How to Get A Washington IP Address in 2023 (Top VPNs)

Do you want to know how to get a Washington IP address for easy access to streaming platforms and many more uses? There is always an easy way to connect to any website, irrespective of location. Through a VPN, you can enjoy the benefits of surfing the internet without worrying about network disruption. Let me give you more details on the appropriate methods to obtain a Washington IP address.

Why Should You Want a Washington IP Address?

There are several compelling reasons you may want to get a Washington-based IP address:

Access Region-Locked Content

Many popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu use geo-blocking to restrict content based on your location. Having a WA IP address lets you bypass these restrictions and access US-only shows and movies. For instance, Netflix USA has a much larger catalog compared to other international versions.

Enhanced Online Security

Connecting through VPN servers in Washington provides an additional layer of security by masking your real IP address and physical location. Your internet traffic is encrypted and anonymized. According to cybersecurity firm Top10VPN, Washington residents using VPNs increased by 185% from 2019 to 2021.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If you are based in a country with repressive internet controls like China or Iran, a Washington IP allows you to circumvent government censorship and access blocked websites and social media. VPN usage surges during political events and crises.

Online Shopping Benefits

E-commerce sites may offer different pricing or exclusive products based on your location. A WA IP address can provide access to US-only deals and shopping selection. For example, Americans get better deals on Amazon Prime.

Improved Gaming Experience

Connecting to local Washington servers through a VPN service can lower ping times and latency in online multiplayer games like Call of Duty or Overwatch. This results in faster speeds and lag reduction. according to data from Speedtest.

How VPNs Work to Change IP Addresses

Before we look at the best VPNs to get a Washington IP address, it helps to understand how VPNs work to mask your real location.

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network‘. It encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through an intermediary server in a location of your choosing. This hides your real IP and assigns you a new IP address from the server‘s geographic location.

For example, if you connect through a VPN server in Seattle, your IP will now appear as originating from Seattle instead of your true location. This is because all your traffic is bounced through the Seattle server.

VPN services use advanced encryption like AES-256 or OpenVPN to establish secure tunnels for your data. This prevents snooping by hackers, ISPs, or governments. Only the VPN provider‘s server can decipher the data.

Advanced VPNs also provide leakage protection by blocking IPv6 traffic and DNS requests that could reveal your original IP address. This ensures your IP remains hidden for as long as your VPN connection is active.

While free VPN services do exist, they come with considerable limitations compared to paid options. Here is an overview:


Paid VPNs offer faster speeds as they invest in optimizing their server infrastructure. Average speeds (in Mbps):

  • Paid VPNs: 52 Mbps
  • Free VPNs: 28 Mbps

Data Limits

Most free VPNs limit you to 500MB to 2GB per month. Paid VPNs come with unlimited data usage.

Number of Server Locations

Paid VPNs have servers in 80-100 countries. Free ones max out at around 35-40 countries. This limits location options.

Stronger Encryption

Leading paid VPNs use 256-bit AES or Blowfish encryption. Free services often use weaker 128-bit encryption.

No Logs Policy

Paid VPNs do not record any user activity logs or connection timestamps. Free ones require some limited logging which raises privacy concerns.


Paid VPNs are better at bypassing geo-blocks. They unblock 90% of major streaming sites versus 60% for free VPNs.

For the best Washington IP performance, a premium paid VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark is highly recommended. But the free Atlas VPN can work in a pinch.

Choosing the Best VPN Server Location in Washington

Washington offers multiple excellent VPN server locations to choose from including:

Seattle – As the largest WA city, Seattle has the maximum number of servers. It provides good speeds and low latency connectivity.

Spokane – Located in eastern Washington, Spokane is also a good option though with fewer server choices.

Vancouver – Situated just across the Canadian border, servers here offer low pings for gaming and streaming.

Yakima – Centrally located, Yakima servers balance speed and stability.

Olympia – As the state capital, connections are reliable. But can experience some congestion during peak traffic.

When selecting a server, check the current load percentage. Anything under 60% is optimal. Also connect at off-peak times between 10 PM to 9 AM for the fastest speeds.

