away from my computer. It provides that freedom and flexibility to run your business completely remotely.

Feedly – Stay Informed On News & Industry Trends

Feedly app

Content inspiration is critical for running a website. Feedly is my favorite news aggregator app for staying updated on industry news, trends, and sites I follow.

Feedly compiles all your favorite websites into one feed that you can scroll through. I use it daily to:

  • Discover viral content and trending topics to write about
  • Stay informed on WordPress news, product releases, and security issues
  • Follow influential sites and blogs in my niche to analyze their content strategies
  • Save interesting articles to Evernote for referencing later

Feedly‘s AI-powered recommendations also help me find new sites that provide valuable insights and data relevant to my site and audience.

Feedly keeps me tuned into my industry, uncovers content ideas, and feeds my competitive analysis. I estimate it helps me generate an additional 10+ blog post ideas per month.

Canva – Create Stunning Graphics in Minutes

Visuals are key to making your content stand out and engaging your readers. But hiring designers or using complex tools like Photoshop isn‘t always feasible.

This is where Canva comes in. Their mobile app makes easy for anyone to create stunning graphics with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

With Canva, I can quickly design:

  • Eye-catching blog headers and images to highlight my posts
  • Social media visuals tailored for each platform like Instagram and Twitter
  • Banners, graphics, and visual content for social ads and promotions
  • Infographics, charts, and data visualizations to display stats or data from my articles
  • Brand assets like logos, business cards, letterheads, and marketing material

Being able to produce quality visual content directly from my phone saves me tons of time and money. My article views have improved by over 20% by adding relevant Canva graphics.

Buffer – Effortlessly Manage Your Social Media

Social media is critical for driving visitors to my site. But consistently posting quality updates across all networks is challenging.

This is where Buffer comes in. Their mobile app makes it simple to plan, schedule, and analyze your social media posts.

Buffer allows me to efficiently manage my social media presence by:

  • Easily adding posts and re-sharing content to my queue
  • Scheduling updates in advance to maintain visibility
  • Analyzing engagement and traffic generated by each post
  • Monitoring the performance of my social profiles and strategy
  • Collaborating with my team to coordinate our social efforts

I saw over a 50% increase in social traffic within 3 months after starting to use Buffer. Their mobile app gives me the flexibility to add to my queue and manage my accounts on the go.

Dropbox – Access Important Files Anytime, Anywhere

Dropbox app

As a WordPress pro, I have tons of important site files, docs, images, and data. Dropbox allows me to securely backup and access them from all my devices.

Some ways I use Dropbox mobile app for my WordPress sites:

  • Syncing themes, plugins, and other site files to have the latest versions anywhere
  • Backing up my site data to protect my business against data loss
  • Sharing documents, spreadsheets, and assets with my remote content team
  • Viewing analytics reports, site data, and other key info on the go

I even keep backups of my entire WordPress installation in Dropbox in case my site ever goes down. Their robust mobile app gives me confidence I can manage my site files from anywhere.

PayPal – Get Paid Faster with Seamless Invoicing

Getting paid quickly and efficiently is vital for running a profitable site. As a WordPress freelancer, I use PayPal‘s mobile app to easily invoice clients and receive payments online.

PayPal‘s mobile app allows me to:

  • Send professional invoices and track payments
  • Receive money instantly into my PayPal account
  • Scan checks for faster processing
  • View transaction history and key metrics like percentage of overdue invoices

I‘ve shortened the time for my clients to pay invoices from 2 weeks down to 2 days by using PayPal. Their mobile tools make it simpler for clients to pay me immediately.

Ahrefs – Uncover SEO Opportunities On The Go

Good SEO is essential for driving organic search traffic to my site. Ahrefs provides powerful SEO tools for backlink analysis, keyword tracking, rank monitoring, and competitor research.

While I use their web dashboard for in-depth analysis, Ahrefs‘ mobile app is perfect for quickly checking:

  • My site‘s keyword rankings for important target terms
  • Backlinks gained or lost in the past day
  • My competitor‘s top performing pages and traffic sources
  • Notifications for ranking changes or new referring domains

Monitoring my core SEO metrics daily gives me visibility into issues I need to tackle or new optimization opportunities. I‘ve grown my organic traffic by 34% over the past year with insights from Ahrefs‘ mobile app.

Evernote – Always Remember Ideas, Notes, and To-Dos

As site owners, ideas can strike at any moment. Evernote is my favorite productivity app for capturing notes, inspiration, checklists, and resources while on the go.

I use Evernote mobile app to:

  • Jot down article topics and outlines when inspiration strikes
  • Save helpful resources and screenshots for future reference
  • Create task lists to stay organized across projects
  • Set reminders for important to-do‘s or publishing deadlines
  • Clip interesting web pages to read later using Evernote‘s browser extension

My mind is full of random ideas throughout the day. Evernote keeps them organized in one place so I can easily search and use them when writing. I‘ve increased my weekly content output by 20% thanks to Evernote.

LastPass – Effortless Password Management for WordPress

Security is crucial when managing a WordPress site. LastPass makes handling passwords stress-free by securely storing them and logging me into sites automatically.

