How to Make an OnlyFans Account in 2023: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

OnlyFans has become one of the top destinations for independent content creators to take control of their brand, build meaningful fan communities, and monetize exclusive content. If you‘re considering launching your own OnlyFans account, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started and succeed this year.

An Introduction to OnlyFans

For the uninitiated, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social platform where creators can earn money by sharing exclusive photos, videos, audio clips, and more with fans who pay a monthly fee for access. Since launching in 2016, OnlyFans has paid out over $7 billion to more than 2 million registered creators.

Some key facts and statistics about the platform:

  • Over 150 million users and 2 million creators

  • Users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on OnlyFans

  • Top creators earn over $50,000 per month

  • Musicians earn up to $150,000 per month sharing exclusive content

  • Fitness experts offer subscribers custom workout and diet plans

  • In 2021 alone, OnlyFans saw a 116% increase in new creator accounts

While often associated with adult content, today‘s OnlyFans features popular mainstream creators from all backgrounds and industries – chefs, artists, dancers, Pilates instructors, makeup artists, and beyond.

Let‘s look at exactly how to create your own OnlyFans account, attract subscribers, and start earning in 2023.

Step-By-Step Guide to Making an OnlyFans Account

Here is the complete process for signing up for OnlyFans and customizing your account settings:

Choose Your Account Type

First, decide if you want a free account or paid account. Free accounts allow you to share select content with followers without a paywall. Paid accounts require a monthly subscription fee to access your exclusive content. You can start free and add a paid subscription later.

Sign Up for an Account

  • Go to and click "Create Account"
  • Enter your email address, choose a username, and create a password
  • Check your email to verify your account

Personalize Your Profile

  • Add a profile and header photo
  • Write an engaging bio sharing about your talents
  • Connect your social media accounts
  • Choose a fun emoji for supporters to use when tipping you

Set Your Subscription Price (For Paid Accounts)

  • Go to Account > Payout Information
  • Enter your desired monthly subscription price
  • Add your payment details to receive earnings

Set Content Boundaries

  • Go to Settings > Account Privacy
  • Select your preferences for DM messaging, likes, comments and sharing

And that‘s it! Your OnlyFans account setup is complete. Time to start creating and sharing amazing content.

10 Tips for Content Creators Just Starting on OnlyFans

Building a successful OnlyFans and earning a consistent income takes time and effort. Here is some must-know advice for new creators:

1. Find your niche – Establish a specific niche and style that sets you apart from other creators.

2. Price competitively – Research similar accounts and price your subscription appropriately. Start lower until you build a following.

3. Promote across platforms – Market your OnlyFans relentlessly on your other social channels.

4. Engage with supporters – Respond to comments, offer promotions, and make fans feel valued.

5. Analyze your metrics – Use OnlyFans‘ data and analytics to optimize content strategy.

6. Create PPV content – Develop premium one-off content that fans can purchase on top of subscriptions.

7. Go live frequently – Host livestreams for real-time engagement and to boost tips.

8. Collaborate with others – Partner up with relevant creators for cross-promotion.

9. Offer bundle deals – Provide discounted bundles of your past PPV content.

10. Have fun! – Show off your authentic self and passion in all content you create.

Now let‘s dive deeper into key steps for OnlyFans success.

Choosing Content to Post on Your OnlyFans

The content you share will make or break your OnlyFans account. You need to discover what your specific fans respond to most.

Some top-performing content ideas:

  • Exclusive modeling photos and videos
  • Cooking tutorials, recipes, meal plans
  • Fitness training programs and workout demos
  • Behind-the-scenes footage from your industry
  • Casual Q&As and conversations
  • Gaming stream highlights and bloopers
  • DIY craft tutorials
  • New music previews and album listening parties
  • Sports instructional videos and tips
  • Career and industry advice

Get creative and tailor content topics around your skills, expertise, and audience. Offer supporters variety so they always have something new to get excited about.

