The Best Password Managers for iPhone 2023

If you‘re like most people today, you have dozens of online accounts for everything from email and social media to shopping, banking and more. But remembering strong, unique passwords for all these accounts is next to impossible. A staggering 81% of data breaches are due to weak or reused passwords. With over 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords circulating on the dark web, it‘s never been more important to start using a dedicated password manager.

Password managers provide a secure encrypted vault to store all your login credentials. Advanced options like 1Password, Dashlane and Bitwarden make account security easy with features like automatic password generation and login, cross-device syncing and password sharing. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll compare the top three password managers for iPhone to help you choose the right solution for your needs.

The Growing Password Security Crisis

Let‘s first understand the serious password security risks we currently face both individually and collectively:

  • Poor password hygiene is rampant – A 2021 Google survey found 52% of people reuse the same password across multiple sites. Another 18% admitted to using passwords like "123456", "password" or their birthday.

  • Billions of passwords exposed – There have been over 10 billion usernames and passwords exposed in data breaches over the last 10 years according to cybersecurity firm IdentityForce.

  • People have too many accounts – The average internet user has about 100 online accounts according to Dashlane. Keeping track of unique passwords for each is impossible.

  • Hackers exploit weak and reused passwords – 81% of hacking related data breaches are due to leveraging weak or reused passwords. Cybercriminals use compromised passwords in automated credential stuffing attacks.

  • Stolen passwords spread on dark web – 15 billion usernames and passwords are available to purchase on the dark web for an average price of $15 per account according to 1Password.

Using weak, reused passwords across all your online accounts makes you an easy target. But how exactly can a dedicated password manager help?

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

A password manager is a specialized app that securely stores all your website and app logins in one encrypted vault, protected by a master password. Here are the key benefits password managers offer over insecure practices like reusing the same passwords:

  • Generate strong, random passwords – The built-in password generator creates long, complex passwords that are exponentially harder to crack.

  • Store passwords securely – Your vault is encrypted locally before syncing across devices. Master password options include biometrics like face/fingerprint alongside traditional passwords.

  • Auto-fill logins – Managers can automatically populate your saved usernames and passwords as you browse to login pages. No more copying and pasting or forgetting credentials.

  • Sync across all devices – Your vault seamlessly syncs across iOS, Android, Mac and Windows through the cloud. Access your logins anywhere.

  • Organize logins – Logins are neatly categorized into folders rather than loose notes. Easily search vaults to find the login you need.

Feature iCloud Keychain 1Password Dashlane Bitwarden
Password generator Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Auto-fill logins On iOS/macOS All platforms All platforms All platforms
Biometric login Face ID Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello
Cross-platform sync Apple devices only All devices All devices All devices
Password sharing Manual Share vaults Share vaults Share vaults

Now let‘s dive into the top three password managers optimized for iPhone and iOS usage.

1Password – Best Overall Password Manager for iPhone

1Password is my top recommendation for iPhone users that want a secure and feature-rich password manager. It combines an intuitive and polished interface with powerful enhancements like the Watchtower security center.


  • Smooth setup and onboarding process
  • Handy Watchtower security center
  • Travel Mode protects passwords while traveling
  • Excellent design and UX
  • Shares passwords securely with family members


  • No free version beyond 30 day trial
  • More expensive than some competitors

Powerful Security Features

1Password goes beyond basic password management with enhanced security capabilities like:

  • Watchtower – This built-in security center checks all your saved passwords for breaches, weak or reused passwords, suspicious activity, expiring items and more. It provides actionable advice on further securing your accounts.

  • Travel Mode – When traveling internationally, Travel Mode will remove selected passwords from your devices to prevent unauthorized access if crossing borders. It can automatically restore passwords upon your return.

  • Zero-Knowledge Architecture – Your master password is never transmitted, stored or known to 1Password. Only you control encryption keys to your vault.

  • Secure Remote Password – Uses end-to-end encryption when syncing your vault across devices. Local decryption means your raw passwords are not exposed.

  • Built-in Phishing Protection – 1Password can detect fraudulent websites and warn you before submitting passwords or other sensitive information. This prevents phishing attacks.

Intuitive App Design

1Password also shines through its intuitive and aesthetically pleasing app design across iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  • App layout provides quick access to vault items, tags and search.

  • Items are organized into easy to navigate folders. Custom categories can also be created.

  • Handy slide-over menu for one-tap access to categories, favorites and items.

  • Supports Face ID, Touch ID and Apple Watch authentication along with traditional master passwords.

  • Create new logins easily with the built-in password generator.

  • 1Password extensions auto-fill credentials into iOS apps and websites.

Overall, the 1Password experience feels very smooth and integrated compared to other password managers. The thoughtful design makes enhanced security easily accessible.


1Password uses a subscription pricing model with a 30 day free trial available. Ongoing pricing looks like:

  • Individual – $2.99 per month or $35.88 per year
  • Family (5 members) – $4.99 per month or $59.88 per year
  • Teams – Starts at $7.99 per user per month

While not the cheapest solution, 1Password offers excellent value given its polished UX and robust security capabilities like Watchtower. For uncompromising security that also feels friendly, 1Password is hard to beat.

Dashlane – Best Free Password Manager for iPhone

If you want a full-featured password manager for iPhone at no cost, Dashlane is an excellent choice. While the free tier only works on one device type, it still beats Apple‘s barebones iCloud Keychain with useful extras like a password generator.


