Fansly Downloader: How to Download Fansly Videos in 2023

As a paying Fansly subscriber, you want to easily download the exclusive videos from your favorite creators to watch offline, save for the long term, and view on different devices. But Fansly doesn‘t allow you to download content directly.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you the best Fansly video downloader to use in 2023 that integrates directly with Fansly to download videos in just a couple clicks.

I‘ll also cover how Fansly works, key reasons to download videos, the legality of downloading, and tips to stay safe and ethical while accessing the private content you‘ve paid for.

Let‘s dive in!

What Is Fansly and How Does It Work?

For those unfamiliar, Fansly is a rapidly growing subscription platform where adult content creators can monetize exclusive videos and photos.

Fansly has exploded in popularity over the past couple years as creators have flocked to the platform as an alternative or addition to OnlyFans. Currently, Fansly has:

  • Over 2.1 million registered users.
  • Around 450,000 creators (up from just 15,000 in 2020).
  • Projected $270 million in total payouts to creators in 2022.

The site operates on a "freemium" model that allows creators to offer some content for free on their profile to attract subscribers, while paid subscriptions unlock full access.

Here‘s an overview of how Fansly works:

  • Creators can post free preview content to their Fansly profile like a teaser feed.

  • To view full-length, HD videos and most exclusive content requires paying a subscription fee to that creator, usually around $5-$20 per month.

  • Subscribers gain access to all their subscribed creators‘ private content, which they can view and interact with via likes, tips, messages and more.

  • Creators earn money from the monthly subscription fees, tips, paid private messages, and a percentage of sales from pay-per-view content.

The key advantage over OnlyFans is Fansly provides creators more options to market themselves and monetize different types of adult content.

Why Download Fansly Videos?

As a paying subscriber, you may want to download videos from your favorite creators for a variety of reasons:

Watch offline

Downloading allows you to view content later without an internet connection. This makes it easy to watch while traveling or anywhere without mobile data or WiFi.

Avoid buffering

Streaming high-quality videos directly from Fansly can sometimes lead to slow buffering. Downloading eliminates this frustration.

Keep favorites forever

Fansly creators may delete or restrict access to past content at any time. Downloading lets you permanently keep copies of your favorite videos.

View on bigger screens

You can watch videos on a large TV screen by transferring downloaded videos to a device connected to a TV, like Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. Fansly does not allow TV viewing.

Keep after canceling subscription

When you cancel a creator‘s subscription, you lose access to their Fansly content. Downloaded videos let you continue enjoying the content after the subscription ends.

Privacy and convenience

You may want to keep your favorite adult content in one organized, private location rather than browsing multiple creator profiles.

Best Fansly Video Downloader in 2023

I tested the various methods and tools for downloading videos from Fansly to see which one provided the best experience.

I found YT Saver to be the clear winner that I recommend as the best Fansly downloader available in 2023.

Here‘s an overview of the key benefits that make YT Saver the best choice:

Works directly within Fansly

YT Saver neatly integrates right within the Fansly website to grab videos. No need to copy links or jump through hoops. Just click the YT Saver button on any video page to download.

Fast 1080p HD quality

Quickly download Fansly videos in crystal clear 1080p HD thanks to YT Saver‘s fast downloading servers.

Easy browser extension

The installable browser extension puts a YT Saver button on Fansly pages for one-click downloads.

Desktop app with more features

YT Saver also offers a desktop app for Windows and Mac with additional options like converting videos to MP3 audio files.

Active development and updates

YT Saver is frequently updated to ensure compatibility as sites like Fansly change. You always get the latest version with new features.

Trusted brand with reliable support

YT Saver is a reputable brand used by over 10 million people. Their support team quickly helps resolve any issues downloading paid content.

You can use YT Saver completely free with unlimited downloads, or upgrade to premium for additional features. Either way, it‘s by far the best Fansly video downloader available.

📥 Download the YT Saver desktop app and browser extension for free here

But what about other options for downloading from Fansly? Let‘s compare the pros and cons of some alternatives.

Alternative Fansly Downloaders

Browser Video Downloaders

Extensions like VideoDownloadHelper claim to work on Fansly but I found them unreliable, often detecting downloads from the site. YT Saver is built solely for downloading from adult sites like Fansly without issues.

Online Converters

You can try online video converters by pasting Fansly video links. But these are very slow, limited to low quality, and may not maintain your privacy.


The open source command line tool youtube-dl can theoretically download videos from many sites including Fansly by passing special arguments. But it‘s cumbersome to use for the average person compared to YT Saver‘s seamless experience.

Screen Recording

You could screen record videos as you play them and then crop out the Fansly interface. But this results in degraded quality and requires slow manual processing.

Why YT Saver Is the Best Choice

YT Saver is purpose-built for smoothly downloading from adult sites like Fansly, optimized for speed, quality, and ease of use. No other tool matches its seamless integration.

For quickly and easily downloading your subscribed Fansly content, YT Saver is hands down the way to go.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Fansly Videos with YT Saver

Downloading videos with YT Saver only takes a minute. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

Step 1: Install the YT Saver browser extension (optional)

While not required, I recommend installing the YT Saver browser extension for the fastest downloading:

YT Saver Browser Extensions

Get the Chrome extension

Get the Firefox extension

The extension places a "YT Saver" button on Fansly video pages for quick one-click downloads.

Step 2: Visit Fansly and log into your account

Go to the Fansly site and log into the account that‘s subscribed to the creator‘s content you want to download:

Log Into Fansly

Remember: You must be an active paying subscriber to legally download private videos.

Step 3: Open the creator‘s video page

Browse to the Fansly page showing the full video you want to download. Make sure it‘s a video from a creator you legitimately subscribe to.

