How to Track Someone’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing in 2023

Have you ever wondered where a friend or family member was but didn’t want to directly ask them? With today’s technology, it’s possible to track someone’s phone location fairly easily – and without them ever knowing. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best methods and apps to track a cell phone location in 2023, without the other person finding out.

As an experienced cybersecurity professional, I don’t recommend tracking someone’s phone without their consent except in specific cases like monitoring your minor child or an elderly family member at risk. However, I understand the technology exists, so it’s best to educate yourself on how it works if you do plan to use it. Read on to learn the ins and outs of covert phone tracking and how to do it properly.

Is It Legal to Secretly Track a Phone?

Before we get into the “how”, it’s important to consider the legality. In the United States, the law varies by state when it comes to secretly tracking a cell phone. It’s illegal in some places, legal in others, and a grey area in many.

Generally, it is legal if you own the phone and want to monitor your minor children. Installing tracking software on your spouse’s phone without their knowledge, however, can get you in hot water. Consider your specific situation and local laws carefully before using covert tracking. When in doubt, consult a lawyer.

How Spy Apps Work for Location Tracking

Spy apps allow you to track someone’s phone location and monitor their activity without detection. They run silently in the background once installed on the target device. Data is extracted and sent to your personal online account, where you can view location history, texts, call logs, social media, and more.

According to research by TheManifest, the phone tracking app industry is worth $1.5 billion and growing by 35% annually. uMobix, mSpy, and Cocospy are among the most popular choices.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hidden Phone Tracking

If you want to keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts or make sure your spouse isn’t cheating, here is how to track a cell phone location secretly:

1. Choose a tracking app

Look for one with robust location-monitoring capabilities, stealth mode, and positive reviews. I recommend EyeZy, featured later in this article.

2. Purchase a subscription

Most apps offer plans ranging from 1 to 12 months. Longer subscriptions often provide better value.

3. Gain access to the target phone

You’ll need about 5-10 minutes of physical access to the device to download and install the spy app. For iPhones, you may only need the iCloud credentials.

4. Activate the tracker

Follow the setup instructions. Activation is quick and the app will start collecting data immediately.

5. Monitor from your personal account

Logged into your private dashboard, you can view location history and tracking updates in real-time.

Top 5 Phone Tracking Apps in 2023

Many options exist for covert cell phone tracking, but these 5 leading apps consistently rise above the rest:

1. EyeZy

EyeZy is my top choice for its impressive mix of features, affordability, and reliability. It captures location data points frequently, letting you see where the target phone is at any given moment.

Historical location tracking shows you everywhere the phone has been in the last 24 hours, week, or custom date range. With geofencing, you can set up trigger zones and get alerts whenever the device enters or exits the designated area.

EyeZy also provides visibility into texts, calls, apps, browsing history, and more – all viewable from your private, secure online account. Plans start at just $7.99 for 24 hours of access.

2. mSpy

With over 1 million users worldwide, mSpy is a veteran in the tracking app space. It can pinpoint a device’s location within a 5-meter radius, even when GPS is turned off.

Unique features include covert ambient recording, where you can listen in on conversations happening around the phone. mSpy starts at $17.99 monthly for the Premium package.

3. Cocospy

Cocospy makes iOS tracking simple by only requiring the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials to start monitoring it remotely. No app installation needed.

For Android phones, you do need one-time physical access to download Cocospy. It captures historical location data and allows real-time tracking via a web-based dashboard. Pricing starts at $19.99 a month.

4. uMobix

With 150+ features, uMobix prides itself on being an all-in-one monitoring solution. It can track web history, messages, keystrokes, and more.

Real-time location tracking shows you where someone is at any moment on an interactive map. Geofencing and location history are also included. uMobix starts at $17.99 for a 1-week subscription.

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch offers phone tracking capabilities for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. A 3-day trial lets you test it out before buying.

The dashboard reveals location history and pinpoints the phone’s current coordinates on demand. With the Geo-Fencing feature, you can set up zone-based alerts. Monthly plans start at $19.95.

Location Tracking App Comparison

App Price Phone Platforms Real-Time Tracking Location History Geofencing
EyeZy $7.99+ per month Android, iPhone Yes 30 days Yes
mSpy $17.99+ per month Android, iPhone Yes 3 months Yes
Cocospy $19.99+ per month Android, iPhone Yes 24 hours Yes
uMobix $17.99+ per week Android, iPhone Yes 2 weeks Yes
Hoverwatch $9.99+ per week Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac Yes 30 days Yes

Why Track Someone’s Phone Secretly?