Setting Subscription Prices That Convert

Pricing your OnlyFans account for maximum profit while remaining affordable for fans takes some savvy consideration. Here are some pricing strategies and benchmarks:

  • Start low – Consider $5-$10 to build a subscriber base when starting out. Gradually increase.

  • Compare similar accounts – Research competitors‘ pricing in your niche. Align with accounts of similar size and content types.

  • Consider purchase power – Factor in your target demographic and what‘s realistic for them to pay monthly.

  • Offer discounts – Run occasional sales, loyalty discounts for long-term subscribers, and bundled package deals.

  • Create upside with PPV – Subscription revenue is your base. Additional PPV and tipping is upside.

  • Avoid undervaluing yourself – Those with large followings and exclusive content can charge premium rates.

  • Review analytics – Monitor conversion rates and earnings at different prices.

Here are some OnlyFans monthly subscription price benchmarks by niche:

  • Fitness: $5 to $20

  • Adult content: $10 to $30

  • Influencers: $5 to $25

  • Musicians: $3 to $15

  • Chefs: $8 to $25

Experiment to see what converts best for your particular audience and brand. The goal is maximizing long-term profit, not a quick buck.

Promoting Your OnlyFans Account

Gaining new OnlyFans subscribers requires relentless, multi-channel marketing. You have to cast a wide net across platforms to drive traffic.

Leverage your current followers – Alert your existing social media fans about your new OnlyFans presence through links and teasers. Offer them special discounted trial access. This should be your #1 subscriber source.

Run targeted ads – Create ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok and adult sites marketing your OnlyFans. Target relevant interests like fitness, cooking, music genres, gaming, DIY, and more.

Network and collaborate – Partner with similar creators to cross-promote each other‘s OnlyFans to combined fans. Guest post on niche blogs directing readers to subscribe.

Engage on niche forums – Share your OnlyFans selectively on niche discussion forums related to your field. Provide value and build authority.

Incentivize referrals – Encourage your subscribers to share about your OnlyFans with their networks for rewards.

Boost SEO – Optimize your OnlyFans bio and external website with keywords so you rank in search engines.

Go live frequently – Post your OnlyFans link in your livestreams across platforms. Tease the kinds of content subscribers get.

The more online real estate you claim, the faster your subscriber count will rise.

Managing Your OnlyFans Account Privacy

Maintaining your privacy and safety on OnlyFans is crucial. Follow these account security best practices:

  • Remain anonymous – Never share personal identity details like your real name, location, employer, etc.

  • Use an alias – Create a memorable stage name or persona.

  • Get a PO box – Don‘t share your real address for merchandise shipping.

  • Hide metadata – Remove geotags and metadata from photos and videos before uploading.

  • Moderate comments – Block or restrict trolls and negative commenters.

  • Limit DMs carefully – Disable open DMs if needed. Pre-approve acceptable fans.

  • Enforce boundaries – Call out disrespectful behavior. Disable or ban violating subscribers.

  • Protect passwords – Use strong unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication.

  • Avoid oversharing – Be mindful of what you post publicly on other channels.

  • Mask your location – Use a VPN to shield your IP address and location.

Your privacy and safety should be the #1 priority. Never compromise who you are comfortable being online.

Handling Taxes on OnlyFans Income

If you earn substantial income on OnlyFans, you are responsible for paying taxes on that revenue just like any other business income.

You will receive a 1099-MISC or 1099-K reporting your annual OnlyFans earnings. Expect to pay federal income taxes and any applicable state taxes. Freelancers generally owe around 30%.

Be sure to:

  • Track all OnlyFans revenue separately
  • Deduct any related business expenses
  • Pay estimated quarterly taxes to avoid penalties
  • Consult an accountant experienced with online business taxes
  • Set aside at least 20-30% of earnings for taxes

Maintaining clear financial records will make tax time much smoother. Do not attempt tax evasion as an OnlyFans creator – the IRS is cracking down.

