How to Cook Yeezys Like a Pro with Bots

As a sneakerhead, copping limited-release shoes like Yeezys can feel next to impossible. Every release, you compete against thousands of users and bots trying to checkout a handful of pairs. Within seconds, the shoes are sold out and you’re left empty-handed.

But it doesn‘t have to be that way. Using bots levels the playing field against the competition and bots. With the right setup and strategy, you can finally cook those coveted Yeezys you’ve been striking out on.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How bots work to help you cop Yeezys
  • The best bot options for Yeezy releases
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up bots
  • Pro tips for running your bot on launch day
  • Troubleshooting for common botting issues

Trust me, learning to use bots was a game-changer for me as a sneakerhead. I went from taking endless Ls to hitting on the Yeezys I really wanted. With the right information and guidance, you can do the same. So lace up your fingers – let’s get botting!

Why Bots Are Essential for Copping Yeezys

Let’s start with the obvious question – why do you even need bots to cop Yeezys and other limited shoes?

Well, Yeezy releases have become so intensely competitive that trying to buy them manually is nearly hopeless.

Just look at the numbers:

  • On average, only 7-10% of users successfully checkout during Yeezy releases. The vast majority take Ls.

  • Top Yeezy releases like the Zebras or Breds sell out in literal seconds – often under 10 seconds.

  • When Kanye West‘s brand new Yeezy Boost 350 dropped, over 98% sold out in under a minute.

As a manual user, there’s simply no way to checkout before stock evaporates. Bots running hundreds of tasks have a massive advantage over you.

That’s where using your own bot levels the playing field. With a bot, you can:

  • Checkout items lightning-fast, beating out manual users

  • Create an unlimited number of tasks to improve your odds

  • Automate the entire checkout process without pressing a button

  • Cop multiple sizes and pairs with different billing/shipping details

  • Overcome anti-bot measures like captchas and splash pages

While a bot isn’t a magic solution – they take skill to setup – it makes copping limited shoes exponentially easier.

Of course, the key is choosing the right bot and configuring it properly for Yeezy drops…

The Best Bots for Copping Yeezys

When it comes to cooking Yeezys, not all bots are created equal. Over the years of trying different bots, I’ve identified the top options specifically for Yeezy releases:

1. Polaris (Top Pick)

Polaris tops my list for its lightning-fast checkout speeds and high success rates copping Yeezys.

Here’s why it’s so effective:

  • Specialized for Yeezy Supply: The developers optimize it to work flawlessly on Yeezy Supply, making it fast and efficient.

  • Solves captchas automatically: A special captcha-solving mode handles captchas seamlessly without needing separate harvesters.

  • Timed modes: Polaris‘ timed modes sync your tasks perfectly with Yeezy Supply‘s queue system for optimal performance.

  • Easy to use: With its clean interface, Polaris has a gentle learning curve for beginners compared to other advanced bots.

  • Actively maintained: The developers frequently update it to adapt to the latest anti-bot measures.

The biggest downside is that, as one of the best Yeezy bots available, it’s often sold out or marked up heavily on resale sites. But paying extra for Polaris is worth it for the high success rate copping the latest Yeezys.

2. Kodai

Kodai is another excellent option specifically optimized for Yeezy Supply drops.

Here are the key benefits of Kodai:

  • Speed: Kodai uses lightning-fast 5ms proxies optimized for shoe sites. This makes it crazy fast checking out.

  • Built-in captcha solvers: Kodai has integrated captcha solvers so captcha POPs don‘t slow you down.

  • Yeezy Mode: This mode custom-configures Kodai specifically to cook Yeezys on Yeezy Supply releases.

  • Flexibility: Kodai works well across Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and other sites beyond just Yeezy Supply.

  • Reliability: With advanced auto-retry and error handling, your tasks keep running smoothly if errors occur.

While slightly cheaper than Polaris, Kodai still costs $600+ for a lifetime copy, so it’s a premium bot. But the speed and Yeezy-specific features make it a worthy investment.

3. Ganesh

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Polaris and Kodai, Ganesh is a great option.

Here’s what makes Ganesh a top budget Yeezy bot:

  • All-in-one: Ganesh is an all-in-one bot supporting tons of sites including Yeezy Supply. You can use it for releases beyond Yeezys.

  • Optimized for YS: It has modes fine-tuned for optimal performance on Yeezy Supply drops.

  • Affordable: You can cop Ganesh for around $300 lifetime or $50/month – much cheaper than alternatives.

  • Easy to use: Ganesh has simple botting features and an intuitive interface for beginners.

  • Actively updated: With frequent anti-ban updates, Ganesh stays effective as sites strengthen defenses.

The biggest downside is slower checkout speeds compared to premium alternatives. But for the price, Ganesh hits above its weight copping Yeezys.

Setting Up Your Bot for Success

Once you’ve picked your bot, proper setup is crucial for success on launch day. I’ll walk you through configuring your bot’s key features step-by-step:

Step 1: Add Proxies

Proxies are the foundation for running any sneaker bot.

Here are the best practices for setting up proxies:

  • Use residential proxies as your main source. Sites easily detect and block datacenter/VPN IPs.

  • Stick to private, US-based residential proxies. Overseas proxies often get flagged as international traffic.

  • Spread proxies across multiple providers. If one provider has issues, you have backups ready.

  • Add at least 500-1,000+ total proxies. The more proxies, the more tasks you can run to up your chances.

  • Don’t burn through all your proxies on one drop. Space out proxy usage across multiple releases.