  • Fully functional free version
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Auto password changer
  • Slick form filling capabilities
  • File storage and sharing


  • Free tier limited to one device type
  • No family sharing on free plan
  • Privacy policy could be more transparent

Robust Free Version

Despite being a free product, Dashlane still offers excellent core password management with features like:

  • Built-in password generator creates super secure passwords in one click. Easily replaces existing weak passwords.

  • Password changer lets you instantly change passwords in bulk across all your sites with a single click. Great after a breach.

  • Form filler automatically signs you into sites and iOS apps by inputting your saved usernames and passwords.

  • Store secure notes and payment information like credit cards within your vault.

  • Limited password sharing allows you to securely share some logins with others.

While Dashlane‘s free plan only works on one device type, it‘s still an excellent basic manager for individuals.

Premium Features

Premium Dashlane plans unlock additional features like:

  • Sync and access Dashlane on unlimited devices
  • Share passwords and vault access more broadly
  • Gain 1GB encrypted file storage
  • Review exisiting accounts for compromised credentials
  • Monitor dark web for username/password breaches
  • VPN protection while browsing on public WiFi
  • 24/7 live support from Dashlane experts

However, for basic password management, the free Dashlane plan is very capable. Only upgrade to premium if you need the expanded feature set.


  • Free – 1 device platform limit but unlimited passwords
  • Premium Individual – $3.33 per month billed annually
  • Premium Family – $5.83 per month billed annually (5 members)

With a forever free tier available, Dashlane removes any barrier to give their solution a try. Paid plans offer nice-to-have bonuses like VPN protection.

Bitwarden – Best for Sharing Passwords

For families or teams that need to securely share passwords across devices, Bitwarden is a top choice. It makes sharing seamless through their user-friendly web and mobile apps.


  • Creates shareable Organization vaults
  • Powerful free version with unlimited logins
  • Open source password manager
  • Biometric login via Face ID or Touch ID
  • Browser extensions for auto-fill


  • File attachments limited on free plan
  • Reported performance issues with browser extension

Easy Password Sharing

Bitwarden‘s standout feature is seamlessly sharing passwords through created Organizations and user-permission settings like:

  • Organizations – Create a group vault for your family, small team or even as a couple. Manage members and access.

  • Collections – Organize logins into collections within your organization. Share access to individual collections.

  • Permissions – Grant limited or full access on a user-by-user basis. Control who can access, modify, or export vault contents.

  • Access Requests – Members can request access to existing collections shared within an Organization. Approve or deny requests.

Whether you want to share Netflix and other media logins with family members or store internal company credentials securely, Bitwarden makes group password management simple.

Generous Free Plan

Amazingly, Bitwarden offers a full-featured free plan with:

  • Unlimited password storage
  • Password generation
  • Auto-fill on websites and apps
  • Biometric/Master password login
  • Sync across unlimited devices
  • Basic password sharing

You only need to upgrade for conveniences like encrypted file attachments, two-step login and priority customer support. But the free version works great for most use cases.


  • Free – Unlimited passwords and devices
  • Premium Individual – $10 per year
  • Premium Family – $40 per year (6 member access)

Due to its generous free plan, Bitwarden offers fantastic password security to individuals, families and teams at no cost. Premium upgrades are also very affordable.

How Do the Top Password Managers Compare?

1Password Dashlane Bitwarden
Pricing $2.99 per month individual
$4.99 per month family
Free or
$3.33 per month premium individual
$5.83 per month premium family
Free or
$10 per year premium individual
$40 per year premium family
Platforms iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Browser Extensions iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Browser Extensions iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Browser Extensions
Password Generator Yes, advanced Yes, advanced Yes, advanced
Auto Password Fill Yes Yes Yes
Biometric Login Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello
Sync Across Devices Unlimited Devices 1 Device Free, Unlimited Premium Unlimited Devices
Password Sharing Share vaults securely Limited sharing free, Full sharing with premium Create shareable organization vaults
File Attachments Yes 1GB storage premium only 2MB free, 1GB premium
Two Factor Authentication Yes Yes Premium only
Travel Mode Yes No No
Dark Web Monitoring BreachWatch Premium ($2.99/month) Premium only No
Pros Intuitive interface, great security features, easy sharing, premium support Unlimited free version, easy upgrade to premium Generous free plan, great for sharing
Cons No free version, expensive Free version limited, average support Slow performance reported

Recommendations By User Type

Based on the comparison above, here are my recommendations for different users cases:

  • Individuals – Dashlane offers a very capable free password manager for your personal use across one device type. Easily upgrade to premium later for enhanced convenience and security.

  • Families – Bitwarden allows seamless password sharing across family members while still offering a full-featured free plan. Premium upgrade is affordable.

  • Businesses – 1Password Business provides robust security like Watchtower along with easy admin controls for managing teams. Superior support options.

  • Technical Users – Bitwarden‘s open source codebase allows transparency and auditing of its security and encryption protocols for those technically inclined.

No matter if you‘re securing personal, family or business passwords, there is a solution to fit your needs from one of these top three password managers.

Why iPhone Users Need a Dedicated Password Manager

Bottom line – using a dedicated password manager significantly boosts your online account security:

  • Stop guessing forgotten passwords or getting locked out of accounts

  • Generate over 100 strong, random passwords easily

  • Safely access passwords from anywhere across all your devices

  • Never fall prey to a phishing attack again

  • Protect your identity and accounts from credential stuffing

  • Ensure you have unique, complex passwords for every site

  • Keep your precious memories and data safe from hackers

Don‘t wait until a breach happens to take action. A few minutes now setting up 1Password, Dashlane or Bitwarden across your devices can prevent untold headache and heartache down the road.

Give one of these robust yet user-friendly solutions a try at your convenience. Your online security will thank you! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Luis Masters

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