How to Create Multiple Nike SNKRS Accounts in 2023: The Ultimate Guide for Sneakerheads

Want to up your sneaker copping game in 2023? Then it‘s time to get multiple Nike SNKRS accounts up and running.

With sought-after shoes selling out in seconds, single accounts just can‘t compete anymore. You need a squad of SNKRS profiles working together to take more Ws.

In this comprehensive 2500+ word guide, you‘ll learn everything about making and managing multiple Nike accounts like a pro. I‘ve got you covered on proxies, unique details, browser profiles, bot usage, and plenty more tips from my decade of experience in the sneaker world.

By the end, you‘ll have the knowledge to build an unstoppable SNKRS account army. Let‘s kick things off with…

Why You Need Multiple SNKRS Accounts in 2023

The game done changed. Just a few years ago, copping even super hyped sneaker releases wasn‘t too tough with one account. But now? Securing even GRs can be a battle.

Here are just a few crazy stats on how intense it‘s gotten:

  • The A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 3s got over 2 million entries on SNKRS in 2021. And that‘s for a shoe with just 48,000 pairs available!
  • Travis Scott‘s Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Reverse Mocha" sold out in 15 seconds despite having over 100,000 pairs produced.
  • The 2022 Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey release saw 3.7 million users try for just 172,000 pairs. An absurd 21:1 user to pair ratio!

And it‘s not just limited Jordans. Mainline Nike shoes like Dunks and Air Forces now sell out instantly too. Trying to buy anything hype is an all-out war.

This is why you need multiple accounts. More profiles mean more entries, more cart chances, and more opportunities to take Ws. Running just a single account makes copping limited shoes incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

Now, Nike‘s terms technically prohibit one person having multiple accounts. But it‘s not illegal, and thousands use multiples without issues. You just have to avoid flagging their systems, which this guide will cover step-by-step.

Let‘s jump right into the step-by-step process!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Multiple SNKRS Accounts

When making multiple accounts, preparation is key. Rushing through it leads to mistakes that can get your accounts banned.

Follow these steps carefully and meticulously. I‘ll share plenty of tips from my years of using alt accounts successfully:

Step 1: Generate Unique Personal Details

The foundation of believable, working accounts is real-looking personal information. Each profile needs a backstory – a name, location, age, etc.

For each account you need:

  • Full Name – First and last names. Use online name generators or get creative. The more real sounding, the better.
  • Email – Create fresh email addresses. Avoid your own main one. Gmail and Yahoo work great and are easy to setup.
  • Phone Number – Real phone verification is required. Avoid your personal number. Use app verification services or VOIP numbers.
  • Birth Date – Vary birth years across accounts. Keep ages between 18-45 for realism. Don‘t bunch all as 21.
  • Address – Input real addresses you or friends/family have lived at. If needed, generate fake but legit looking ones.

Pro Tip: Use a spreadsheet to organize account details. Keeping clean records avoids confusing logins or entering the wrong info.

Step 2: Obtain Verification Phone Numbers

Phone verification is mandatory to create SNKRS accounts, so phone numbers are a must.

Avoid reusing your own number across accounts. Nike will link and likely ban duplications.

Instead, use these creative options:

  • App verification services – Apps like TextNow provide real phone numbers that can receive SMS for verification purposes. Costs a few dollars.
  • VOIP Numbers – Skype, Google Voice and apps like Hushed offer virtual phone numbers perfect for online verification.
  • SIM cards – As a last resort, you can buy multiple SIM cards to assign unique numbers to each account. More expensive but guaranteed to work.

For 10 accounts, a mix of app numbers and VOIP numbers works well. Organize the number assignments neatly in your spreadsheet.

Step 3: Get Dedicated Residential Proxies

Here‘s a critical step: You need proxies to avoid having all accounts coming from one IP address.

Nike actively monitors IP ranges used to create accounts. Too many from one place triggers bans.

Dedicated residential proxies are the gold standard, providing you a unique IP for each account that perfectly mimics a real home user.

I recommend providers like Oxylabs, GeoSurf and Luminati. Expect to invest at least $50-$100+ per month, but quality proxies are essential.

