9 Best Supreme Bots in 2023 to Get Every Release – The Ultimate Guide

Trying to manually cop the latest Supreme hypebeast drop is virtually impossible these days. With over 20 million monthly site visitors and items selling out in literal seconds, your chances of checking out fast enough are essentially zero.

That‘s why every single person who cops Supreme on the regular uses advanced checkout bots. These lightning fast bots run sophisticated scripts that blast through captchas and process orders faster than any human could ever dream of.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about Supreme bots in 2023. I‘ve been using these bots myself for years, and I‘ll share all my insider knowledge to help you understand how they work and which ones perform the best.

Here‘s what I‘ll cover:

  • How bots have completely changed the Supreme game
  • Why bots are absolutely mandatory if you want the most hyped releases
  • How bots are able to checkout crazy fast (hint: it‘s complicated!)
  • The 9 best Supreme bots available right now
  • Why proxies are non-negotiable when running Supreme bots
  • Where to access the highest quality proxies
  • Plus additional tips & tricks for Supreme botting success

Let‘s dive right in and explore how to leverage bots to finally start cooking up those Box Logos and rare collabs…

The Rise of Supreme Bots

Back in the early 2010s, it was relatively easy to manually cop even the most hyped Supreme pieces. The main LA store would have long lines, but the web shop was mostly fair game if you showed up right at 11am EST on Thursdays.

However, Supreme‘s popularity exploded over the years thanks to celebs, influencers, and the rise of streetwear culture. By the mid 2010s, their website was getting hammered with millions of visitors every drop trying to checkout manually.

Naturally, savvy developers saw an opportunity. Specialized bots emerged that could automate the entire checkout process. What used to take a human 60 seconds could now be done in 5 seconds or less using advanced scripts.

As manual copping became virtually impossible, more and more people switched to bots. Fast forward to today, and the botting scene has matured into a huge business. Some of the top bots cost upward of $1,000 and hundreds of thousands of people run them every Thursday.

Supreme Bot Traffic Stats

To get an idea of scale, Supreme‘s website traffic spikes from around 20 million visits per month on average to over 80 million visits on the morning of new releases as all the bots pile on to checkout stock.

Trying to beat these bots with manual checkout is fruitless. The bots account for easily 80-90% of all checkouts.

Unless you enjoy taking constant Ls, you need a solid bot setup to have any chance at Supreme‘s best pieces. Keep reading to discover the current top bots in 2023…

Why You Absolutely Need Bots for Supreme

Before we get into the bots themselves, I want to elaborate on why bots are 100% mandatory for Supreme at this point.

I get a lot of questions from people asking if they really need bots or if it‘s still possible to checkout manually.

Let me be clear – trying to cop hot Supreme items manually is borderline impossible in 2023 unless you get insanely lucky.

Forget about copping Box Logo hoodies, special collabs, coveted accessories like bags or jewelry, and limited shoes. Without bots, you‘ll take L after L while the bots eat up all the stock in seconds.

Don‘t believe me? Just look at how fast the most hyped pieces sell out each week. Some specific examples:

  • Kermit Shirt – Sold out in 8 seconds
  • Bandana Box Logo Hoodie – Sold out in 2 seconds
  • Week 1 Dunk Lows – Sold out in less than 1 second

These sellout times are absolutely insane. No normal human can checkout this fast – it‘s only possible with advanced bot scripts blazing through the process.

Another example is resell prices. Pieces like Box Logo hoodies resell for 2-10X retail immediately after selling out. If manual users were consistently copping, resell prices wouldn‘t skyrocket so quickly.

Let‘s be real – manual copping Supreme right now is just an exercise in disappointment. The bots eat up nearly all the stock every single week.

Trying to cop without a bot is wasting your time and setting yourself up for constant failure. If you‘re serious about Supreme, you need a solid bot setup. No exceptions.

How Do Supreme Bots Work?

Now that you understand why bots are essential, let‘s explore how they actually work and what makes them so effective.

Supreme bots automate the entire checkout process from start to finish. The core features that enable lightning fast checkouts include:

  • Multi-threaded Processing – Supreme bots launch multiple tasks simultaneously to checkout items faster. Most bots can run 5-10+ tasks at once.

  • Automatic CAPTCHA Solving – Bots use advanced OCR and machine learning to solve CAPTCHAs instantly. This bypasses the manual human verification step.

  • Lightning Fast Data Entry – Bots prefill your profile info and payment details and blast through data entry at insane speeds.

  • Inventory Monitoring – Bots keep track of items coming into stock in real-time so you can checkout ASAP. No more endlessly refreshing!

  • Advanced Order Processing – Next-gen AI helps bots adapt to changes on Supreme‘s site to maximize successful checkouts week after week.

  • Powerful Analytics – Robust stats help you analyze performance and optimize your botting strategy over time.

In addition to these core features, most Supreme bots also support proxy integration, provide local storage to run on your computer (rather than the cloud), update automatically, and offer helpful user communities.

Advanced bots require hundreds of hours of sophisticated programming and testing to perfect. Top bots cost upwards of $500-$1000+ because of the sheer development work involved.

