10 Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2023

Free Unlimited VPN for Android

10 Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2023 – Have you ever heard about VPN? What is VPN actually? Well VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It has a responsible to connect various networks with the help of Internet.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2023

The data that sent through VPN is secured because it has a specific encryption system. The usage of internet as the medium to connect one network with another network is the reason why it is called “virtual”.

It has numerous of benefits, such as controlling the network from distance and secure your browser and data sending process. Here, we will be acquainted with the best free unlimited VPN for Android 2023. What are they? Let’s find them!

List of the Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2019

Well, people call unlimited VPNs as Avengers with the solid reason. There are some factors that make them recommended. First is about the numbers of servers that located.

These servers can enable users to access various contents on the Internet. Second is the speed that provided. These VPNs have a moderate to high speed, so you can get the necessary information immediately.

Next is the data package that provided by these apps. They provided various amount of data package that can be chosen according to your need. Without any further ado, let’s talk about the best free unlimited VPN for Android 2019!

  1. Windscribe

If you have dreamed of conformity in browsing the internet, then this VPN is ideal for you. This one is always ready to block numerous annoying pop-ups and advertisement so the internet browsing session is more enjoyable.

The space given is quite big, which is 10 GB. For those who are huge fans of Netflix, you should give this app a shot. In addition, you can enjoy the features without crying your wallet out.

  1. Opera VPN

Next, let’s move to another item that listed in the best free unlimited VPN for Android 2019 list! This VPN might be something that you’ve been longing for because it is equipped with ad-blocking feature that responsible to get those disturbing ads and pop-ups out of your sight.

By using this VPN, you are allowed to connect the device to five server areas. This app is suitable who has a lot of activities to do on the internet because it provides an unlimited data, so you can enjoy streaming your favorite TV series with no worry! Moreover, the speed is undoubtedly amazing, and it is absolutely free of charge as well.

  1. TunnelBear

The user-friendliness of this application will not hinder the beginners from exploring the world of VPN. The server is widely available in around 20 countries. The speed of this VPN is absolutely impressive.

However, it only provides you 500 MB of free usage. Moreover, it might be ideal for doing simple tasks on the internet, such as sending emails or light browsing. Even though the space provided is not big enough, you may want to give it a try.

  1. Betternet

You should not miss the app that has been put on the top list by Google Play Store. Firstly, because its servers are located in numerous areas, you can explore the web without boundaries.

Then, thanks to the end-to-end system of encryption for keeping your browsing moment from devious hackers. The security and the availability of server make this app is worth to use.

  1. FinchVPN

Another application in this best free unlimited VPN for Android 2019 list is able to connect you to the safer Wi-Fi spots. As we know, not all Wi-Fi hotspots are safe. They might try to steal your data or mess with the browser. With a help of FinchVPN, your device can be connected to numerous Wi-Fi areas without worrying that your device will be messed up.

Besides connecting to the safer spot, Finch is also able to secure your browser with the assistance of end-to-end system of encryption. Aside from its safety, this app provides a quite big free data usage per month, which is 3 GB. In addition, you should not underestimate the speed as it is moderately fast.

  1. ProtonVPN

Since we are talking about the best free unlimited VPN for Android 2019, you are suggested to opt into the free one. Yes, this app provides us both free and paid version. For those who prefer the simple interface and solid performance, you might want to try this one.

It only has 3 server areas. In addition, you can only be connected to a device only. However, since it has no data limit and no ads as well, it is a great VPN to be applied to your Android cellphone.

  1. Private Tunnel

Last application that included in this best free unlimited VPN for Android 2019 list is available for several operating systems, like iOS and Windows. For those who do not have many things to be done on the Internet, this app is recommended for you.

Private Tunnel provides 200 MB data usage. If you need more data package, you might want to try the paid version. This app is also suitable for everyone that tries VPN for the first time. The speed of Private Tunnel is reasonably fast as well.

  1. Hide.Me

This VPN app also provides both free and paid version. The amount of data package provided is quite sufficient, which is 2 GB per month. As the name says, it helps you to hide the data and activity history that happen in the app.

In the free version, you are allowed to connect to 3 server areas. The performance of Hide.me is really incredible. Furthermore, if you have difficulty in using it, you should not worry because the technical team is ready to give a tremendous amount of support 24/7.

What to Do Before Downloading Free Unlimited VPN for Android

These are some things that might be useful in guiding you before installing any kind of VPN apps on Android phone. You may decide it sooner or later, as long as the app will not hurt the phone someday. Here are the things that you can do to decide which VPN that suits you the most.

1. Consider your needs in the very first place

What are the elements that you need in a VPN? Is it the speed? Is it the amount of data usage? Or maybe is it the conformity in browsing the web? You are allowed to list the necessary things that should be included in your future VPN. After that, just choose the VPN app that absolutely suits your needs.

2. Choose the VPN with excellent security feature

After listing your needs, now it is time to download the VPN itself. Before downloading one, maybe there is something that should be asked, “Is this app safe enough to protect my data and my web browser?”

Sometimes, the free apps have no strong protection, so it might slow down your cellphone’s whole performance in the end of the day. Choose the one that has maximum security to ensure the experience in using VPN in your Android cellphone.

3. Download the apps from trusted source

This tip is not only applied to VPN apps, but also many types of mobile apps. Choose the sources which are trusted and recommended, such as App Store or Google Play Store.

On the other hand, if you want to download from a website, please ensure that it is trusted and containing no possible malware or any other threats that can hamper your cellphone’s performance in the future.

Moreover, if you want to get the VPN from other sources out of Play Store or App Store, please go to “Settings” menu. Then, click “Additional settings”. After that, turn the “Unknown source” option on to enables you in getting the app from external sources.

4. Use the app in a well-mannered way

The most crucial thing to be noticed is the considerate usage of VPN. Even if VPN enables you to get some materials that can’t be freely accessed, you must consider the data amount that you can get from using this particular app. The next thing is the content itself.

Please carefully select the contents that you are about to download. Another thing to be noticed is the source of your contents. Never download the contents from suspicious websites that is going to haunt you in the next seven days.

Alright, here are the VPN apps that considered as the best free unlimited VPN for Android 2019. In defining the best apps, there are some things that become the factors. First is the availability of servers. Next is the performance of the app itself. Lastly, the data usage amount that given by the apps.

These elements are crucial in defining the best VPN app for Android. The wide availability of servers enables us to get contents that are limited to access. Next, the data usage amount should support our activity in VPN apps. The last, the VPN app must have an excellent performance to ensure that we can use the app smoothly.

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