IncFile VS LegalZoom: The Best of Online Legal Business Services

IncFile VS LegalZoom

In case you want to try consulting for your LLC business, it may be best to take a look at this article about IncFile VS LegalZoom. Due to the limited vacancy today, a lot of people start their own business.

Whether it be small or big, a self-owned business can eventually grow and easily manage depending on your plan in the future. Some of the processes can be quite difficult to handle, and therefore you shall consult to a business consultant to make your business run properly.

Since the beginning of the business, some owners can often miss several legal steps in return for the early profit. For a vending machine business and a computer business, the legal documents are by far the most important things to own. While the business starts small, it can eventually grow larger than you think. Due to this potential growth, business owners should have legal documents to launch it to another level. In addition to that, legal documents can also ease your way in making contracts with a lot of potential customers and suppliers alike.

Due to the unpredictable nature of commercial and LLC businesses today, consulting a business lawyer or a consultant will actually provide great help to your business. Nonetheless, a lot of lawyers or consultants charge a considerably large amount of cost. In return, a lot of small business owners may not be able to contact a business lawyer or pay for a good business consultant due to their circumstances.

If you have a small business and intends to expand it but no consultants or lawyers to reach, you can try to use IncFile or LegalZoom. As online business consulting apps, they can offer you offers and choices to do when it comes to your business matters. Since IncFile vs LegalZoom each has competitiveness for LLC business, you may want to get to know them more before you decide to use one of their services. Find out what each of the apps is all about and see if you can use one of their services.

An Overview of IncFile vs. LegalZoom

INCFILE vs LEGALZOOM price compare

Since we have two business consulting apps with various services to offer, we shall compare both of the apps first to know what you can do once you use them. Make sure to know more about your business in-depth first before you try to consult the experts from IncFile or LegalZoom. Your business condition will make it easier for you to decide which one of these apps you can use.

When it comes to IncFile vs LegalZoom article here, you can get some useful advice regarding LLC business plans and future expansions. If you start a new business soon, then you can try to contact one of these two apps. In case you need some advice or service for copyright, trademark, or patent, you can use LegalZoom service instead of IncFile. On the contrary, you can use IncFile’s service instead of LegalZoom’s to check on the tax returns.

In addition to advice on a business matter, you can also try to make legal forms and contact an attorney within LegalZoom. Since IncFile only deals with documents, they may not offer choices of attorneys or lawyers, to begin with. Shortly, IncFile deals with a fresh business formation. It can also help you deal with business taxes and compliance.

IncFile overview

On the other hand, LegalZoom provides a full legal service for your current business. Just like IncFile, it can also help you start off your business and deal with compliance. As most reviews said, LegalZoom can also deal with a trademark application or a legal contract. If you need more help, then LegalZoom will gladly contact some trusted attorneys within their reach.

LegalZoom overview

Why IncFile and LegalZoom?

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For a quick and simple LLC business consultation, you can read this article about IncFile vs LegalZoom from the start to finish. Once you know more, you will see that they are quite affordable for the owners of small business. Since a lot of business start off small, you can try to use this app instead of consulting a professional business attorney. By using either one of these apps, you can get quick help to the business problem you meet. In addition to that, you can also get advice on how to build your small business from there on. If you need a smart solution for your LLC business, then this article about IncFile vs LegalZoom can help you with it.

Get to Know about IncFile

When you ever need help for your small business, you can try to consult IncFile. As a business helper app which has been operational since 2004. This business helper program is based in Houston, Texas. During its 15-year operation, IncFile has helped 250,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners create and eventually manage their businesses. With the help of IncFile, small business owners can improve their businesses at a great value.

What You Can Do with IncFile

IncFile provides expert help with most of the staff equipped with at least 6 years of experience. With these experts’ help, you can get the advice you need and all the necessary things you need to build your business. If you have anything to worry about, the experts at IncFile can help you solve the problem.

You do not need to wait for long to get the help you need. With the improved order system, you can get register yourself fast and easy. Once it is time for your consultation, you can get every help you need from the experts in IncFile. With IncFile, you can get every endless advice you need to start your business and improve it for the better.

At an affordable $49, you can get every service imaginable from a business consultant. Once you register for an order for business consultation, you can get one year Free Registered Agent service. There will be no additional fees for anything for the consultation session. Everything you need, you can get here for $49. If you wish to incorporate a new business, then IncFile will be ready to give the help you need. Once you get all the advice and the help you need her, you will be able to run your business without worry.