While expensive, the best Supreme bots pay for themselves by copping limited gear week after week. Now let‘s look at the top bot options available today…

The 9 Best Supreme Bots for 2023

After extensively testing over 15 different bots myself, here are my picks for the top 9 Supreme bots available in 2023:

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Bot Pros Cons Price
MekPreme – Super fast checkout speeds
– Easy to use
– Solid support
– Limited site compatibility $400
Kodai – Reliable
– Good for beginners
– iOS app
– Slower checkout speeds $300-$500
Ganesh – Lightning fast checkouts
– Advanced server network
– Complex setup $300
Balko – Reliable
– Great support
– High retail price $700
Cyber – All sites in one bot
– Easy to use
– Jack of all trades, master of none $170-$400
TKS – Reliable
– Good for clothing
– Slower speeds $250
Velox – Fastest checkout times
– Beginner friendly
– Still new to market $300
Phantom – iOS/Android apps
-broad site compatibility
– Pricier plans $240-$500
Prism – Lightning fast checkout
– Focused solely on speed
– Very limited features $300

I don‘t have space to fully review each bot, but I wanted to provide a quick overview of the pros, cons and pricing for the top options.

The best all-around bot right now is MekPreme in my opinion. It offers the fastest checkouts while still being easy to use and compatible with Shopify sites. For most users, you can‘t go wrong with MekPreme.

Velox is also an excellent choice, especially if you want stupid fast checkout speeds. It benchmarks as one of the quickest bots out there.

Veteran bots like Kodai, Balko, and TKS remain staples due to their reliability and support. They aren‘t the fastest, but are beginner friendly and cop well.

Cyber and Phantom are great all-in-one options compatible with Supreme plus dozens of other top sites. This makes them convenient one-stop bots.

And Ganesh offers advanced server-based processing for lightning fast performance. If speed is everything to you, Ganesh is a top contender.

No matter which you choose, any of these bots will cook circles around manual users when it comes to copping Supreme.

Next let‘s talk about why you need proxies…

Why Proxies Are 100% Necessary for Supreme Bots

Before you get too excited and start running bots, there‘s one crucial thing you need to know.

To successfully run Supreme bots, you absolutely need proxies.

Proxies act as middlemen that route your bot tasks through intermediary IP addresses. This hides your true location from Supreme and prevents easy detection.

Without proxies, Supreme will quickly identify your botting activity and permaban your accounts and local IP range. Proxies are 100% mandatory for safe, effective botting.

Here‘s a quick overview of why you need proxies:

  • Mask Your True IP – Proxies hide your real IP so Supreme only sees the proxy IP. This keeps your identity hidden.

  • Prevent IP Bans – Running all your tasks from the same IP will trigger Supreme to instantly ban you. Proxies allow each task to have a unique IP.

  • Reducedetections – Residential proxies closely mimic real human users and are hard for Supreme to distinguish from manual shoppers.

  • Manage tasks – Proxies allow you to run multiple tasks simultaneously across different IPs for optimal performance.

Botting without proxies is just asking for trouble. Any seasoned Supreme reseller will tell you the same thing – proxies are an absolute must!

Choosing the Best Proxies for Supreme

The proxy industry has exploded to meet demand from the botting world. There are now dozens of options available at varying price points.

For Supreme specifically, I recommend using residential proxies. These come from real residential IP addresses rather than data centers.

Residential proxies mimic actual user behavior and are very difficult for Supreme to detect as bots. They best protect your accounts from getting banned.

Some of my favorite residential proxy services for Supreme include:

  • Luminati – Huge peer-to-peer proxy network with millions of IPs. Comes at a premium though.

  • GeoSurf – Affordable residential proxies specifically targeted at sneaker/streetwear sites.

  • Oxylabs – Reliable worldwide residential proxies starting at $300/month.

  • Microleaves – Excellent residential proxy service with generous 10GB/month plans.

In most cases, residential proxies will cost more than datacenter proxies. But the added protection and stealth they provide is well worth the additional investment.

Don‘t cheap out on proxies – they are a fundamental aspect of successful, safe Supreme botting.

Getting Started With Supreme Botting

If you made it this far, you now know that bots and proxies are 100% necessary to cop from Supreme consistently.

However, I don‘t want to just throw you in the deep end. Here are some quick tips to get started with Supreme bots as a beginner:

  • Pick one site first – Start by running your bot solely on Supreme to get comfortable before expanding to other sites.

  • Get generic products – Try for t-shirts and lower hype pieces on your first drops before attempting to cop super rare collabs.

  • Take it slow – Only run 1-3 tasks max in the beginning until you get the hang of it.

  • Learn to analyze data – Review detailed stats after drops to identify successes and issues. Make adjustments each week.

  • Join Discord groups – Get tips and support from experienced members of botting communities.

The key is to start small rather than going full throttle out the gates. There‘s a bit of a learning curve, so take time to properly set up your bot, configure your proxies, monitor inventory, review your results, and tweak your approach over each drop.

Over time, you‘ll stack more wins, expand your number of tasks, and eventually be cooking hard on even the most limited pieces.

Wrapping Up

Trying to manually cop from Supreme in 2023 is an exercise in futility. Getting the most coveted pieces requires high end bots running advanced automated checkout scripts.

I know bots can be intimidating at first. But once you try one out, you‘ll quickly realize it‘s a complete game changer. No longer will you have to take constant Ls and sky high resale prices.

Start with an beginner friendly bot like MekPreme or Kodai. Take it slow and steady as you learn the ropes. Stick with it and before long you‘ll be a confirmed Supreme bot cook!

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.