911 Alternatives 2023: 911.re Shut down! [Top 30 Proxy Sites Like 911 S5]

911 Proxy Alternatives

Do you often use 911 proxies and wonder if there are alternatives to it in case it shuts down? This article is here to help. This article provides you with some top alternatives to 911 that you can use and still get better features and functionalities.

In a hurry? We've compiled a list of our top picks for 911 s5 Alternatives,

Not many people have heard of the 911 proxy. It functions as a socks5 proxy service. This socks5 proxy for residential use comes with a special tweak.

Free VPN services are used by the 911 network to entice users to install applications that function like malware and have the ability to remain on a user’s machine for an extended period of time.

This was according to research carried out by the University of Sherbrooke on the 911 analysis. The research discovered that there were over 120k computers for hire through the service, with many of them situated in the US.

To take advantage of this service, you’ll need to download and install a piece of Windows software first. Advanced functions, such as changing HTTP headers, are available from this program. More than 190 nations provide the service’s pool of millions of IPs.

If you don’t use all of your allotted IPs, this proxy service’s proxies are good for life, which is a nice feature to have. Unmetered bandwidth is an intriguing feature. Additionally, it’s one of the fastest proxies on the market, and you can use it for a variety of purposes, like ad verification and sale intelligence.

Since there are so many proxies available, it’s difficult for any one of them to stand out. Unless you’re already well-known in your field or have a substantial marketing budget, it’s difficult to be noticed.

The 911 proxy service did little more than stand out from the crowd in terms of what it offers, how it charges, and how it delivers its proxy service. As a result of its inflexibility, many of its customers are now looking for an alternate supplier of socks proxies if they need to carry out duties that the 911 is unable to do well.

In the event that you’re one of the 911 users looking for an alternative, there are a number of services accessible that provide Socks5 proxies that you can utilize. However, in order to make an educated selection, you must know where to search. Because of this, this post has been developed to present you with a list of the finest proxy service providers that are comparable to 911.


911.re Shut Down

After years of quality services, 911 finally shut down on July 28, 2023. According to 911 s5, it noted cloned data and some phishing attacks were launched against them by some group of hackers. This has stirred the need to find alternatives to continue enjoying the services

 Top 30 Best 911 Alternatives in 2023

1. Bright Data — Best 911 Alternative with Reputable Customer Service

Bright Data Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 300 USD for 20 Gigabyte monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Begins at 20 Gigabyte
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless
  • Locations: All countries worldwide
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 72 million

There are a lot of alternatives to the 911 socks proxies, including the Bright Data residential proxy. According to me, Bright Data is superior to 911 in terms of customer service. Sock5 and HTTP proxies are available from Bright Data, which is the industry leader. Since it has more than 72 million IP addresses and serves all nations and significant cities across the globe, it provides a superior API for developers.

High-rotational proxies and IPs that can keep an IP for up to 30 minutes are available with Bright Data proxies. Most websites and use cases can benefit from using its proxies, including web scraping, which is among the quickest on the market. In comparison with 911 Socks5 proxies, it’s a little more pricey.

2. Soax — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Over 5 Million Residential IP Addresses

Soax Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD for 5 Gigabytes per month
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Begins at 5 Gigabyte
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless
  • Locations: More than 100 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 5 million

If you’re looking for an alternative to 911, you can’t go wrong with the Soax Proxy service. Soax provides rotating proxies; however, the rotation is time-based and occurs once every five minutes instead of every five seconds. Their IP pool has more than 5 million residential IPs from more than 100 countries.

When you use Soax, you’ll appreciate the fact that its proxy pool is constantly monitored, and problematic IPs are eliminated. Soax is a lot less expensive than Bright Data, but it’s still not as reasonable as 911 services, despite the fact that it costs less in the long run.

3. Smartproxy — Best for Quality Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy datacenter Proxies Overview

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD per month (100 GB)
  • Pool Size of IP: 70k+
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Location: The United States only

Smartproxy provides rotating data center proxies from their own data centers. The number of concurrent users per IP is low enough to ensure high-quality service.

In contrast to other data center proxies, which provide limitless bandwidth, bandwidth is restricted to the package you choose. To get started, all you need to put up is 50 USD, which gets you 100GB of storage and gives you access to 40,000 IPs.

4. Proxy-Seller — Best for High-Quality Datacenter Proxies

Proxy-Seller Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 1.80 USD for one Proxy monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Limitless
  • Permitted Concurrency: Unspecified
  • Locations: Over 20 Countries

The third alternative to 911 on this list is the renowned Proxy-Seller. It is possible to get high-quality data center proxies from this source since they are one of the best in their field.

