How To Unblock Websites: 15 Most Effective Ways To Try Out

How To Unblock Websites

In more than one way, you may wonder on how to unblock websites you dearly miss to see. Before the sites blocking by the government, some sites can easily be accessed from your devices. Now that the restrictions get tighter over time, you may struggle to even access more than one websites. All of these troubles can simply be solved if you know how to unblock these particular websites.

If you have troubles in accessing certain websites from your office or school, then try the tricks to unblock websites. The techniques are not as complicated as they may sound. In order to make it work, you will only need to pay attention to what your computer or device has.

We have curated a list of how to unblock websites below. Take a look at some of the choices we have provided to get access to blocked websites. Some of the options are mostly known to internet savvy users. The list includes unblocking websites using VPN, search engine extensions, DNS settings, proxy websites, and many more options.

Using VPN to Unblock Websites

This is probably the most known method to unblock websites. In order to gain access to blocked websites, you will need to use VPN. The three words which stand for Virtual Proxy Network provides you access to connect your electronic gadget to a safe connection.

In other words, your device will link to a different network over the internet. The secure connection will allow you to unblock certain websites from your home network while simultaneously links your device IP address to another place.

There are many ways to use a VPN. If you use a smartphone, then you can look for VPN apps. It will work fairly to unblock restricted websites everywhere. VPN works like a shaft that transforms your data into garbage value. It makes it difficult for any systems to detect. Aside from the apps, you can also look for free VPN or even get the cheap ones which will efficiently give you access to restricted websites.

Using Proxy Websites to Unblock Websites

It has probably come to your attention that some of the sites you usually can access are restricted in the workplace. Most of the times, office rules particular barriers when it comes to accessing certain websites.

When it comes to putting a restriction on websites, most offices choose the likes of video streaming, social networking, or some of the personal chatting sites to block. In case you need some time to relax, these websites can easily be accessed if you use proxy websites.

As ironic as it sounds, the proxy websites have been proven to be useful to bypass the restriction put on certain sites. When it comes to an urgent situation, proxy websites can help you unblock websites you want to access in a minute.

Nevertheless, you should take a note that proxy websites may not be as secure as any other choices on this list. If you have important data on your device, then consider using another method to gain access to the blocked websites.

If you search over the internet, there is a lot of proxy websites you can find along the way. Some of the sites which work perfectly are and These websites will hide the restricted websites from your ISPs. Thus, your browser can manage to open blocked websites.

Using Websites IP to Unblock Websites

It is basic knowledge that each website has its own URL as well as an IP address. Since some of the ISPs block the URL of the websites only, the IP of the said websites can still manage to roam free. In other words, you can access the blocked websites simply by typing the IP of the sites instead of the URLs.

In order to acquire the IP address for every website, you will have to operate ping domain(dot)com command from your computer’s Command Prompt. First, access the Command Prompt on your computer.

Then, write down the ping command and press Enter. The Command Prompt window will show you the IP address of the site you wrote. At last, try to copy the IP address to the browser’s address bar. Press Enter to access the website.

In case the website does not open after you type the IP, then it means the ISP blocks the IP of the site as well. Alternatively, look for the other options to get access to these blocked websites.

Changing Browsers’ Network Proxy

It is really possible to have more than one proxy for an institutional network. As it happens, some websites may be blocked by one proxy, but not by the others. This may give you a chance to unblock the websites easily. Give it a try to look for the proxy searching in order to unblock websites.

The important part of this method is to disable the network proxy settings in your browsers. Try to look for the links or network option in the browser settings. Once you find it, you may choose the no proxy option. Alternatively, you may also select another proxy which works fairly well against the institution proxy restrictions.

Using Google Translate to Unblock Websites

It may seem unknown to non-internet savvy users, but Google Translate has proven to be a useful ally in the unblocking websites brotherhood. Most of the places do not ban Google Translate. It has the function as an educational medium to every institution or office there is. No one even realizes what this tool can do beyond translating.

By using Google Translate, you may be able to get around and access the blocked sites in a smart way. The translation tool will convert the blocked website into another language unblocked by the ISPs. You may try to use this Google Translate method and see if it works.

Aside from Google Translate, you can also use Microsoft’s Bing translation service to unblock websites. Use any kinds of translation tool as well to see if “how to unblock websites” method works.

