Unlocking the Enigma How Tall is Kate Moss Really?


Kate Moss, a name that resounds in the fashion world like a melody. With current events linking her to the likes of Russell Brand and the buzz around her brand “Cosmoss” possibly rivalling Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, one can't help but wonder about the specifics of her stature. Particularly, Kate Moss height has been a topic of intrigue and speculation.

  1. Summary of kate moss height
  2. Kate Moss The Iconic Anti-Supermodel
  3. The Truth Unveiled Kate Moss's Height
  4. Kate Moss's Vital Stats
  5. Kate Moss in Perspective
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Interestingly, amidst the fashion ramps and glossy magazine pages, the petite figure of Moss often stood out. She managed to redefine norms in an industry where height was a crucial factor.

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Summary of kate moss height

Attribute Information
Official Height 5ft 5 ½ or 166.4 cm
Industry's Height Norm 5'7″ at age 14-15
Kate's Age at 16 Height standards rose to 5'8″
Kate’s Agency-Listed Height 5ft 7.5
Bust Size 34 inches
Waist Size 23 inches
Hips 35 inches
Dress Size 4
Shoe Size 7

Kate Moss The Iconic Anti-Supermodel

Kate's more natural look, her chic street style, and slight build set her apart. She is frequently dubbed as an “anti-supermodel,” introducing a fresh era in modeling. But, her journey hasn't been without its share of controversies.
In an industry where tall models are the norm, Kate's stature often raised eyebrows. Yet, her influence in the world of fashion remains unparalleled.

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The Truth Unveiled Kate Moss's Height

Official records peg Kate Moss height at 5ft 5 ½ or 166.4 cm. However, there's a popular notion suggesting she might actually be a tad shorter.
Contrasting this with the industry's standards, where young models aged between 14-15 are expected to be at least 5'7″ tall, Kate’s height is intriguing. By the age of 16, the benchmark is even higher at 5'8″.

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Kate Moss's Vital Stats

For those seeking a comprehensive understanding, Kate’s agency provides detailed statistics. Her height is marked at 5ft 7.5, with a bust size of 34 inches, waist at 23 inches, hips measuring 35 inches, donning a dress size 4 and a shoe size 7.
While this gives a perspective on paper, her presence in the fashion realm is something words might never capture fully.

Kate Moss in Perspective

Comparing Kate's height with other celebrities provides an intriguing panorama. This supermodel, despite her unique stature, has left an indelible mark.
Diving deeper, her family background reveals her to be the daughter of Linda Rosina Moss, a bartender, and Peter Edward Moss, associated with the airline industry.


The fascination with Kate Moss height encapsulates more than just mere numbers. It's a testament to how she defied norms, redefined standards, and solidified her place as an iconic figure.
To the curious reader, Kate Moss’s journey serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the boundless realms of possibility.


1. What is the official height of Kate Moss?
Kate Moss is officially listed at 5ft 5 ½ or 166.4 cm tall.

2. How does Kate’s height compare with the modeling industry standards?
Typically, models aged between 14-15 are expected to be at least 5'7″ tall. By 16, the expectation rises to 5'8″.

3. What are Kate Moss's vital statistics as provided by her agency?
Her height is 5ft 7.5, bust size of 34 inches, waist of 23 inches, hips of 35 inches, with a dress size 4 and shoe size 7.

4. Did Kate Moss have a unique position in the modeling world?
Yes, with her natural look and shorter stature, she was known as an “anti-supermodel,” heralding a new era in modeling.


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