The Best Tips on How To Activate iPhone without SIM Card in 2023

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If you have difficulty in activating your iPhone, you can easily do it with a few simple steps on how to activate iPhone without SIM card.

An iPhone activation is similar to many types of mobile devices out there, except it requires an active SIM card. Just like any new devices, an iPhone requires an activation when it is first bought. If you do not activate the device along with the SIM card, you may not be able to operate your new iPhone.

Every regulation orders mobile device users to always provide the necessary information in the form of activation. If you cannot get through this, then your device cannot operate. In order to activate your iPhone, you must have a SIM card first. If not, then we are here to help you activate your iPhone without a SIM card. Other than making sure of the SIM card availability, you need to also look at the version of your iPhone’s iOS. In addition to that, you can also check the iPhone settings for a SIM card. If the device sets it to a particular SIM card, then you may have to change the SIM card itself or the iPhone settings.

Along with the activation problem, the iPhone usually faces certain errors with the unlock option. If you cannot get through the activation process, then your iPhone may experience some troubles along the way. Several errors regarding an iPhone including the inability of the device to connect to iTunes. In case you meet this type of error, you must follow the proper guide to activate your iPhone. By doing so, you will eliminate all of these errors and your iPhone can work properly.

How To Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

If you use the iPhone over the years, you must have been familiar with the way it operates. Since an iPhone has a specific type of system, namely iOS, there are only several tricks to activate the device without a SIM card. While it may seem impossible to do so, we have found several tricks to do the job well. Once you can activate your iPhone without a SIM card, you can operate it to do all you want.

In order to help you solve the activation problems on your iPhone, we provide a couple of easy steps to activate your iPhone. If you follow some of the methods below, your iPhone may activate properly. The choices below involve the use of an active SIM card, no SIM card, an operating PC, and an updated iTunes. To ensure these methods work on your behalf, you can prepare the necessary items first and check whether you have a proper internet connection. If you have everything you need already, then you may take a look at the methods to activate your iPhone without a SIM card below.

Activate Your iPhone via iPhone Unlock

You can activate your iPhone using the Official iPhone Unlock. This site is designed exactly as it markets it to be. Official iPhone Unlock site can unlock any type of iPhone online. The way it works is to unlock an iCloud Activation Lock first. In order to perform this method, you will only need a couple of easy steps. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Head to the Official iPhoneUnlock and select the option iCloud Unlock first.

Step 2: Soon after, you can enter your iPhone information.

Step 3: Following the necessary information, type in the model and IMEI number.

Step 4: Wait for your iPhone to activate in one to three days time.

Step 5: Once the days have passed, you can check whether or not your device has been activated.

Activate Your iPhone via iTunes

In case you need a fast method to activate your iPhone, you can always use your iTunes app to make it happen. In order to make this method work, you will need to get an unlocked iPhone and a computer with iTunes software. If you do not have any internet connection around, then this method may help you get on with the activation.

If you have an unlocked iPhone and a PC running an iTunes ready, then you can perform this method by following these steps below.

Step 1: See if your iTunes is up to date on your iPhone and your PC. In case you do not have an iTunes yet, you can visit the official website of Apple and download it for free.

Step 2: If you have got an iTunes already on both of your devices, then you may connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3: As soon as you connect your iPhone, there will appear an onscreen prompt notifying “There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate”. This prompt signals that the iPhone is locked to a particular carrier.

Step 4: If you meet such a scenario, you must search for a suitable SIM card to activate your iPhone. In an event of urgency, you can borrow the SIM card because you will only need to use it during the activation process.

Step 5: In case no notification appears, then your iPhone is not unlocked. If so, proceed to follow the instructions on the screen to activate your iPhone.

Step 6: When your iPhone is activated, you can finally use your iPhone on a Wi-Fi network.

Step 7: Once the process finishes, you can remove the SIM card from your iPhone and use your iPhone via a wireless network.

Activate Your iPhone with Someone Else’s SIM Card

Despite the easy way to activate iPhone without a SIM card, you can still rely on the effectivity of activating your iPhone with it. In fact, activating your iPhone with a SIM card may have proven to be the trusted method among many other methods to activate an iPhone out there. If you do not have one active SIM card, you can simply borrow someone else’s SIM card and return it later once the device has been activated.

Prepare some of the necessary tools to operate this method first. You will need a SIM removal tool to perform this method. Another essential thing is a SIM card which you can borrow from people closest to you. In addition to those two, you will need to gain access to a Wi-Fi network. The last thing to check is your iPhone. If your iPhone is locked, then you have to look for the SIM card the settings of the network states on your iPhone.

If you have already got all of those tools, then you can follow these steps below to activate your iPhone.

Step 1: First, you need to remove the SIM card from your relative’s or friend’s iPhone.

Step 2: Proceed to insert it in your iPhone.

Step 3: Follow the instructions from your iPhone screen.

Step 4: Proceed to connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: It will take a while for your iPhone to activate.

Once your iPhone gets through the activation process, you can return the SIM card to its owner. Your iPhone can now operate as it should, except you cannot make phone calls with it. If you want to make some calls, you can use other programs like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime. The SIM card you return to the owner can operate normally without facing any troubles.

Activate Your iPhone from Your PC

If you wish to activate your iPhone without SIM card, you can proceed to do it via PC. What you need to do is to connect your iPhone to your computer. Once it is connected, you can access the iTunes on your PC. Make sure that your iPhone is not unlocked to continue on with the process.

In case you meet some errors along the way, you can follow the steps below to continue the activation.

Step 1: Simply restart your iPhone and follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Step 2: If you still cannot go on with the process, then you can sign in to your device with your Apple ID to activate your phone.

Step 3: Forget using mobile data and connect your device to a wireless network instead.

Step 4: Make sure the iTunes on both devices are both updated.

Step 5: Check on the activation server during the activation process. The light should be green to indicate the activation process going through.

Step 6: If the activation server does not operate the way it should, you can try to activate your iPhone later.


Activating your iPhone seems easy if you have an active SIM card to go with it. In case you do not wish to use a SIM card on your iPhone, you can still use the device properly with a few easy tricks we have mentioned above. Some of these tricks do not take a long time, while a few others need some days until the activation finishes. Performing an activation method on an iPhone is always easier with a SIM card.

Nevertheless, you can still manage to activate your iPhone without one. In order to do so, you may have to find reliable tools to perform such methods. An operating PC and accessible wireless network prove to make for vital components in this activation process. Remember to always check on your iPhone programs as well and update them. If you keep all of these important things in mind, then nothing will prevent you from activating your iPhone.

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