Create Beautiful Product Grids for Your WooCommerce Store

As an online store owner, featuring your products attractively is critical for sales. The default WooCommerce display simply shows a list of products. Boring!

That‘s where product grids come in handy.

According to OptinMonster, product grids can increase conversions by up to 102% compared to plain product lists.

A well-designed product grid highlights your products visually, grabs attention, and helps customers browse products easily.

But how do you create stunning, customizable product grids for WooCommerce without coding skills?

Plugins to the rescue!

In this expert guide, I‘ll share the 8 best WordPress plugins for building product grids for your WooCommerce website.

After 15+ years of creating WordPress sites, I‘ve used all of these plugins extensively and recommend them based on experience.

Let‘s dive in!

Why You Need a Product Grid Plugin

Before looking at plugins, let‘s discuss why you need one in the first place.

Some key benefits of using a product grid plugin include:

  • Displays products attractively in a visual grid or carousel
  • Helps you highlight best-selling or new products
  • Improves product discoverability
  • Lets customers easily compare products
  • Offers custom designs and styles
  • Provides sorting and filters
  • Boosts engagement and sales

The default WooCommerce product display is very basic and looks cluttered.

A well-designed product grid showcases your products in the best light possible.

According to a case study by Barn2, replacing a basic product list with an image-rich grid increased sales by 326%

Let‘s look at an example of how a product grid can transform a product category page:


[Image: Cluttered WooCommerce product category]


[Image: Same products displayed in an attractive grid]

Much better, right?

Now let‘s see how plugins can help you achieve similar results easily.

1. SeedProd – Best Product Grid Builder

My personal favorite for building high-converting product grids is SeedProd.

SeedProd started as the best landing page builder for WordPress. It now also has drag-and-drop blocks for customizing WooCommerce product pages.

What I love is the easy grid customization without needing to code.

Some of the key features include:

  • Intuitive page builder with drag and drop editing
  • Dedicated WooCommerce blocks for products, cart, checkout etc
  • Customizable grid blocks with rows and columns control
  • 100+ section templates to create gorgeous grids quickly
  • Filter products by categories or attributes
  • Display top/featured/newest products dynamically
  • Change styles, colors, fonts from one panel
  • Detailed product view with zooms, galleries, related products, and more
  • Popups, stick cart, reviews, countdowns, and other conversion boosters
  • Built-in lead generation and email marketing integration

So with SeedProd you get a full suite of blocks while also having the freedom to craft completely custom designs.

It‘s the most beginner-friendly option in my experience while still offering advanced capabilities.

Pricing starts from $39 annually for unlimited sites. They also have a free version to try it out.

2. WooCommerce Grid / List View – Official Grid Plugin

WooCommerce Grid / List View is the official standalone product grid plugin created by WooCommerce.

It provides basic controls for:

  • Toggling between grid and list views
  • Setting columns for desktop and mobile
  • Alphabetical sorting
  • Number of products per page

There are also 3 style variations to choose from.

The benefit of this plugin is seamless integration with WooCommerce. But the free version has limited features.

For full customization of colors, fonts, spacing, borders, etc – you would need WooCommerce Blocks. This starts from $199 per year for 1 site.

So I recommend this plugin if you want a no-frills grid created by WooCommerce. The premium version unlocks robust styling capabilities.

3. YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers – Grid for Top Selling Products

As the name suggests, YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers lets you display top-selling products in an attractive grid.

You can position it anywhere using a shortcode or widget.

Key features:

  • Pick number of products to showcase
  • Sorting options (title, price, date, sales)
  • Show featured image and title
  • Customize colors and text
  • Badges for sales, ratings etc
  • Pagination and loader effects
  • Works for both grid and carousel layout

The premium version ($59.99/year) provides popular ecommerce features like:

  • Dynamic price and reviews
  • Stock status badges
  • Related products
  • Countdown timer on deals
  • Advanced styling customization

So if you just want to highlight your best-sellers, this plugin does the job fantastically.

4. Page Builder Product Grid – For Custom Grid Designs

Page Builder Product Grid stands out for gorgeous product grid designs.

It leverages Beaver Builder, Elementor, and other page builders to create stunning grids with custom layouts.

