What Did Jordan Belfort Do Illegally? Unraveling the Scandalous Past


In the annals of financial history, one name stands out like a sore thumb, synonymous with wealth, controversy, and notoriety. Jordan Belfort, the man behind the infamous “Wolf of Wall Street” moniker, has left an indelible mark on the financial world, but not for the right reasons. In this article, we delve into the scandalous past of Jordan Belfort, seeking answers to the burning question: What did Jordan Belfort do illegally?

  1. Jordan Belfort's Rise to Wealth
  2. Legal Troubles Begin
  3. Guilty Plea and Consequences
  4. Belfort's Psychedelic Revelation
  5. Jordan Belfort's Ongoing Relevance
  6. Jordan Belfort's Take on GameStop Trading
  7. What Did Jordan Belfort Do in “The Wolf of Wall Street”?
  8. Reddit's Perspective on Jordan Belfort's Wrongdoings
  9. Stratton Oakmont's Illegal Activities
  10. Conclusion

Jordan Belfort's Rise to Wealth

Jordan Belfort's journey into the world of finance began with soaring ambitions. Alongside his associate Danny Porush, he founded Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm that specialized in marketing penny stocks. However, their path to riches was far from ethical. Belfort and Porush masterminded a pump-and-dump scheme, artificially inflating stock prices and then selling them off to unsuspecting investors, resulting in enormous profits for themselves.

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Legal Troubles Begin

The illicit activities of Jordan Belfort did not go unnoticed for long. In 1999, Belfort and Porush faced the wrath of the law when they were indicted for money laundering and securities fraud. Belfort admitted guilt for his role in the pump-and-dump schemes, which had potentially cost investors a staggering $200 million. He was sentenced to four years in prison but served only 22 months.

What made Belfort's actions illegal was his fraudulent practices, such as charging fees for trading shares while inflating their prices. These practices not only violated the law but also shattered the trust of countless investors.

Guilty Plea and Consequences

Belfort and his associate pleaded guilty to what is known as a “pump-and-dump” securities fraud scheme. This scheme involves artificially inflating the price of a stock, luring unsuspecting investors, and then selling off the overvalued shares for a profit. The consequences were severe, with investors facing potential losses amounting to hundreds of millions.

Belfort's prison sentence and the actual time served shed light on the seriousness of his crimes. While his initial sentence was four years, he spent a little over a year and a half behind bars, leading to public outrage.

Belfort's Psychedelic Revelation

In a surprising turn of events, Jordan Belfort claimed that an illegal psychedelic substance called ibogaine had cured him of addiction and opiate cravings. This revelation sparked controversy, as illegal drugs should not be endorsed or promoted.

Jordan Belfort's Ongoing Relevance

Despite his tarnished past, Jordan Belfort continues to be relevant in the media. He played a significant role in the production of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a movie based on his life. However, his opinion of the movie and Leonardo DiCaprio's performance has been a subject of intrigue.

Jordan Belfort's Take on GameStop Trading

Belfort, author of the book “The Wolf of Wall Street,” expressed his belief that there was illegal activity associated with GameStop trading. Given his history, his insights into trading controversies garnered attention.

What Did Jordan Belfort Do in “The Wolf of Wall Street”?

In the movie adaptation of his life, Jordan Belfort's actions are depicted in a dramatic and often shocking manner. While the film offers a stylized portrayal of his life, it does raise the question of whether any illegal activities portrayed in the movie align with reality.

Reddit's Perspective on Jordan Belfort's Wrongdoings

Reddit, a platform for open discussions, has its own take on Jordan Belfort's wrongdoings. Various posts on the platform have discussed his illegal drug use, involvement in illegal activities at home, and his arrests for DUI and reckless endangerment.

Stratton Oakmont's Illegal Activities

Stratton Oakmont, under Belfort's leadership, was involved in various illegal activities, primarily securities fraud. This illegal activity was at the heart of their financial schemes and ultimately led to their downfall.


In conclusion, the story of Jordan Belfort is a cautionary tale of financial excess, illegal activities, and their far-reaching consequences. His involvement in the pump-and-dump schemes, money laundering, and securities fraud has left an enduring mark on his legacy. Despite his checkered past, Belfort remains a controversial figure in the media, and his insights into financial matters continue to be a subject of interest and debate. The question of what Jordan Belfort did illegally serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ethical conduct in the world of finance.


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