12 Best Documentary Torrent Sites in 2023

Documentaries bring fresh perspectives on familiar events, figures, discoveries, and issues throughout history. They provide insight into diverse topics and expand our knowledge about the world. For documentary enthusiasts, torrent sites offer an extensive library of films and TV shows to explore.

In this guide, we‘ll look at the 12 best documentary torrent sites for accessing a wealth of captivating content in 2023.

📌 Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not promote or encourage illegal torrenting. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate rights/license to view any downloaded content.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most well-known torrent sites, with a vast collection spanning movies, music, games, software, and more. Under its broad selection is an impressive array of insightful documentaries.

The site has a dedicated category for documentaries, with genres including history, science, nature, biography, and current affairs. Users can easily search for specific titles using the search bar. Each torrent listing has comments where others provide feedback on video quality, subtitles, etc.

As an advantage, The Pirate Bay doesn‘t require registration or subscriptions. Users can freely browse and access the extensive library. With its long-standing reputation and vast collection, The Pirate Bay remains a top destination for documentary enthusiasts in 2023.

2. 1337x

1337x is a popular torrent site with a weekly update of the top 100 trending torrents across movies, TV, games, music, and more. Under its broad selection, you‘ll find a dedicated "Documentaries" category on the homepage.

The site has an aesthetically pleasing interface that neatly categorizes content for easy browsing. It has a vibrant community and takes pride in its extensive collection of verified torrents. Users can find both newly released and classic documentary films and series.

With its focus on verified torrents and extensive documentary selection, 1337x is a reliable source whether you love documentaries specifically or enjoy torrent downloads for various genres.


RARBG is a torrent site known for its high-quality files and a great selection of documentaries. The site uses verified uploaders and moderators to ensure authentic torrents without malware.

RARBG is easy to navigate with well-organized categories. You can browse for documentaries under sections like Featured Content, Movies, TV, and more. There is also a dedicated documentary category. Each entry shows helpful stats like seeders/leechers, file size, and resolution.

With regular updates, a clean interface, and strong moderation, RARBG is regarded as one of the best torrent sites for getting premium quality documentary torrents.

4. YTS

YTS (formerly YIFY) is a popular destination for movie torrent downloads. While better known for its movie collection, the site also hosts some documentary films and series, especially highly rated and popular ones.

All torrents on YTS are uploaded in small sizes while maintaining high audio/video quality. This makes it easy to download documentaries, even with slower internet speeds. The well-organized homepage has documentary categories like Biography, Music, History, Science, and Sports.

For those looking for famous high-quality documentary releases in small file sizes, YTS is worth checking out.

5. Zooqle

Zooqle is a torrent search engine that crawls multiple sites to index torrents. It has a massive collection across movies, TV, games, software, and more. Zooqle‘s clean interface and search features create a seamless site navigation experience.

The site hosts a broad range of documentaries covering nature, history, science, religion, and other captivating topics. It has helpful details like ratings, genre, resolution, size, and subtitles for each entry. Zooqle also has a dedicated "Documentary" section to directly access this genre.

For those seeking an expansive collection of well-seeded documentary torrents, Zooqle is a superb option.


EZTV is one of the top sources for TV show torrent downloads. In addition to its extensive collection of shows, it also has a small but solid selection of high-quality documentary mini-series and episodes particularly focused on nature, science, history, and investigative journalism.

Users can browse documentaries by IMDB ratings and genres. EZTV also has a built-in video player, allowing you to directly stream video content on the site. There are no intrusive ads, and users can leave comments about the viewing experience.

For documentary lovers looking specifically for serial content, EZTV is worth a visit.

7. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads lives up to its name by offering a massive collection of torrents spanning games, movies, TV shows, music, and more. The site has an impressive library of documentaries covering informative topics like history, science, religion, nature, and biographies.

Browsing the site is convenient with well-organized sections and a powerful search feature. Each documentary entry displays useful data like file size, seeds, peers, and date added. The downloads are quick thanks to healthy seeder numbers.

For a gigantic collection of documentaries on informative topics, TorrentDownloads is a great choice.

8. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the largest torrent search engines for accessing magnet links and torrent files. It indexes torrents from over 200 trackers.