Run speed tests to determine the fastest performing server, and have 2-3 location options as backup in case one is slow. Restarting the connection can sometimes resolve inconsistent speeds.

Staying Secure: How to Avoid IP Address Leaks

While connected to your Washington VPN, there are still ways your true IP address could accidentally get revealed, also called IP leaks. Here are some expert tips to avoid leaks:

  • Use VPN kill switch that cuts off your internet access if the VPN connection drops. This instantly stops all data transmission.

  • Enable IPv6 leak protection in your VPN app settings, as IPv6 traffic may still leak your IP address even when IPv4 is masked.

  • Install the VPN provider‘s proprietary app, as browser or router-based VPNs are more prone to IP leaks through WebRTC, Flash etc.

  • Avoid torrenting without an active VPN connection, as copyright notices can expose your actual IP address and location.

  • Regularly check for leaks using online tools like which will notify you if your IP is visible. Also check for DNS leaks.

  • Use OpenVPN protocol rather than PPTP or L2TP which have known security vulnerabilities that can let your IP leak.

Experts also recommend periodically changing your IP address, using strong passwords, disabling location sharing, and using antivirus software for added security.

Do You Need a VPN in Washington?

VPNs are not an absolute requirement in Washington just for casual web use. However, there are numerous benefits to using a VPN connection for residents of the state:

1. Encrypts Internet Traffic

VPN encryption prevents prying eyes from snooping on your internet activity, keeping your browsing history private and secure.

2. Accesses Blocked Content

Unblock geo-restricted platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer which limit content depending on your location.

3. Masks Your IP Address

Your real IP and location are hidden while browsing on a VPN, preventing tracking by websites, ISPs or cybercriminals.

4. Avoids Bandwidth Throttling

Some ISPs deliberately slow down bandwidth for certain uses like streaming video or torrenting. A VPN prevents throttling.

5. Secures Public Wi-Fi

Free public hotspots are easily hacked. A VPN keeps your data safe from man-in-the-middle attacks on open networks.

6. Bypasses Censorship

When traveling or living abroad, a VPN allows you to bypass internet censorship to access your favorite sites and apps.

According to leading cybersecurity firms like McAfee and Avast, using a premium VPN is strongly recommended today for achieving online privacy, circumventing restrictions, and accessing all content securely from any location worldwide.

FAQs About Washington IP Addresses

What exactly is a Washington IP address?

A Washington IP address refers to an IP address associated with a server physically located within Washington, USA. When connected to that server via a VPN, your traffic gets routed through it and you get assigned a Washington-based IP address.

How can I get a free Washington IP address?

Some VPN providers like ProtonVPN and Atlas VPN offer free plans that provide access to servers in Washington. Speeds will be slower than paid VPNs. For better performance, a low-cost premium VPN is recommended.

Can I get in legal trouble for changing my IP address?

There is nothing illegal about simply changing your IP address through a VPN or proxy. As long as you don‘t use it for nefarious purposes, it is perfectly legal in Washington as well as the rest of the US. However, cyber crime laws will apply if you use it to spread malware, illegally access sites etc.

Will a VPN noticeably slow my internet speed?

Connecting to a distant VPN server does result in some speed loss because of the encrypted tunnel involved. However, a top-tier provider like NordVPN offers fast enough speeds that any dip will be hardly noticeable for most browsing and streaming uses. also, connect to the nearest server for best performance.

Do online games require a gaming VPN in Washington?

A WA-based gaming VPN can positively impact multiplayer games like Fortnite and Valorant by reducing latency thanks to nearby servers. But for normal web use, including streaming shows or movies, a VPN is not mandatory in Washington purely for performance reasons. The benefits are more for security and privacy.


Obtaining a Washington-based IP address is a quick and easy process with today‘s top-tier VPN services. Simply sign up for a premium VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark, install the app, connect to a Washington server, and you will be assigned an IP from the region.

This will let you bypass geo-restrictions, access US-only content and platforms, mask your location, avoid throttling, encrypt traffic, and maintain blazing fast speeds. Follow the setup guides and expert tips outlined here to safely access the internet from anywhere using a Washington IP address in 2023.

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.