Need a reminder of every legal proceeding? You can always rely on IncFile to get it done after reading its amazing review. After the entire deal with you starting the business is done, IncFile will not only stop at that. It will further help you out in managing the legal documentation in relation to the compliance with the state. According to the review, IncFile will manage to make a digital copy of the important document regarding your business.

How Does IncFile Proceed?

Get the document proceeding done in IncFile by doing the simple steps below.

Step 1: Make sure to select your type of business and the preferred state of incorporation.

Step 2: See which package offered by IncFile is the most suitable for your business needs.

Step 3: At last, you only need to fill in the online order form and write in the detailed information about your business.

What Does IncFile Do with Clients’ Orders?

After you place your order, IncFile will begin to proceed it. Based on the trusted review, IncFile does with your order can be summarized in simple steps below.

Step 1: First and foremost, IncFile will review your order details. IncFile will find the detailed account and the conformity to the legal state regulations within your documents.

Step 2: Afterward, IncFile will search for the company name to make sure if it has been registered officially or not.

Step 3: Then, IncFile will prepare for the Articles of Incorporation or Organization and make sure it will be delivered to the governing state agency.

Step 4: At last, the client can get the legal documents back after a series of reviewing process above.

Get to Know about LegalZoom

Get to Know about LegalZoom

Since it was founded in 1999, LegalZoom is all about making business help accessible. One way to do it is to make such service affordable and can be easily reached with the help of the internet. This way, LegalZoom can help out anybody in a small business area no matter wherever they are in America and how much they have.

Two years in the business, LegalZoom launches 10 web-based products. Each product is designed to focus on estate planning, business formation, and intellectual property protection. A decade later, LegalZoom manages to grow its services and reputation. Thus, LegalZoom creates an “independent attorney network” in order to help business owners get personalized legal advice for business as well as individual needs.

A couple of years passed and LegalZoom has served about 3.6 million customers and gained positive reviews. The internet-based legal consultant has gained wide recognition due to its service in helping middle-class Americans with the best quality and professional advice. Later on, the internet-based business consultant began to base in the UK and operate as a full-fledged law firm. On the other hand, the US base keeps finding ways to increase consumer access.

Characteristics of LegalZoom

As a helper for early business matters, nothing is more important for LegalZoom than getting everything done for the clients. LegalZoom has pledged to finish up your business matters fully and professionally. Other than that, LegalZoom also provides the help of professional independent attorneys who are equipped with a wide range of legal issues. They can help you deal with business or personal law matters.

Just because a business helper agency deals with legal matters, it does not mean that it needs to confuse you. With a simple and plain English speaking consultant, you can understand everything you need to deal with on a standard English language level. With an affordable price, you can get every service you need regarding the business and LLC deals with the trusted consultants and lawyers in LegalZoom.

Document Processing in LegalZoom

If you find it hard to proceed with legal documents on your own, then you can hand them all to LegalZoom. What you can do is to answer some simplified questionnaires. Afterward, the experts in LegalZoom will handle the rest. Every legal processing and the help you get here will be charged accordingly at an affordable price. You can get help in everything related to business formation, contracts, estate planning, trademarks, and other self-guided services with no additional charges per hour. In addition to that, you can also understand every legal proceeding easily with the explanation of professional yet friendly and approachable attorneys in LegalZoom.

More from LegalZoom

Whenever you need help, you can trust LegalZoom and its stellar reviews completely. As most reviews said, LegalZoom can also help you deal with the taxes. All of the Customer Care agents, independent network of attorneys, and tax pro service partner will be called upon whenever you need their help. If you ever need help regarding your business matters, just contact LegalZoom and your problem will be dealt with.

IncFile VS LegalZoom: A Detailed Comparison

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If you wish to decide which one of IncFile and LegalZoom service to use, then you can see the detailed comparison below.


In this section, IncFile and LegalZoom both provide similar services. As a client, you can file formation papers for a corporation, LLC, partnership, or nonprofit organization. Other than that, you can also consult about other legal things such as verifying the availability of a company name as well as filing a false business name.

If you wish to ease the legal proceedings, you will also have to provide an agent service. As a client, you can appoint a registered agent who can get the legal documents on your company’s behalf. You will have to do this when you build a corporation or LLC.

After dealing with early documents for your business, IncFile and LegalZoom will not only stop there. Either one of the two business consultants will help you maintain your business in good shape. Furthermore, you can have either one of the companies’ help to file your annual business report, modify your business name, or acquire a certificate of your business’ development.

In case you have other deals regarding your business documentation, you can use LegalZoom service to help you. If you need the help with the trademark, copyright, or patent application, you can get LegalZoom to help you with a trusted lawyer. In addition to that, you can get the help of LegalZoom to write some custom legal forms. As a client, you only need to fill out questionnaires in order to make a legal form to bring to the court. As for the help of a lawyer, you can get the help to deal with legal documents.