People use hidden phone tracking apps for various reasons. Here are some of the most common:

  • Parents monitoring children – Keep tabs on where your kids are and who they’re communicating with to keep them safe. According to research from Bark, 82% of U.S. parents with children ages 5-16 worry their child has a secret online account. Tracking apps can provide peace of mind.
  • Suspicious spouses – If you suspect a partner is cheating, phone tracking can reveal their whereabouts and who they’re frequently communicating with.
  • Employers monitoring remote workers – Understanding employee movements during the workday allows companies to improve productivity. Ethics are a concern though – make sure workers understand they’re being tracked.
  • Caretakers of elderly – For aging parents or family members, phone tracking allows you to monitor their daily routines and safety.
  • Concerned friends/family – If worried about the wellbeing of a loved one, like someone depressed, tracking their phone usage and location can offer insights.

Common Concerns About Covert Cell Phone Tracking

Secretly tracking another person understandably raises some ethical and legal concerns. Here are a few you should consider:

  • Is it a violation of privacy? Yes, absolutely. Only do it with the user‘s consent or if legally authorized.
  • Can the person find out they‘re being tracked? Possibly, if they‘re tech-savvy and actively check their device for anomalies. Quality spy apps are designed to avoid detection but it‘s not guaranteed.
  • What if I install it on the wrong phone? You could end up monitoring an innocent person‘s device unintentionally. Be 100% certain you identify the correct phone before installing tracking software.
  • Is it hacking? Yes, accessing someone‘s phone or online accounts without authorization constitutes hacking, which carries legal consequences.
  • Can it be used to stalk? Unfortunately, yes. Phone tracking apps in the wrong hands empower stalkers and abusers. Never use them to harm or harass another person.

If you move forward with phone tracking, proceed carefully and ethically. Avoid privacy violations, cybercrimes, and misuse of the technology.

Troubleshooting Tips for Phone Trackers

Like any software app, phone trackers can encounter glitches. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Check the target phone’s data and WiFi connection. Tracking relies on internet access. Turning these off will disable the tracker.
  • Make sure the phone has sufficient charge and isn’t powered off. An offline phone can’t be tracked.
  • On iPhones, verify the iCloud account remains logged in. This connection allows remote monitoring.
  • If location isn’t updating, the app may have been deleted or lost required permissions. You may need to reinstall it.
  • Outdated software versions can cause tracking disruptions. Update the tracker app and phone operating systems.
  • Contact customer support if issues persist. Most tracker apps provide 24/7 live chat and email help.

Is Free Phone Tracking Possible?

A few apps let you track a phone number’s location for free using basic triangulation of cell towers and WiFi signals. Accuracy varies widely though. Also, free services don’t offer robust features like geofencing, call monitoring, etc.

In most cases, you get what you pay for with phone tracking apps. Paid versions deliver better accuracy and more features. That said, some apps do offer free trials so you can test them out before paying.

Frequently Asked Questions About Covert Cell Phone Tracking

Can I see previous locations on iPhone or Android?

Yes, depending on the app you use. The best phone trackers record location history and device activity in a log for your review anytime. Storage duration ranges from 24 hours to 30 days.

What apps let you track a phone for free?

A few free apps provide basic location tracking by phone number and limited features. However, their reliability is hit or miss. For accurate tracking and full capabilities, a paid app is best. Some offer free trials.

Is phone tracking truly undetectable?

Quality spy apps run silently in the background without disrupting device usage. However, someone tech-savvy could detect anomalies if they actively sweep for tracking apps and hidden activity. Nothing is 100% undetectable.

Can the phone owner delete the tracking app?

Yes. If the owner discovers the tracker, they can delete it. You would then lose visibility into that device. The best apps send you alerts if they detect removal attempts.

Can police track a phone without consent?

Law enforcement can legally track phones without consent if they have a valid search warrant. They have access to sophisticated tools and techniques the general public does not.

How often do tracking apps update location?

The location refresh rate varies, but expect updates every 5-15 minutes for real-time tracking when the target phone is powered on and online. Some apps can sync locations even when offline.

Final Thoughts

Secretly tracking someone’s cell phone raises legal and ethical concerns. My advice is to avoid doing so without the user‘s knowledge when possible. However, tracking apps provide a surveillance tool for parents, employers, and others in appropriate circumstances.

If you move forward, choose a reliable app, inform yourself on local laws, and proceed with care. I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of how modern phone tracking technology works as well as key factors to consider before using it.

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