Twitch Statistics 2022: How Many People Use Twitch?

How many people use Twitch daily? More than 30 million unique users view Twitch streams daily!

Twitch Statistics

Twitch is by far the most popular game streaming platform. Attracted numerous anchors and viewers to join. Are you one of them? We collect data and statistics about Twitch. Read on below to learn more.

Twitch user statistics

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1. Twitch audience gender distribution

  • Male: 65%
  • Female: 35%

The audience of Twitch is predominantly male.

The audience of Twitch is predominantly male. The data from a study on the gender distribution of Twitch's audience found that about 65% of the viewers are male, and about 35% are female. This is a significant difference, which suggests that there are many women in the gaming industry who have not been able to find their place in this community.

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2. Twitch audience age distribution

Twitch audience age distribution

  • 16 – 24 :41%
  • 25 – 34:32%
  • 35 – 44:17%
  • 45 – 54:7%
  • 55 – 64:3%

It’s easy to think that the biggest age group on twitch is teens, who make up 41% of the overall number. They are mostly students, and they have a lot of time to watch their favorite games live. For young people who have just started working, they are the second largest group, with a proportion of 32%, which means that these two groups account for almost ¾ of the number of people, which is a very staggering statistic. After the age of 35, as the age increases, the number of users is gradually decreasing, only 17% of the 35-44 age group, only 7% of the 45-54 age group, and only 3% of the 55-64 age group

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3. User's favorite twitch stream type in 2021

  • Game: 82%
  • Music: 49%
  • Esports: 38%
  • Live sports: 21%

There is no doubt that the most popular type of show on twitch is of course games, which accounts for 82% of the total number of users, followed by music shows, with nearly half of people saying that they will enjoy music on twitch, which sounds like a Nice way to relax. The number of people who like Esports is greater than 38%, which is certainly not a small number. The number of users who like sports programs is relatively small, only 21%.

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Most Popular Twitch Channel

4. 2022 twitch user most subscribed channel

1 Ninja Richard Blevins FortniteLeague of Legends
2 AuronPlay Raúl Álvarez MinecraftGrand Theft Auto V, various games, chatting
3 Rubius Rubén Doblas MinecraftGrand Theft Auto V, chatting
4 Ibai Ibai Llanos Various games, chatting, special events
5 Tfue Turner Tenney Apex LegendsFortnite
6 xQc Félix Lengyel Various games, chatting
7 Shroud Michael Grzesiek Valorant, various games
8 TheGrefg David Cánovas FortniteMinecraft, various games, chatting
9 Pokimane Imane Anys Valorant, various games, chatting
10 Juansguarnizo Juan Sebastián Guarnizo Various games
11 Sodapoppin Thomas Morris Various games
12 Myth ** Ali Kabbani Valorant, various games
13 Heelmike Michael Peters Various games, chatting
14 Tommyinnit Thomas Simons Minecraft
15 TimTheTatman ** Timothy Betar Call of Duty: Warzone, various games
16 NICKMERCS Nicholas Kolcheff Apex LegendsFortnite
17 AdinRoss Adin Ross NBA 2KGrand Theft Auto V, chatting
18 Riot Games Riot Games League of Legends
19 Summit1g Jaryd Lazar Various games
20 Dream Clay Minecraft

Ninja is the most well-known streamer on Twitch and a professional gamer. Blevins has over 18 million followers on his Twitch channel, making it the most followed Twitch channel as of September 2022. Also, there are quite a few talented and popular anchors who are broadcasting live on twitch, what are you waiting for, join their live broadcast room.

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5. How often US gamers use twitch to live stream in 2021

  • Often: 12%
  • Sometimes: 13%
  • Rarely: 10%
  • Never: 66%

The following data is about the frequency of US users using twitch. It is unbelievable that 66% of people never use twitch, which shows that a considerable number of users on twitch are likely not local users in the United States, but come from other countries. The frequent users only accounted for 12%, and the occasional and rarely used users accounted for 13% and 10%, respectively.

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6. Twitch annual average concurrent viewers (mm)

Twitch annual average concurrent viewers

2015 0.53
2016 0.61
2017 0.74
2018 1.07
2019 1.26
2020 2.12
2021 2.78

The next piece of data is about Twitch's annual average concurrent viewers, which shows how Twitch has grown in recent years. From a maximum of 0.53 million viewers in 2015, this number has become 2.78 million in 2021, which means that at the peak of the year, nearly three million people watched the show on twitch at the same time.

7. Gender distribution of twitch.TV global users in July 2022

  • Male: 79.79%
  • Female:20.21%

According to the latest statistics, on a global scale, the proportion of male users of twitch is as high as about 80%. It is easy to know that because the main content of twitch is games, male users are of course the main group, while female users account for 20%. Left and right, it may be a woman interested in beauty or music.

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8. The most popular games by twitch users in 2022

The most popular games by twitch users in 2022

  • LOL: 52.6
  • Fortnite: 29.54
  • Grand theft auto V: 27
  • Counter-strike: global offensive: 23.57
  • Data 2: 20.55
  • Hearthstone: 14.06
  • MC: 12.38
  • WOW: 11.95
  • Overwatch: 9.3

I think you will be very interested in this data. I am very happy to tell you that LOL is still the most popular game show on twitch. 52.6% of users said that they would watch LOL related games on twitch, ranking Second is fortnite and third is Grand theft auto V.

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9. Twitch downloads in the second quarter of 2022 (ios and Android)

Twitch downloads in the second quarter of 2022


  • USA: 1200046
  • Japan: 246170
  • France: 240106
  • Russia: 164023
  • Uk: 140251
  • Mexico: 130148
  • Germany: 124291
  • Brazil: 105005
  • Canada: 99715
  • Spain: 91481


Contries twich View

  • Brazil: 660305
  • Usa: 658960
  • Russia: 632665
  • Egypt: 320107
  • Mexico: 301613
  • France: 268529
  • Japan: 197717
  • Germany: 193536
  • Argentina: 185616
  • Spain: 179616

If you want to know the number of downloads on twitch in the second quarter of 2022 on a global scale, then let me tell you, there is no doubt that the United States has the most downloaders, and this number is as high as 1,200,046. Japan, France, and Russia rank second, third, and fourth, respectively.

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10. twitch annual monthly streamers (mm)

Twitch annual monthly streamers

Year Streamers (mm)
2015 1.7
2016 1.8
2017 2
2018 3.3
2019 3.6
2020 6.9
2021 9

Twitch started with only about 1.7 million streamers in 2015. Today, more than 9 million streamers have joined it, and this number is still growing, which includes a considerable number of program types. If you are also interested in live broadcasting, you might as well try to join this huge group and start your live broadcasting career.

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