For 10 accounts, grab a package with 10+ residential IPs to assign one per account. Add the proxy IPs and logins into the spreadsheet next to each account.

Step 4: Setup Unique Browser Profiles

Along with IPs, Nike also tracks browser cookies to try identifying users. Outsmart them by isolating cookies and browsing data across different profiles:

  • Chrome/Firefox profiles – Manually create a separate profile in each browser for each account. Easy built-in option.
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers – Great plugin that compartments cookies neatly between accounts.
  • Browser profile managers – Tools like Multilogin and Kameleo let you automate unique profiles for each account, streamlining the process.

With compartmentalized cookies and histories, each account will have a distinct browsing fingerprint, avoiding detection.

Step 5: Register Accounts and Verify Details

Now the fun part. Time to register and verify your army of SNKRS accounts!

For each profile, carefully:

  • Launch the assigned browser profile.
  • Enable your designated proxy/IP for that account.
  • Input the account‘s personal details into Nike‘s registration page. Get them exactly right.
  • Verify via text and email using the account‘s phone number and email inbox.
  • Double and triple check all the personal and profile details match up. This avoids mixups going forward.

Take it slow, and correctly verify each profile one-by-one. Rushing leads to errors that can ruin accounts before they even start. Be diligent.

Once fully verified, your squad of accounts is ready to unleash!

Managing Your SNKRS Account Army

You did it! Your accounts are made. Now you need to keep them alive and copping:

Stay Hyper Organized

  • Maintain detailed spreadsheets covering all key account info, logins, proxies, etc. This is mission critical to keeping things smooth.
  • Create calendars detailing upcoming releases and which accounts will go for each one. Helps avoid overlap.
  • Keep a log of general account usage – raffles entered, purchases made, etc. Identifies inactive accounts.

Vary Account Activity

  • Stick to a schedule, using accounts on certain days to appear more natural vs. all at once.
  • Limit reactions across accounts. Temper "Got ‘Ems!" on one when another takes Ls.
  • Space out raffle entries rather than pile all accounts into one draw.

Sneaky Payment Methods

  • Use or similar to generate unique, virtual credit card numbers for each account. Keeps payment methods fully separate.
  • For big releases, spread payment methods across accounts in case Nike reviews orders. Avoids cancellations.

Bot Responsibly

  • Bots like TSB and Kodai can be helpful for speed and automation. But be very careful running them simultaneously across all accounts. This is high risk.
  • Consider gradual bot tasks across accounts instead. Less likely to trigger alarms. Or manually run some accounts while botting others.
  • Monitor bot usage closely and don‘t go overboard. Using bots is playing with fire.

When In Doubt, Go Manual

  • At the end of the day, manual usage has less risk. Botting, while powerful, adds another layer of likely account scrutiny.

Alternatives to Making Your Own Accounts

Manually building accounts takes time and effort. Understandable if you‘d rather take shortcuts:

Buy Accounts

  • Purchasing aged, pre-verified accounts from resellers is quicker but pricier. Just beware of shady sellers.

Account Generators

  • Tools like SneakerBot can auto-generate accounts in bulk. Riskier quality but major convenience factor.

Account Rentals

  • Sites like AccountOGs let you rent legit accounts short-term for specific releases. Decent budget option.

All have their own pros and cons. But making your own gives you full control, saves money long-term, and lets you learn the ropes.

Final Thoughts on Running Multiple SNKRS Accounts

As you can see, successfully running multiple SNKRS accounts requires effort. But it opens the doors to so many more exclusive cops.

Here are a few final tips:

  • Take your time setting up accounts to avoid rookie mistakes. Slow and steady wins the race here.
  • Stay on top of account management. Don‘t let accounts go dead – inactive profiles are more likely to get banned.
  • Vary activity across accounts. Copping the same pairs on the same days on all accounts is a red flag.
  • Have fun! Part of the game is the challenge. Take pride in your account copping skills.

With a well-oiled SNKRS account army, you‘ll take way more Ws and build up that collection. Just be smart to avoid Nike‘s detection systems.

You got this! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to help fellow sneakerheads level up their account game. Good luck out there!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.