The Only Esports Betting Hack You Need in 2023

esports betting hack


Esports is the fastest-growing section of the immensely popular online gambling industry, and there’s more to come. Once a niche market, seen as little more than a footnote on the biggest and best sportsbook apps, esports exploded into the mainstream in 2020, building support amongst loyal followers while pulling in millions of new gamers. There’s no limit to how big esports will become.

If you have an interest in professional sports, esports or the gambling industry, the chances are you would have noticed this surge in popularity. You can’t help but notice it. But how much attention have you been paying, and how much interest do you have in gambling on the most important esports competitions?

You may be a dedicated fan of the tournaments, games and players shown on television or live streaming apps. You may have a passing interest, wanting to find out what all the fuss is about. Regardless of your love for esports and online gambling, you’ll want to ensure you are playing with the best sportsbooks, like the BetOnline sportsbook review, and there’s only one way to achieve that.

We’re here to help

We’re here to help

The advice in today’s esports betting article will prove invaluable for less experienced gamblers or esports followers. Our sports betting experts share with you the only esports betting hack you will need to consistently beat the bookies and target a profit from upcoming esports fixtures.

Read on as we detail how you can get a free bet on esports. This is a hack used by many professional bettors to give them an edge over the traders, but you don’t need to be a gambling guru to use it. Following our advice, anyone who is legally old enough to place bets and is based in an area where gambling is legal can get a free bet today.

Bonuses, promotions and free bets

It’s easy to get a free bet on esports and other professional sports competitions, like the NFL, English Premier League and NBA. You just have to know where to look. You may or may not already know, but the gambling industry has become one of the most competitive in business, with dozens of big names from the world of sportsbook and casino gambling battling against new and online-only bookies for your attention.

How do they stand out from the crowd and secure a steady stream of new players? By offering an incentive to attract you to one app while ignoring the competition. In most cases, this incentive comes as a free bet and is known as a welcome bonus or new customer promotion. These come in different shapes and sizes, including free bets, enhanced odds, cashback, extra places each way and profit boosts. You must choose the right bookie offering the best bonus.

The most popular welcome bonus in the gambling industry is the deposit-matched free bet. With this deal, you must create an account and place a bet to land a free bet. In most cases, the free bet tokens will be equal in value to your first wager. That means if you deposit $50 of your cash and place a qualifying bet, you’ll get a $50 free bet. Do $20 and get $20 or $500 and get $500. It lets you control how much you spend on betting and how big your free bet will be.

How to get your share

Follow the steps below to create an online betting account and secure your welcome bonus. This process will work at any legal and licensed online sportsbook regardless of if you join through the website or smartphone app.

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen bookmaker and click Join
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Create a username and password
  • Make a deposit and place a bet
  • Your welcome bonus will be added to your account

Chances are you will want to rush out and grab your free bet without further delay; now you know just how readily available they are. But a free bet isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t work for you. So, read the terms and conditions, do your homework, compare the offers of different apps and get the best deal.

Written by Susan B. Anthony