The 10 Best Action RPG Games By Blizzard

Hi friend! Looking for the top action RPG games by the legendary developer Blizzard? You‘ve come to the right place. As a fellow gamer and Blizzard fan, I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide to countdown the 10 best ARPG titles from their 30+ year catalogue.

Through insightful research and firsthand experience with these titles, I‘ll highlight what makes each one special, so you can decide which adventure to embark on next!

The 10 Best Action RPG Games By Blizzard

Let‘s start from the beginning and work our way to their latest hits:

1. Diablo (1996)

It all began with Diablo in 1996. This iconic hack-and-slash dungeon crawler defined the action RPG genre as we know it today.

Descending into the depths below Tristram Cathedral, you choose between three classes – the bulky Warrior, stealthy Rogue, or magical Sorcerer – to battle the demonic forces of Diablo. With its dark gothic atmosphere, relentlessly swarms of monsters, and addictive loot hunting, Diablo created a formula that inspired countless successors.

Over 500,000 copies of Diablo were sold in its first two years [1]. Its combination of simple, intuitive combat with unpredictable procedurally generated dungeons and item drops created an incredibly replayable experience. Multiplayer co-op and PvP modes further enhanced the fun. Many consider Diablo the definitive hack-and-slash ARPG origin story.

2. Diablo II (2000)

When Diablo II arrived in 2000, it expanded upon everything that made the original great. With five new character classes, each with their own skill trees for customization, even more menacing enemies across four distinct Acts, and millions of unique weapon and armor variations, this sequel was bigger and better in every way.

Diablo II sold over 1 million copies within its first two weeks [2]. This was staggering by Y2K standards. Positive word of mouth and Blizzard‘s sterling reputation ensured those sales kept soaring. Its darker art style heightened the gothic vibe. Cooperative and PvP multiplayer returned through The team continued supporting it with patches years after launch. Many fans still regularly revisit Diablo II over two decades later!

3. Diablo III (2012)

The third entry in the legendary franchise arrived in 2012 after over a decade of eager anticipation. While criticized at launch for relying on an always-online connection and controversial real money auction house, post-release patches addressed those concerns. In time, Diablo III expanded into a worthy modern successor.

By embracing vivid 3D visuals yet retaining the signature hack-and-slash gameplay loop, Diablo III opened the dungeon crawling thrills to a new generation. In its first day, D3 moved over 3.5 million copies [3], becoming the fastest selling PC game ever at the time. Multiplayer returned with a streamlined co-op system to battle the minions of Hell side-by-side. Through robust DLC expansions and the flexible Adventure Mode, Diablo III continued maturing into a phenomenal ARPG experience.

4. Diablo Immortal (2022)

In 2022, Sanctuary went mobile with Diablo Immortal! As the first mobile game published by Blizzard, it translated the fast-paced demon slaying gameplay into an accessible on-the-go experience for iOS and Android. Playing as fresh characters, you explore the storybetween Diablo II and III while collecting legendary gear to empower your hero.

Within two weeks, Diablo Immortal saw over 20 million players join the fight against darkness [4]. Built for quick sessions on phones and tablets, it distills the hack-and-slash action to its purest form. The free-to-play model allows anyone to enjoy it while optional microtransactions provide revenue. Welcoming newcomers and series veterans alike, Diablo Immortal opens Sanctuary‘s eternal conflict to the world.

5. World of Warcraft (2004)

Now let‘s level up to an even bigger scale with the influential MMORPG World of Warcraft! While not a pure ARPG, WoW seamlessly merges traditional RPG leveling, questing, and gear hunting with an explorable massively multiplayer online world. After choosing your faction and customizing a hero from one of numerous classes, you‘re free to pursue whatever adventure awaits.

Since launching in 2004, WoW has gone on to amass over a billion total accounts created [5]. Its sheer scope, polished execution, and compelling fusion of PvE exploration with dynamic PvP gameplay earned it the nickname “the EverQuest killer” [6]. Regular expansions added new continents, features, classes, and more, sustaining players’ investment for over 15 years and counting. That’s an achievement few games in history can rival!

