Jessica Lange Age How Old Is This Iconic Actress Today?


In a world filled with rising and fading stars, Jessica Lange has firmly established herself as a timeless icon in the entertainment industry. Born on April 20, 1949, this illustrious actress turns 74 this year. Given her extraordinary journey, many are intrigued by not only Jessica Lange's age but also the milestones she achieved throughout her career.

  1. Summary of Jessica Lange Age
  2. Jessica Lange's Early Life
  3. The Rise to Stardom
  4. Acting Career
  5. Personal Life
  6. Jessica Lange's Current Age
  7. Conclusion

As we delve deeper into her life, we find a story of a girl from Cloquet, Minnesota, who conquered Hollywood, earning accolades and fans worldwide.

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Summary of Jessica Lange Age

Aspect Detail
Birth Date April 20, 1949
Current Age 74 years old
Birthplace Cloquet, Minnesota
Notable Roles “King Kong”, “American Horror Story”
Achievements Two Academy Awards
Personal Relationships Sam Shepard (1982-2009)
Children Hannah and Walker

Jessica Lange's prominence in Hollywood is undisputed. Her multiple accolades and roles speak volumes of her immense talent and dedication.
Understanding Jessica Lange's age is more than just knowing a number; it's about exploring her transformative journey in the cinematic world.

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Jessica Lange's Early Life

Born in Cloquet, Minnesota, Jessica's father led a life as a traveling salesman.
From a young age, her passion for art was evident. This passion earned her a scholarship, paving the way for her art studies.

The Rise to Stardom

Jessica's entry into the film world was nothing short of meteoric.
At the tender age of 27, she found fame with her role in John Guillermin's remake of “King Kong”.
Her transition from a model to an actress draws parallels to icons like Twiggy, showcasing a seamless shift between two demanding industries.

Acting Career

Lange's filmography is both extensive and impressive.
She boasts two Academy Awards, solidifying her as a member of the coveted Triple Crown of Acting club.
Her role in the series “American Horror Story,” particularly her debut in “Murder House,” further showcases her acting prowess.

Personal Life

Behind the silver screen, Jessica Lange led a life filled with love and challenges.
Her relationship with Sam Shepard began in 1982, blooming on the set of the film “Frances.” The duo was blessed with two children, Hannah and Walker. Sadly, in 2009, their journey as a couple came to a halt, with their separation becoming public in 2011.

Jessica Lange's Current Age

Currently, Jessica Lange is 74 years old, a Taurus by zodiac sign.
Her biography sheds light on key details of her life, from professional achievements to personal relationships.


Jessica Lange's journey, from her modeling days to her triumphant acting career, has been awe-inspiring. Her age stands testament to her enduring legacy and the indelible mark she's left on Hollywood.
For those who wish to dive deeper, exploring more about Jessica Lange offers a world of cinematic brilliance and personal resilience.


Q: When was Jessica Lange born?
A: She was born on April 20, 1949.

Q: How many Academy Awards has she won?
A: Jessica Lange has won two Academy Awards.

Q: Was Jessica Lange initially a model before transitioning to acting?
A: Yes, like some icons such as Twiggy, Jessica transitioned from modeling to acting.

Q: How many children does Jessica Lange have?
A: She has two children, Hannah and Walker.


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