Avoiding Scams as an OnlyFans Creator

As your account grows, beware of OnlyFans scams aimed at creators:

  • Fake branding deals requesting fees upfront

  • Suspicious donation requests and cash giveaways

  • Malicious links claiming to grow your views and subscribers

  • Fake OnlyFans support accounts asking for personal details

Protect yourself by:

  • Rejecting offers that seem too good to be true

  • Never paying for promised promotion

  • Enabling account security features

  • Ignoring messages requesting bank info or passwords

  • Reporting scam accounts immediately

  • Using common sense when interacting with unknown fans

Your time is best spent creating great content – not falling prey to grifters.

Troubleshooting Common OnlyFans Issues

Here are fixes for some common OnlyFans problems:

Account not approved – Verify your ID again. Ensure all your photos are clear and information matches.

Pending payments – Give it 7 days to process. Contact support if it still doesn‘t appear.

Forgotten password – Use the password recovery option or contact support.

Subscription price won‘t update – It can take 24 hours for price changes to apply. Be patient.

Locked out of account – Go through password recovery steps. Make sure your payment info is valid.

Negative balance – This is due to chargebacks. Add funds to resolve it. Disable chargeback users.

Can‘t reset password – Try an alternate email or contact support if your registered email is inaccessible.

Deleted account – Unfortunately accounts can‘t be retrieved once deleted. You‘ll have to create a new one.

Banned account – Carefully review OnlyFans‘ rules to avoid reasons for banning. Unfortunately bans are irreversible.

Reach out to OnlyFans support if issues persist. They are generally helpful in resolving creator problems.

Is OnlyFans Right for You? Key Considerations.

Before diving headfirst into OnlyFans, take time to evaluate if it aligns with your goals and comfort level:

What are your motivations? – Supplemental income? Change careers? Share your passions? Feed your ego? Know why you want to create OnlyFans content and what success looks like.

What niche can you dominate? – Determine what makes you stand out from the crowded creator marketplace. Lean into your uniqueness.

Can you handle publicity? – There can be stigma associated with OnlyFans. Make sure you are prepared for both positive and negative reactions.

Are you willing to hustle daily? – Consistently producing content, engaging fans, and self-promoting takes immense work. Can you handle the pace?

Do you have existing online influence? – It‘s an uphill battle starting from scratch. Begin with an established audience on other platforms if possible.

Can you deal with trolls? – Develop a thick skin, moderate aggressively, and try not to take toxic comments personally.

Are you able to commit long-term? – This is a marathon, not a sprint. Stick with it through ups and downs.

Ask yourself these tough questions. Building a profitable OnlyFans account takes tremendous commitment and perseverance. Stay focused on your "why" during challenges.

And remember, if OnlyFans ends up not being the right platform for you, no shame in that! There are many other amazing outlets for creators today.

Checklist to Launch Your OnlyFans Account

To recap the steps to get started on OnlyFans:

❏ Choose your account type (free or paid)

❏ Sign up for an OnlyFans account

❏ Complete your profile details

❏ Set your monthly subscription price (if paid account)

❏ Add a payment method to get earnings

❏ Establish your content boundaries

❏ Brainstorm niche-specific content topics and ideas

❏ Create a content calendar for your first month

❏ Design an OnlyFans logo and branding

❏ Take high-quality profile photos and header image

❏ Promote your account launch on your other social channels

❏ Create teasers to promote your OnlyFans on TikTok and Instagram

❏ Interact with fans and manage incoming DMs

❏ Analyze your initial performance and refine

Following this comprehensive game plan sets you up for a successful OnlyFans launch! Be patient, work hard, focus on your subscribers, and let your creativity shine.


I hope this complete guide provided you with the knowledge and strategic advice needed to create your OnlyFans account and thrive as a creator.

Remember to always put your audience, establish a distinct brand, protect your privacy, collaborate with fellow creators, have fun with your content, and track analytics to keep improving.

The world of OnlyFans holds immense money making potential in 2023, but also comes with challenges all influencers and entrepreneurs face.

Gain a competitive edge and satisfy your fans by offering something no one else can. Now is the time to take creative control, deepen connections with supporters, and start earning!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.