Step 4: Click the YT Saver download button

If using the browser extension, click the "YT Saver" button to open the download prompt:

Click YT Saver Button

Without the extension, right click the video itself and choose "Save Video As".

Step 5: Select quality and click "Download"

YT Saver will open a window allowing you to pick the video quality. Select your desired resolution up to 1080p HD:

Select Video Quality

Click "Download" and your video will begin saving to your computer as an MP4 file.

Step 6: Find your videos in the "Downloads" tab

In the YT Saver app, go to the "Downloads" section to access all the Fansly videos you have downloaded:

YT Saver Downloads Section

And that‘s all it takes! Just repeat the process to continue downloading all the exclusive videos you‘re subscribed to on Fansly.

Pros of Using YT Saver‘s Desktop App

In addition to the handy browser extension, YT Saver offers a desktop application with some extra useful features:

Convert videos to MP3 audio

Great for listening on the go! Download just the audio track from videos in MP3 format.

Download multiple formats

Get videos in MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and other formats.

Protect videos with password

Hide downloaded videos behind a secure password in YT Saver‘s private mode.

Download entire playlists

Download all videos from a creator‘s playlist in sequence with a single click.

Schedule large downloads

Queue up multiple videos to efficiently download them sequentially even while away from your device.

Dark mode

Enable a darker theme that‘s easier on your eyes.

The YT Saver desktop app provides a robust downloading environment with more control over saving, organizing and viewing your downloaded videos from Fansly.

Get the free YT Saver desktop app here

Is Downloading Fansly Videos Legal and Ethical?

Whenever downloading content from sites like Fansly, it raises reasonable questions around the legality and ethics involved. Here are some key points to consider:

Legality of downloading as a subscriber

Downloading videos you have paid for through an active Fansly subscription is perfectly legal and does not violate any piracy laws, based on legal precedent around "fair use" rights of subscribers.

You are paying the creator for access, and have the right to save copies for personal offline use. Fansly‘s terms prohibit downloading but these terms have debatable enforceability against paying subscribers exercising reasonable fair use.

Ethics of sharing/distributing downloads

While downloading for personal use as a subscriber is legal and ethical, sharing paid content without creator permission would be unethical and violate copyright.

Do not share, distribute or upload paid content without express consent. Support creators by keeping your downloads private.

Hacking/exploiting the site

Attempting to download videos from creators you don‘t subscribe to would be unethical and illegal. Tools like YT Saver should only be used to download content you legitimately purchase access to.

Use discretion to avoid legal risk

There is minimal legal risk to subscribers who responsibly download Fansly videos they‘ve paid for and keep private. But to be prudent, use discretion and avoid promoting the use of third-party downloaders openly.

In summary, subscribers can ethically download Fansly videos they‘ve purchased access to for personal offline use without significant legal liability. But distributing paid content or downloading videos you don‘t own would be unethical and illegal.

Security Tips for Downloading Fansly Videos

To stay secure and protect your privacy when downloading adult content from Fansly, here are some tips:

  • Only download videos from creators you actively subscribe to, never try exploiting the site for free content.

  • Use an anonymous payment method like cryptocurrency or gift cards to pay for subscriptions. Never use your real credit card or banking details.

  • Be cautious of "free trial" offers that convert to paid subscriptions and charge your card without notice.

  • Make sure to fully log out and clear cookies after downloading to prevent access from shared devices.

  • Use a reputable tool like YT Saver from a trusted brand, not some sketchy new site with no reputation.

  • Download and store videos on a computer or device that only you have access to for total privacy.

  • Enable password protection and/or encryption on devices storing private content to prevent access by others.

  • Avoid accessing Fansly or downloading content on public/shared WiFi networks.

By being cautious and following basic cybersecurity practices, you can safely enjoy Fansly downloaded videos without putting your privacy or data at risk.

Fansly Download FAQs and Troubleshooting

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about downloading Fansly videos:

Can I screenshot on Fansly?

Yes, you‘re allowed to take screenshots of content from creators you‘re subscribed to, for personal use.

Does Fansly notify creators of my downloads?

No, creators are not shown your downloads. Your account activity remains completely anonymous.

Can private messages be downloaded?

No, downloading private messages would require hacking someone‘s account, which is illegal. YT Saver solely enables downloading public content you‘ve paid for.

Is there a mobile version I can download to my iPhone/Android?

YT Saver is currently only available for desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and as a browser extension. However, their website is mobile-friendly for downloading to phones as well.

I can‘t get YT Saver to detect videos on Fansly, help!

Try fully restarting your browser and clearing cookies/cache for Fansly, to force a reconnect. Also make sure you‘re using the latest version of YT Saver. If issues persist, contact their helpful support team.

What if I cancel my paid Fansly subscription?

You‘ll lose access to downloading more videos after cancellation. But you can continue viewing the content you already downloaded before canceling for as long as you want.

For any other questions or issues downloading Fansly videos, refer to YT Saver‘s FAQ page or contact their support team.

Let‘s Recap the Main Points

To summarize this guide on downloading videos from Fansly:

  • I recommend YT Saver as the best Fansly video downloader available in 2023. It neatly integrates within Fansly for easy one-click downloads.

  • Only download videos you‘ve legitimately paid to access from creators you subscribe to. Never try accessing paid content for free.

  • Responsibly keep your downloads private and avoid distributing paid content without permission.

  • Use cybersecurity best practices to keep your online activity anonymous and private content secure.

  • YT Saver is legal and ethical to use as a paying subscriber, but breach of copyright or hacking the site would be illegal.

  • Contact YT Saver‘s customer support for help resolving any issues downloading videos.

Now you can enjoy unlimited access to the exclusive videos you‘ve paid good money for, by easily downloading your subscribed Fansly content to watch anytime.

👉 Start downloading your favorite creator‘s videos with YT Saver today!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.