Some useful features:

  • Modern section templates to start designing quickly
  • Drag and drop editor to modify every element
  • Control columns, spacing, typography, colors, etc
  • Add animation effects and hover styles
  • Custom CSS and HTML support for advanced customization
  • Lazy loading and AJAX powered pagination
  • WooCommerce integration to display real products
  • Developer friendly with hooks and filters

Pricing starts at $39 for one site license.

So if you want full design control for crafting beautiful grids, Page Builder Product Grid is a great choice.

5. Meta Box – For Advanced Developers

Meta Box takes a more developer-oriented approach for building custom product grids.

It lets you define custom fields, templates, views, and relationships between products.

Then you can output dynamic product grids using shortcodes.

Here are some ways developers can leverage Meta Box:

  • Create custom post types for products
  • Add fields like ratings, images, price, badges etc
  • Relate products through categories or tags
  • Design custom grids and carousels
  • Flexbox-powered responsive layouts
  • Conditional logic to show/hide elements
  • AJAX loading for performance
  • Caching and lazy loading images
  • Custom styling and typography

Pricing starts at $29 per year for add-ons. The core is free.

If you‘re comfortable with WordPress development, check out Meta Box for advanced product grid customization.

6. Toolset – Suite of Tools for Custom Fields and Views

Toolset is another developer-focused suite that can create dynamic product grids.

It provides a combination of custom fields, post types, views, and blocks to build custom grids with any data source.

For example, you could:

  • Define a product post type and fields using Types
  • Relate products with other posts using Relationships
  • Create compelling grids and filters with Views
  • Output grid blocks with Gutenberg integration
  • Use conditional display, pagination, AJAX, caching, and more

Toolset pricing starts from $99 per year for 1 site.

The modules take some learning, but offer extreme flexibility to developers for custom product grids.

7. CSS Hero – Styling and Designing Grids Visually

If you want an easy way to style and design product grids visually, CSS Hero is a great tool.

It lets you visually edit CSS and apply stylistic changes.

You can use pre-made styles from the CSS Hero library and tweak them using a drag and drop editor.

It also offers features like:

  • Copy styles between elements
  • Design tokens to manage styles globally
  • Responsive editing for mobile
  • Selectors to target WooCommerce elements
  • Custom CSS/SCSS writing
  • Animate effects and transitions

CSS Hero starts at $9 per month. They also have free and paid WooCommerce design packs.

This isn‘t a traditional plugin, but a great way to design product grids without coding.

8. Carousel and Grid Ultimate – Basic Grid Plugin

Carousel and Grid Ultimate provides an easy way to add basic product grids and carousels to your WooCommerce store.

It comes with grid and carousel templates that you can insert anywhere using shortcodes.

Some of the options include:

  • Choose grid columns and rows
  • Select number of products to display
  • Filter products (recent, older, featured etc)
  • Pagination and navigation
  • Color and text styling
  • Badges and ribbons
  • Lightbox for images
  • Link products to single page

The free version has the core features while the Premium ($39/year) unlocks additional customization and eCommerce focused capabilities.

This plugin is beginner friendly and great for simple grids if you don‘t need too complex functionality.

Key Takeaways and Recommendations

The plugin you choose depends on your specific needs and technical skill level. Here are my key recommendations based on experience:

  • SeedProd is the easiest for beginners to design full-featured product grids without coding.

  • WooCommerce Grid View is great for basic grids by the official WooCommerce team.

  • YITH Best Sellers focuses on showcasing your top products in a grid or carousel.

  • Page Builder Product Grid has beautiful templates and full design customization.

  • Meta Box and Toolset provide developer flexibility for custom grid designs.

  • CSS Hero enables visual grid styling without coding skills.

  • Carousel and Grid Ultimate is a simple basic grid plugin.

You can also combine plugins like using Meta Box or Toolset for the backend functionality and SeedProd or CSS Hero for frontend styling.

The most beginner friendly options are SeedProd, WooCommerce Grid View, YITH, and Carousel and Grid Ultimate.

For advanced custom designs, go with a page builder like Page Builder Product Grid or developer tools like Meta Box and Toolset.

No matter which plugin you choose, make sure to A/B test different grid layouts and designs. Track engagement and conversions to optimize your product grid.

Well designed product grids could increase your sales significantly. So try out a plugin today to display your WooCommerce products attractively!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.