  • Rotate proxy subnets frequently. Avoid pounding one subnet with all your tasks. Switch them regularly.

With enough quality residential proxies in place, you’re ready to add them to your bot. Just paste them into your bot’s proxies section and you’re good to go.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profiles

Your profiles contain the shipping/billing info your bot needs to blazing-fast checkout.

Follow these tips when creating profiles:

  • Use multiple credit cards or PayPal accounts across different profiles. This avoids cancellations from using one card too much.

  • Use profile jigging like changing "Road" to "Rd.” This makes your profiles appear as separate users.

  • Double check your details and avoid typos. A minor mistake can tank your checkout.

  • Don’t overload on item quantity. Spread stock across profiles. 40 items on one profile may get canceled.

With clean, jigged profiles ready, add them to your bot for smooth automatic checkouts.

Step 3: Create Your Tasks

Tasks tell your bot exactly which products to target and how to do it.

Here are tips for creating effective Yeezy tasks:

  • Use Yeezy Supply Product IDs to target the exact Yeezy release you want.

  • Select multiple sizes per task to go for multiples. Make sure to check the stock count so you don‘t go too high on quantity.

  • Create hundreds of tasks across proxies, profiles, and sizes to maximize your success chances.

  • Set delays properly for your bot (e.g. starting tasks 5+ minutes early for YS queue).

  • Monitor your tasks on launch day and be ready to intervene if needed.

With your tasks configured, your bot will automatically target the right products across profiles when launch day arrives.

Executing Your Bot on Yeezy Release Day

When release day hits, it’s time to unleash your bot. Here are my top tips for running your bot smoothly to cook Yeezys:

1. Start Tasks Early

On Yeezy Supply, your spot in line is determined by when you start your tasks, not checkout. I recommend starting tasks 5-10 minutes before the scheduled release time to get the best spot possible.

2. Enable Bot notifications

Make sure you get notifications if any errors occur so you can address them quickly. You don’t want tasks dying without you realizing it.

3. Monitor Your Bot Closely

Keep an eye on your tasks throughout the drop. While bots automate checkout, occasional manual intervention may be needed if errors pop up.

4. Have Backup Internet/Devices

Run your bot across multiple devices and internet connections in case one crashes. With no redundancy, one bot failure means no pairs for you.

5. Don’t Stop After Sold Out

YS often restocks inventory multiple times after “selling out.” Keep your tasks running for 30+ minutes to catch restocks.

6. Don’t Rely on One Bot

Consider running multiple bots together. If one underperforms or has issues, you have backups still cooking.

Follow these tips and your bot will deliver those coveted Yeezys to your doorstep in no time!

Troubleshooting Common Botting Issues

Despite the best planning, botting problems can still pop up on launch day. Here are some common errors and how to address them:

Captchas: Upgrade to better residential proxies to avoid captchas more often. Also ensure your gmail harvester accounts have high activity scores.

Checkout failures: Disable any VPNs/adblockers that may interfere with checkout. Double check billing details are entered correctly on profiles.

Tasks starting late: Verify your task delays match the release time exactly. Use your cookgroup for tips on optimal start times.

Getting stuck on splash page: Ensure you have enough dedicated Instagram proxies, not shared/mixed usage. Also start tasks early.

Orders canceled: Don‘t reuse the same payment details on multiple profiles. Spread orders across profiles/shipping addresses to appear more organic.

Proxy bans: Rotate proxy subnets often during releases. Don‘t blast all your proxies rapidly or you‘ll burn through them. Pace tasks.

Botting has a learning curve, and you’ll encounter hiccups even after lots of practice. But with vigilance and troubleshooting, you can overcome most issues that pop up.

Let the Bot Do the Work

Cooking Yeezys manually requires tons of luck. But using bots puts the odds back in your favor. With the right bot, setup, and strategies, you can walk away from every hyped Yeezy drop with your size locked in.

The key is having the right information to configure your bot properly for Yeezy releases. Now that you’ve got expert tips for botting success, it’s time to put them into action.

Stick with it, fine-tune your strategies, and your next Yeezy drop will be a guaranteed dub. Just let your bot work its magic while you sit back and relax.

With hard-to-cop Yeezys, it pays to have an expert cook in the kitchen. Hopefully this guide serves as your recipe for cooking up more Yeezy Ws than ever before. Got any other botting tips? Let me know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Botting Questions

What are the top bots for copping Yeezys?

The top bots are Polaris, Kodai, Ganesh, Balko, and Splashforce. Polaris is specifically optimized for Yeezy Supply drops.

Do I need proxies for running sneaker bots?

Yes, proxies are 100% mandatory. Without them, your IP will be banned almost instantly from making too many requests.

What are the best types of proxies for sneaker bots?

Residential proxies are best. Avoid datacenter/VPN IPs that are easy for sites to detect and block.

How many proxies do I need for botting?

You want at least 500-1000+ total proxies depending on how many tasks you run. The more proxies, the better your odds.

Is it legal to use sneaker bots?

Generally yes, but some sites ban them so check Terms of Service. Bot wisely.

What happens if I get captchas while botting?

Captchas severely slowdown your botting speed. Try better proxies and harvester accounts to avoid them.

How can I avoid payment declines when botting?

Use multiple credit cards across profiles. Also double check your billing info is entered correctly.

Why do my tasks start late on Yeezy Supply?

Double check your task delays match exactly with the release time. Use your cookgroup for tips.

How do I avoid getting IP banned while botting?

Rotate proxy subnets frequently. Don‘t blast all your proxies too rapidly or you‘ll burn through them. Pace your tasks.

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