How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat in 2022

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

Even though Snapchat is a very powerful social networking tool, some processes on it are not very straightforward. Even so, that doesn’t change the fact that such processes are very straightforward and easy to execute. In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps for how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat. Keep reading for more details…..

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Private messaging and sending pictures are only two of the many uses of Snapchat. It's pretty easy to use, and you can quickly understand it if you're a tween or teen.

There are several reasons someone would block you on this messaging application. Maybe you are sending them too many annoying messages or are harassing them. Whatever the reason, there’s a way to tell if someone has indeed blocked you on Snapchat.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat?

If you block someone on Snapchat, they won't look at your Story or Group Charms. They also won't be able to send you Snaps or chats. They may see your name in group chats or your friends' stories if you have mutual friends. If you've been blocked, the person who blocked you can still see your account, but it will appear that all of your snaps are gone.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

When someone blocks you on Snapchat, you're not given any notification. But a couple of pointers can lead you to know that you have actually been blocked so the person in question. Here's how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat:

  • If their name doesn't show up when you search for them, their username is not attached to any of their past snaps or stories. That means they probably blocked you.
  • If they are no longer features under the “Recent” section in your account. That could also be a sign that they blocked you.
  • If they have recently updated their profile picture, but it hasn't been updated in your account. Usually, if a contact changes their profile picture, it automatically updates everywhere, on their profile and on chats and snaps. If this is not the case from your side, then they have probably blocked you.
  • If all of your messages are showing as delivered, but the person isn't opening them or responding, then there's a chance that person has blocked you.
  • If the person isn't appearing in any of your Snap Maps at all — even when their location service is on — then that could mean that they have blocked your location from being shared with them.

How to Tell if Someone Deleted You on Snapchat

Deleting someone as a friend doesn't mean they've blocked you — it removes them from your friend list. You won't send them snaps or view their stories until they add you back. If someone is your friend on Snapchat and they delete you, they will no longer appear in the list of people who have viewed your Story or under ‘Best Friends.' If they deleted you as a friend, their name would no longer appear under your Best Friends list.

What's the Difference Between Blocked and Removed?

Difference Between Blocked and Removed

Blocked means the person will see none of your stuff. They won't post on your wall. The person won't start a conversation with you, show up on mutual friends lists, and won't appear in any photo that contains your name (though they can tag themselves if they wish).

Removed means the person will see things you post publicly but not comment or like them (but can still share them). They will not see anything that you post on your wall, cannot message you, and will not show up on mutual friend lists.

If anyone looks at your friends' list, the person removed from it will not appear as one of your friends. If someone tags you both in a photo, the tag disappears from the photo and vice versa.

Bottom Line

The choice to block someone on Snapchat is personal. You have no control over who should or shouldn’t block you on the social platform. Having the ability to view your friend's Snapchat stories is a beautiful way to keep in touch with them, but only if that is what your friends want. The good news is that you can see if someone blocked you on Snapchat by paying attention when opening the app. With that said, we wrap up this post. We hope you found it very helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop them in the comments section below.

Written by Jason Striegel

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