The site boasts a smooth interface and powerful search capability. Under its broad content library is a phenomenal selection of documentaries on nature, history, science, tech, and plenty more. LimeTorrents makes it easy to find specific documentary titles using search filters like ratings, genres, release year, and minimum seeders.

For a torrent search engine with expansive documentary coverage, LimeTorrents should be your pick.

9. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents is one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites on the web, attracting over 30 million monthly visits. Despite changing domains over the years, it remains a reliable source for high-quality torrents across diverse content.

The site has a powerful search engine and well-organized category listings. Under its broad selection, you‘ll discover many insightful documentaries on topics like history, nature, space, war, and more. The active community ensures new documentaries are uploaded promptly.

KickassTorrents is worth checking out for its long-standing reputation, vast collection, and great user experience.

10. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a meta-search engine that aggregates torrents from various sites. It boasts an impressive index of over 61 million torrents across diverse categories.

Among its vast database, Torrentz2 offers an outstanding selection of documentary torrents. You can find interesting documentaries on politics, biographies, true crime, climate change, and much more using the search bar. Useful filters like minimum seeders, ratings, and file size help refine your search.

As a powerful torrent search engine, Torrentz2 opens the door to an amazing array of insightful documentary films and series.

11. The Documentary Network

The Documentary Network lives up to its name as a dedicated torrent site for documentary films. It offers a tidy interface to access its collection spanning nature, history, science, technology, war, and other documentary themes.

Each entry has details like runtime, release year, language, and file size. You can conveniently sort documentaries by latest additions, most viewed, highly rated, and other parameters. The Documentary Network specializes in high-quality films from reputable studios like BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, and more.

For those passionate about documentaries, this niche site is a must-visit.

12. TorrentGalaxy

TorrentGalaxy is a popular public torrent site with impressive speeds thanks to reliable trackers. It offers movies, games, software, music, and more. Under its broad range, you‘ll find many stellar documentary torrents.

The intuitive interface lets you easily browse genres like history, science, nature, travel, etc. Useful torrent details are displayed like file size, seeds, peers, and release date. You can even preview torrents before downloading.

With over 4 million visitors per month, TorrentGalaxy is regarded as one of the best public torrent sites for documentary buffs.

How to Choose the Best Documentary Torrent Site

With so many options for accessing documentary torrents, how do you select the ideal site? Here are key factors to consider:

Reputation and User Reviews

A site with positive feedback and no history of malware reflects its trustworthiness. Check forum reviews to gauge user experiences.

Library Size and Organization

Look for a massive collection of properly categorized documentaries to find titles easily.

Torrent Health

Favor sites that display torrent stats like seeders, leechers, and peers. More seeders ensure faster downloads.

No Ads or Pop-ups

Steer clear of sites riddled with ads or fake download buttons which can harm your device with malware.

Interface and Features

Choose a site with a clean, intuitive interface, powerful search tools, and handy filters to retrieve relevant results.

Recent Updates

An actively moderated site that frequently adds new documentaries is always best.

FAQs About Documentary Torrenting

Is downloading documentaries from torrent sites legal?

Downloading copyrighted documentaries through torrents raises legal concerns regarding piracy. While torrenting itself is legal, users must verify they have appropriate rights or license for the downloaded content.

Can I watch torrented documentaries offline?

Yes, a benefit of torrenting is the ability to download documentaries to your device and watch them later without an internet connection. This allows viewing during travel or in areas with limited connectivity.

What precautions should I take when torrenting?

Use a trustworthy VPN to protect your privacy. Also ensure your antivirus software is up-to-date. Avoid ads, pop-ups, and suspicious links that may infect your device with malware. Stick to reputable, well-established documentary torrent sites for safety.


Documentaries provide enlightening perspectives about notable people, events, and aspects of our world. For documentary enthusiasts, torrent sites unlock a vast and easily accessible library.

However, users should exercise caution – torrent responsibly by verifying copyrights and licensing. For complete peace of mind, streaming services grant full legal access. Ultimately, appreciating these insights in a lawful manner allows us to respect the documentary creators’ efforts.

We hope our list of the top 12 documentary torrent sites for 2023 offers helpful insights. Now go forth and expand your knowledge!

Written by Jason Striegel

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