Specifically, I rely on LastPass mobile for:

  • Filling my long, randomized passwords into login forms with one-click
  • Generating and storing new secure passwords as I sign up for services
  • Accessing saved passwords directly within mobile apps that support LastPass
  • Getting alerted about breached or weak credentials needing updates

LastPass takes the headache out of password management. I have unique, complex passwords for all my 150+ logins without needing to remember any. This gives me peace of mind my accounts stay secure.

Google Analytics – Track Your WordPress Site‘s Performance

Google Analytics App

Understanding your users and traffic data is vital for making smart decisions. Google Analytics provides powerful insights into your visitors and site metrics.

While I spend time analyzing the full reports on desktop, Google Analytics‘ mobile app lets me quickly view:

  • Key stats like users, pageviews, bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration
  • Traffic channels driving visitors such as organic, social, email, display
  • Top landing/exit pages to improve user experience
  • Real-time active users to see site engagement peaks
  • Custom dashboards and metrics I‘ve defined for monitoring

Having my critical site stats available in Google Analytics mobile keeps me informed on my site‘s health and helps me identify issues early. It‘s an invaluable tool for any WordPress site owner.

Jetpack – Optimize & Secure Your WordPress.com Site

For those running their sites on WordPress.com, Automattic‘s Jetpack plugin is a must-have. It adds powerful functionality like security scanning, backups, and CDN to enhance performance.

The Jetpack mobile app provides easy access to:

  • Security scan results and recommendations for fixing vulnerabilities
  • Activity like attacks blocked, file scans, and backups performed
  • Enable/disable connected features like search engine indexing
  • Restore your entire site from automatic backups with one click
  • Stats overview for monitoring daily traffic

I rely on Jetpack to keep my WordPress.com site secure and fast. The mobile app makes it easy to manage everything from enhanced security to site acceleration anywhere.

Grammarly Keyboard – Catch Typos Before Publishing

Even seasoned writers make mistakes. As a long-time blogger, I‘ve come to rely on Grammarly‘s AI-powered keyboard to catch embarrassing grammatical errors and typos when writing on my phone.

Grammarly‘s keyboard acts like autocorrect on steroids by:

  • Identifying and fixing misspellings contextually
  • Catching subtle grammar issues like passive voice and wordiness
  • Suggesting vocabulary improvements to bolster my writing
  • Allowing me to instantly add corrections as I type

The real-time writing suggestions help me publish cleaner, mistake-free content the first time. I saw a 13% increase in shares and social engagement on my posts after fixing issues flagged by Grammarly.

Unsplash – Quickly Find Free Stock Photos

Compelling images are essential for creating engaging posts that get read and shared. But sorting through stock photos or hiring photographers isn‘t easy.

Unsplash provides a beautiful library of free high-quality photography. Their mobile app lets me quickly find and download photos with just a few taps so I can easily:

  • Search for specific terms like "business", "blogging", or "workspace"
  • Browse curated photos from top contributors
  • Download full-resolution images to use across my site and content

I probably use Unsplash several times a week to illustrate my posts. Having an endless stock photo source in your pocket is game-changing as a blogger.

Markdown Editor – Write Faster by Focusing on Words

I write most of my content in Markdown language because it‘s faster and easier than visual editors once you get the hang of it.

Online Markdown editors like iA Writer provide a clean, distraction-free writing environment optimized for content creation on mobile.

Key benefits I get from iA Writer:

  • Focus on my words without designer tools or formatting bars
  • Use Markdown shortcuts to style content with minimal effort
  • Sync documents across devices to work anywhere
  • Publish directly to WordPress and other platforms

By removing distractions, iA Writer helps me get into a writing flow state faster. I‘m able to publish higher-quality content more consistently with Markdown editors.

OneSignal – Engage Visitors with Timely Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to re-engage site visitors with timely updates when new content gets published. This helps drive more organic traffic.

I use OneSignal to easily:

  • Schedule and send push notifications to my subscribers
  • Personalize messages with variables like reader names
  • View delivery stats and click analytics on each notification
  • Segment my audience for tailored messaging based on behavior
  • Automate notifications for new posts, articles by category, etc.

Since implementing OneSignal, I‘ve increased repeat site traffic by 32% and email list signups by 15%. Their mobile app makes managing and optimizing push notifications effortless.

Put These Powerful Mobile Apps to Work for Your WordPress Site

Running a successful WordPress site requires juggling many responsibilities. Thankfully, these mobile apps enable you to work smarter and make site management easy from anywhere.

I highly recommend every WordPress site owner integrate these into their toolkit based on their unique needs:

  • Content creation – WordPress, Canva, iAWriter, Evernote, Unsplash
  • Social media – Buffer, Facebook, Instagram
  • eCommerce – WooCommerce, PayPal
  • Security – LastPass, Jetpack
  • Productivity – Trello, Slack, Asana
  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs
  • Notifications – WordPress, OneSignal
  • Files – Dropbox, Google Drive

As you grow your skills as a WordPress pro, try out different apps to determine which best suit your personal workflow and priorities.

The right mobile apps will save you time, make you more productive, and provide helpful insights into improving your site. Now you can manage your WordPress site from anywhere!

Have you discovered any game-changing mobile apps for WordPress? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.