How to Download Facebook Videos in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Looking to save your favorite Facebook videos to watch again and again? Downloading videos from your News Feed or Facebook Watch is easy with the right tools. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about downloading Facebook videos in 2023.

An Introduction to Downloading Facebook Videos

First, let‘s look at why you might want to download videos off Facebook in the first place:

  • To save funny videos to share with friends later
  • To reuse interesting clips for work/school projects
  • To watch saved videos without an internet connection
  • To preserve memories and home videos posted by friends & family

Many classic viral videos originated on Facebook. But the social media platform makes it tricky to download videos directly. The good news is downloader apps like SnapDownloader and 4K Video Downloader make the process fast and seamless.

I‘ll be providing a step-by-step guide on using both platforms, outlining the pros and cons of each. By the end, you‘ll be a pro at saving videos off Facebook quickly and in high quality!

Why Are Facebook Videos So Popular?

Before we dive in, let‘s look at what makes video such a massive part of the Facebook ecosystem.

According to Sprout Social, 92% of people who consume video content on social media watch it on Facebook. 500+ million users tune into Facebook Watch every day.

What makes Facebook video content so engaging?

Diverse Content Formats

You‘ll find all types of videos on Facebook, from 5 second clips to live streams that go on for hours. This includes:

  • Native videos uploaded by users
  • Facebook Live broadcasts
  • Short-form video in Stories
  • Longer premium content on Facebook Watch

This huge variety keeps users watching for longer.


With billions of active users, it‘s possible for Facebook videos to gain huge traction and go viral across the platform. Videos that hit the trending or most viewed lists get exposed to a massive audience.

Intuitive UI

Facebook‘s streamlined interface makes watching videos incredibly intuitive. Videos auto-play as users scroll feeds, seamlessly transitioning from one clip to the next.

Now let‘s dive into the two best free tools for downloading videos off Facebook.

Download Facebook Videos with SnapDownloader

Founded in 2020, SnapDownloader is a dedicated downloader app that makes saving videos from Facebook easy and straightforward.

According to Softonic‘s review, SnapDownloader has a 4.5/5 star rating based on over 5,000 user reviews. PCMag highlights its intuitive interface optimized for first-time downloader users.

Here‘s how to use SnapDownloader to download Facebook videos:

Step 1) Install SnapDownloader

First, head to and click the button to download and install SnapDownloader. Make sure to get it only from the official site.

Once installed, open up the app and do a quick test to ensure it‘s functioning properly. You may need to run it as an administrator.

Step 2) Copy the Facebook Video Link

Next, go to Facebook and find the video you want to download. Copy the link from the address bar by right-clicking and selecting "Copy" or using Ctrl+C.

Step 3) Paste Link in SnapDownloader

Head back to SnapDownloader, paste the link in the search bar, and hit enter.

Step 4) Select Format & Quality

On the results page, you can pick the file format and resolution quality to download the video in. Higher resolution means better quality but larger file size.

Step 5) Download!

Finally, click the "Download" button and SnapDownloader will automatically save the video to your downloads folder.

And that‘s it! With SnapDownloader you can download videos off Facebook with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Using SnapDownloader

Here are some of the standout benefits of using SnapDownloader:

  • 100% free – No hidden costs or fees for core features
  • User friendly – Simple interface ideal for beginners
  • Fast speeds – Downloads videos in just minutes
  • No software installs – Just a lightweight browser extension
  • Mobile support – Android and iOS apps available
  • Broad format support – Download in MP4, AVI, MOV, and more

Overall, SnapDownloader is a foolproof way to save any video off Facebook quickly and in high quality.

Download Facebook Videos with 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is another free downloader that shines when it comes to downloading from Facebook.

With a 4.5/5 star rating on CNET Download based on over 339,000 user reviews, 4K Video Downloader is well-loved for its intuitive interface and fast performance.

Here‘s a step-by-step guide to using 4K Video Downloader to save videos off Facebook:

Step 1) Download and Install

Go to and click "Get 4K Video Downloader." Run the install process.

Step 2) Copy Facebook Video Link

Next, head to Facebook to find the video you want. Copy the link from the address bar.

Step 3) Paste Link in 4K Video Downloader

Now open up 4K Video Downloader. Paste the Facebook video link into the search bar. Hit enter.

Step 4) Select Format & Quality

On the results page, pick the file format and resolution quality to download the video in.

Step 5) Download!

Hit the "Download" button and 4K Video Downloader will automatically save the video to your downloads folder.

Benefits of 4K Video Downloader

What makes 4K Video Downloader a top choice?

  • Intuitive interface – Very easy to navigate and use
  • Speedy downloads – Fast server speeds for quick downloads
  • POST scraping – Can download videos from Facebook pages
  • Subtitle saver – Ability to download captions/subtitles
  • Device sync – Seamlessly access downloads across devices

With these stellar features, 4K Video Downloader competes closely with SnapDownloader when it comes to downloading videos off Facebook.

SnapDownloader vs. 4K Video Downloader

How do SnapDownloader and 4K Video Downloader compare for Facebook video downloads? Here‘s a breakdown:

Feature SnapDownloader 4K Video Downloader
Platform Browser extension Desktop app
Cost Free Free
File formats MP4, MOV, AVI MP4, MKV, OGG
Speed Very fast Very fast
Interface Simple Simple
Ad support No ads No ads

Both platforms have nearly identical features that allow fast, seamless downloading from Facebook. The main difference is SnapDownloader being a browser extension versus 4K Video Downloader‘s desktop app.

Bottom line – you can‘t go wrong with either downloader!

Conclusion – Download Your Favorite Facebook Videos

I hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of how to easily save videos off Facebook in 2023.

To recap, here are some key takeaways:

  • Video content like Facebook Watch is massively popular, but hard to download directly.
  • Downloader apps like SnapDownloader and 4K Video Downloader make saving videos simple.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to download using either tool.
  • Both options allow fast, high-quality downloads with user-friendly interfaces.

So next time you see a hilarious or inspiring video on Facebook you want to save forever, fire up SnapDownloader or 4K Video Downloader! In just minutes, you can preserve those magical video moments to enjoy again and again.

Have any other questions about downloading videos from Facebook or other social platforms? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.