6. World of Warcraft: Legion (2016)

Throughout its lifetime, Blizzard kept WoW feeling fresh through many expansions. I believe 2016‘s Legion ranks among the greatest. Boosting players to level 100, Legion brought the Burning Legion to the legendary Broken Isles. The new Demon Hunter class and phenomenal Order Hall campaigns provided class-specific missions overflowing with personality. Sweeping improvements to gear, leveling, dungeons, and more made it the perfect time for new and lapsed players to jump in.

Not only did Legion halt a decline in subscribers, it actually saw a 10% increase within the first month [7]. Patch 7.3 took the fight directly to the Legion‘s home planet, capping off an expansion that reminded us all why we fell in love with WoW in the first place. For my money, if you want to experience this MMORPG at its peak, Legion is the way to go.

7. Lost Ark (2022)

Earlier this year, Blizzard‘s first major foray into publishing arrived with Lost Ark – originally a South Korean MMORPG adapted for Western audiences. With 15 unique classes outfitted with distinctive combat abilities, Lost Ark plays like Diablo evolved into a shared online world. Zip around its sprawling continents while mastering your class and slaying imposing bosses.

Within one month, Lost Ark exceeded 20 million players worldwide [8]. Its incredible early success shows a hunger for MMORPGs with responsive ARPG combat. While free-to-play with an in-game shop, there is an astonishing amount of content accessible without spending a dime. If you crave honing a class through satisfying progression within a vibrant online universe, check out this sleeper hit!

8. Overwatch (2016)

Blizzard‘s stylish team shooter Overwatch may seem an unlikely inclusion, but look closer and you‘ll spot its clever adaption of ARPG fundamentals. Each hero equates to a class with unique skills to suit different playstyles and strategies. Loot boxes grant cosmetics, currency, and other rewards as you level up heroes independently. Limited-time events put special spins on the core PvP gameplay while enabling you to unlock themed goodies through participation.

Within 5 months of its 2016 launch, Overwatch reached a mighty 35 million players [9]. Its vibrant cast and excellent balance kept it feeling fresh years after release. Boldly colorful where its peers trend gritty, Overwatch stands out from the competitive FPS crowd. Approachable, charming, and frequently updated, this remains a stellar team-based shooter.

9. Heroes of the Storm (2015)

What happens when you bring together the heroes of Diablo, StarCraft, Warcraft, and other Blizzard worlds into one action-packed MOBA experience? The answer is Heroes of the Storm, which bundled signature characters into a dynamic team arena brawler.

Though it arrived after more established MOBAs, HotS carved its own niche through the sheer personality of its roster. The diverse battlegrounds with unique objectives shake up the formula. While it underwent noteworthy changes since its 2015 launch, HotS remains a satisfying casual alternative for MOBA newcomers or anyone wanting lighter, objective-driven matches with iconic faces from Blizzard lore.

10. Hearthstone (2014)

Who could have predicted one of Blizzard’s most popular cross-platform hits would be…a card game? Released in 2014, Hearthstone translated the joy of collectible card gaming into an accessible and deceptively strategic online experience. Assemble decks with your favorite Warcraft heroes and minions, then duel opponents in turn-based showdowns.

Within one month, Hearthstone gathered over 10 million players across PC and mobile [10]. Its cheerful art style and regular card injections keep gameplay novel and engaging. Hearthstone feels distinctly Blizzard while offering something different from its RPG contemporaries. Give it a go for bite-sized, skill-driven card battling you can enjoy anywhere.

An Enduring Legacy of Excellence

And there you have it – a journey through the 10 mightiest action RPG experiences from Blizzard! Their masterful game design and dedication over 30+ years has given us many unforgettable adventures spanning single-player epics to massively multiplayer worlds.

Few developers can rival Blizzard‘s commitment to polish and imagination. Looking ahead, with sequels like Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 brewing, it seems their well of creativity is far from dried up. We have many exciting new adventures to look forward to in the years ahead!

So thank you for joining me on this tour through Blizzard’s hall of ARPG fame. I hope it provides inspiration on which of their many masterworks you may want to dive into next. Here‘s wishing you epic loot and adventures ahead, my friend!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.