What Religion Does Tim Ballard Follow? Delving Into the Faith of the Operation Underground Railroad Founder


Tim Ballard, the renowned founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as the Mormon Church. This September 2023 revelation, particularly the LDS Church's statement distancing itself from Ballard and O.U.R., has created quite a buzz in religious and social circles.

  1. Summary of “what religion is tim ballard”
  2. Tim Ballard's Background
  3. The Statement from the Latter-day Saint Church
  4. O.U.R.'s Stance on Sexual Abuse and Harassment
  5. The Church's Official Position on O.U.R.
  6. Tim Ballard's Response to Church Condemnation
  7. Wider Media Coverage and Reactions
  8. Conclusion

The heart of the matter is the “morally unacceptable” behavior highlighted by the LDS Church, leading to various speculations about Ballard's personal beliefs and convictions.

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Summary of “what religion is tim ballard”

Topic Details
Ballard's Affiliation Member of LDS (Mormon) Church
Allegations “Morally unacceptable” behavior highlighted by LDS Church
Ballard's Response Expressed disappointment; hopeful for truth to emerge
Media Coverage LDS Church's conservative stance debated

The clouds of controversy have recently gathered over Tim Ballard due to allegations against him. These allegations, combined with questions surrounding his faith and the Latter-day Saint Church's recent stance, have put Ballard in a contentious spotlight.

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Tim Ballard's Background

Tim Ballard's reputation largely stems from his establishment of O.U.R., a commendable initiative against child sex trafficking. Before diving into this venture, Ballard served a mission in Chile for the LDS Church and later attended Brigham Young University. He also holds a Master of Arts in international politics. Notably, Ballard was previously associated as the CEO of The Nazarene Fund, a Christian organization backed by Glenn Beck. Strikingly, most Christian media channels have rarely associated Ballard with his Mormon faith.

The Statement from the Latter-day Saint Church

A statement from the Utah-based LDS Church confirmed an emerging rift between Tim Ballard and the Church's hierarchy. The church's stance revealed that Ballard “betrayed his friendship” with a senior church apostle. It also accentuated that he never had the green light to use the church's emblem or name.

O.U.R.'s Stance on Sexual Abuse and Harassment

O.U.R. has made its position clear on matters of sexual abuse and harassment. The organization's ethos emphasizes combating sexual abuse and upholds zero tolerance for any forms of sexual harassment or discrimination within its ranks.

The Church's Official Position on O.U.R.

In the midst of the controversy, the LDS Church made it clear that they have cut ties with O.U.R., underscoring that they have “never endorsed, supported, or represented” the organization.

Tim Ballard's Response to Church Condemnation

The Church's decision has not gone unnoticed by Ballard. He expressed his disappointment concerning the LDS Church's dissociation from O.U.R. Yet, he remains hopeful, emphasizing his confidence that the truth will eventually emerge.

Wider Media Coverage and Reactions

Media outlets, far and wide, have reported on the LDS Church distancing itself from Ballard. Many have spotlighted the LDS Church's conservative ethos, bringing into question their decision to sever ties with a high-profile member like Ballard.


The quandary surrounding what religion is Tim Ballard and the subsequent revelations about O.U.R. brings to the fore the intricate relationship between faith and public service. The current scenario underscores the challenges faced by religious entities in aligning their values in today's dynamic landscape.


1. What religion is Tim Ballard associated with?
He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.

2. How has the LDS Church responded to Ballard's activities?
The Church issued a statement in September 2023, distancing itself from Ballard and O.U.R. due to “morally unacceptable” behavior.

3. What is Tim Ballard's educational background?
He attended Brigham Young University and has a Master of Arts in international politics from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

4. How did Tim Ballard respond to the LDS Church's statement?
He expressed disappointment but remains confident that the truth will surface in due course.


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