Unblock Websites by Using Extensions

For websites which have the big flux of access each moment like YouTube, you can simply use extensions to unblock them. It is not difficult to find unblock extensions for your web browser. For instance, ProxMate can be a great extension to be installed on your Chrome and other browsers. The other choice, like UltraSurf, will also effectively unblock these big websites and let you access it by using the encrypted proxy network.

Recasting URL

Times like these, you may still meet some websites which are hosted in VPN. As such, these websites do not have the SSL attributes to them. If you find these types of restricted websites, then you may simply type the format of Instead of using the usual or format, you can simply change it to fit the ISP’s criteria of unblocked websites. Beware that this change may trigger security notification. You can simply click on the Proceed Anyway option to continue accessing the website. It is nowhere near technical like any other methods we have seen so far, but it may just do the work.

Replacing DNS Server

We have, yet, another unblocking method which uses a fairly common tool. You can simply unblock websites by using Google DNS or OpenDNS. Changing DNS increases the chance of better privacy during the browsing time.

In the recent news, CloudFlare released DNS service has the prospect to be the fastest, privacy-focused DNS. CloudFlare also provides the DNS tool for Android and iOS apps. You can simply try to use this method to unblock websites from your smartphone.

Using Wayback Machine to Unblock Websites

As the internet archive, Wayback Machine presents a valuable choice on how to unblock websites. It has a fascinating feature which may store a copy of every kind of website you can find on the internet. Wayback Machine stores multiple versions of one website. In other words, you may use the archive to gain access to the older versions of a website. As such, you may use the archive to access blocked online websites as well.

In addition to the vast archiving, Wayback Machine also offers many other things. It includes a lot of free movies, documentaries, classic games, free ebooks, and many other things. When you want to dig the past of a website, Wayback Machine will always be there.

Using RSS Feed to Unblock Websites

Many have known that RSS Feed helps internet users to read easily. You can also get fresh content from it. In one way or another, you can unblock websites by adding RSS feed of the blocked website to your reader. In case the website does not have the feed, you can find some online services to make one. Alternatively, you can use Feedly to get all the data you need from the trusted sources.

Using IP Anonymizer to Unblock Websites

If you wish to maintain privacy at all cost, then you may get along with IP anonymizer like Tor browser. The anonymizer can work perfectly to get through the blocked websites. As you try to unblock websites, you can remain anonymous as well. There will be no worrying anymore since you camouflage your device with the anonymizer. Most people use IP anonymizer to gain access to dark web sites, or .onion sites, which are mainly restricted on the normal web browser. You can also use a VPN as well to protect your IP animosity perfectly.

Using HTML to PDF Converter

If you cannot access the website, then you may as well turn it to PDF. You may use the service of SodaPDF to give you access to unblock websites in an efficient way. This converter will allow you to directly download a web page on your computer without even accessing it. You may simply copy and paste the URL of the blocked website you wish to access. The downloading process will begin shortly and you will get to open the PDF web page.

Using Firefox from A USB Drive

Take the matter at your hand and unblock websites directly from your web browser on your USB drive. If the institution device does not allow you to access certain sites, then so be it. You can always use the Firefox portable browser from your USB drive. Keep in mind to install some of the unblock proxy service and you will manage to make the most of it. If you want to keep it neat, then get some of the adblocker for Firefox as well.

Using Web Browsers’ Caches to Unblock Websites

If you wish to access blocked websites which do not require log in or database processing, then you can simply use Google or any other browser’s cache. It may help you unblock websites easily. Google and other major search engines tend to save the cached version of most pages they list.

In order to search for them, you can just write down the name of the website in the address bar. Afterward, click on the down arrow next to the site URL in the results page. At last, click on Cached to acquire the cached version of any websites. In case the site is not available in the browser cache, then you can try making some adjustment on the DNS settings.

Restarting Modem to Unblock Websites

You can try to unblock websites by restarting your modem. It may only work if you have a Dynamic IP address as distributed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Restarting modem will reconnect your Internet connection. Afterward, the ISP will provide you a different IP address.

Since the firewall has blocked your IP address, you should get a new one. Once you get the different IP address, then you can access the website without worry. Just turn your modem for a few minutes then turn it back on. It may do the trick neatly once you use it again.

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