According to trusted review, IncFile is considerably more affordable than LegalZoom. With IncFile, you can get help for dealing with legal documentation of your business. For consulting about a new business, you can try to get the advice and help with only $49 fees in IncFile. As for a new business plan in LegalZoom, you can start at $149. Later on, you can also get help to file an annual report. You can start from $88 in IncFile and $55 in LegalZoom.

Choose one of the business formations you prefer in either one of the legal firms. IncFile can give you options of silver, gold, and platinum tier plans which will benefit you in the later business with their perks. The silver tier starts at $49 which will include next-business-day filing of formation papers with the state, name availability for your business, and contacts. If you choose the gold plan, you can start at $149. With this plan, you can deal with bylaws or an LLC operating agreement, preparation of meeting minutes, and filing of special business forms. At the highest, the platinum tier can proceed with $299 which will help you dealing for a search of a business website and domain name.

As for LegalZoom, you can start at $149 to get the economy plan. At the higher level, you can pay for $239 to get the standard plan and $369 to enjoy the features of the gold plan. Each plan can vary from one another in terms of the speed of filing and delivery. Once you file your report, your files will proceed at the next business day. It will take about seven to thirty-five business days to deal with the formation papers.

Proceeding Time

If you wish to deal with the legal files efficiently, you will need the help of IncFile or LegalZoom. When it comes to documentation, the review says IncFile is the better choice of the two. All the documents you send at the day will automatically proceed at the next business day.

As for LegalZoom, you have no choice but to pay extra for quicker file documentation. LegalZoom will take about twenty to thirty-five days to process the entire deal. At the highest price, LegalZoom still takes seven to ten days to proceed with the entire deal about your business matter.

The reviews of both IncFile and LegalZoom state many good things. One of which they can provide you help with your business through a variety of channel. If you need to ask for questions, you can head to IncFile or LegalZoom site and go to the FAQ page. Additionally, you can also send an email with your question attached.

What People Say about IncFile vs LegalZoom

Since customer words are the trusted words, you can compare both IncFile and LegalZoom customers’ statements to decide which one of the two apps is best for you. For IncFile, the reviews flooded with very positive words from its customers. This business helper app gets an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and almost 5-star customer rating on the BBB.

Among the positive reviews, IncFile is applauded for the way it deals with business formation and compliance. The documentation is also quite clear and easy to understand. The review mostly likes IncFile’s transparent pricing as well. Though the downside remains in the difficulty to understand the important legal deals as well as the inaccuracy of legal formations’ deliveries.

As for LegalZoom, the customers’ reviews vary. With the current A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and a 1.5-star customer rating on the BBB, LegalZoom surely fits one preference and not the other. One complaint is that LegalZoom often charges users with things they do not agree on. Even so, LegalZoom tries to right the wrong by contacting each one of the customers who receive bad treatments on the reviews. On the bright light, LegalZoom’s reviews say good things about the range of services which the firm offers to every customer.

IncFile vs LegalZoom: The Better of the Two

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After all the features being compared to one another, you can now see the difference both apps have to offer. As the biggest online legal services, IncFile and LegalZoom have each one of their specialties. What you need to decide now is to get one of these two programs to work according to your needs.

To help you incorporate a business or file some small business taxes, use IncFile instead of LegalZoom. Based on the reviews, you can use LegalZoom instead of IncFile to deal with legal forms as well as the possibility of hiring an attorney for more serious LLC business.

Based on the review, you can choose to use IncFile if you need to launch a new business and formation. In addition to the early business launching, you can also use IncFile to assist your further business matters. Just keep in mind that you will not be able to get regular legal help if you use IncFile. On the other hand, you can use LegalZoom if you need legal help on a regular basis. Based on the reviews, LegalZoom also helps you deal with contracts or other legal documents.

IncFile vs LegalZoom: Final Verdict

This article of IncFile vs LegalZoom can eventually be useful to help you with your LLC business. Since you do not have to pay a lot to get the legal business help from IncFile and LegalZoom, processing complicated legal documents for your small business will no longer take a lot amount of energy. With the help of professional business helper online, you can finally deal with basic business formation, business compliance, and taxes easily. Based on the positive reviews of LegalZoom, you can use the service of an attorney in case you have to deal with bigger business deals in the future. Keep in mind that law firms are still the most trustable agent to help with your business matter. You can still find this article about IncFile vs LegalZoom to shed some light to your LLC business deals.

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