When it comes to this service, there are a lot of options to pick from. Weekly proxies can be purchased for up to a year at a time, and proxies can be hired for up to a year. In addition to being one of the few companies that provide IPv6 proxies, this service is also one of the most reliable.

5. Webshare — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Provision of Free Proxies

Webshare Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 5.44 USD monthly (for 5 ports)
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Permitted Currency: 500 Threads
  • Location: Worldwide

Webshare, a proxy service based in a data center, offers free proxies. Customers that pay for premium web scraping proxies receive access to faster and more feature-rich ones in addition to the free ones they provide. Free proxies, in my opinion, should be avoided since they are sometimes accompanied by restrictive terms and restrictions. Time is a factor in Webshare’s IP rotation policy, which may range from only five minutes to an hour.

6. Hydraproxy — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Thousands of IP Addresses

Hydraproxy Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 5 USD for 1 Gigabyte monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Begins at 1 Gigabyte
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless
  • Locations: More than 100 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 5 million

In terms of low-cost residential proxy services, Hydraproxy stands head and shoulders above the competition. If the 911 service does not satisfy your project needs, you can utilize its proxies as an alternative. Its IPs come from more than a hundred different places all around the world, totaling more than 5 million.

One interesting aspect of this service is that it does not need a minimum financial commitment, as you can purchase only 1GB of bandwidth. However, the cheaper bandwidth gets per unit of bandwidth, the more one pays for it. Rotating and sticky ports are both available in Hydraproxy’s product line.

7. Shifter — Best 911 Proxy Alternative for Unlimited Bandwidth and Location Support

Shifter Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 249.99 USD for 10 Ports per month
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless
  • Locations: About 130 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 31 million

In terms of bandwidth, Shifter and 911 have some similarities — both enable customers to access limitless bandwidth. The main difference between Shifter and 911 is that with Shifter, your proxies have a set expiration date, but with 911, the validity is indefinite until all of your IPs have been used.

When it comes to location support and proxy types, Shifter excels. Backconnect proxies, such as its proxies, change their IP address every five minutes. Shifter proxies can be used for a wide range of operations that call for proxies. Over 31 million IP addresses are now in the service’s pool.

8. Proxy-cheap — Best Low-Cost 911 Proxy Alternative

Proxy-cheap Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 4.99 USD for 1 Gigabyte monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Begins at 1 Gigabyte
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless
  • Locations: More than 127 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 6 million

In the proxy industry, Proxy-cheap stands for itself as a low-cost yet dependable option for residential users. The minimum monthly commitment for this service is only 1GB – you can purchase as little as that. However, the cheaper each GB goes – down to 3 USD – the more bandwidth you pay for. At this time, proxies from Proxy-cheap can be found in 127 different countries throughout the globe. In its current pool, it has more than 6 million IP addresses.

Marketing research, brand protection, SEO, Ad verification, and online scraping and crawling are just a few of the many applications for their proxies. You can keep the same IP address for up to 30 minutes if you wish to use a rotating proxy, but it’s not recommended.

9. TheSocialProxy — Best for High-Quality 4G and 5G Mobile Private Proxies

TheSocialProxy Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 89 EUR
  • Type of IP: Mobile IPs
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS
  • Locations of IP: The United States, Germany, The UK, Israel, and Austria

TheSocialProxy is another amazing 911 proxy alternative. For the social media botting sector, it is a supplier of high-quality mobile proxies. A few years ago, when BlackHatWorld began distributing free review copies on the forum, I got a chance to evaluate their service. I must say, they have a top spot when it comes to the best alternatives to 911 proxy.

10. Proxy-Sale — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Provision of High-Quality Private Proxy

Proxy-Sale Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 17.48 USD for 3 Gigabytes
  • Type of IP: Datacenter IPs
  • Proxy Protocol: SOCKS and HTTP/HTTPS
  • Location: Over 30 Countries

One of the datacenter proxy service companies that sell private proxies is Proxy-Sale. This service is mostly unknown. In spite of this, it has been in the proxy industry since 2015, making it one of the younger suppliers. Dedicated private proxies are provided by this company.

11. Stormproxies — Best Choice for Social Media Managers and Small-time Scrapers

Stormproxy Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 10 USD monthly for 5 proxies
  • Bandwidth: Limitless

The next 911 proxy alternative on this list is Stormproxy. This small-scale service provider may seem to have nothing to offer at first sight, but the truth may be a bit more complex.

Aside from residential and dedicated HTTPS/HTTP proxies, it also offers sneaker, ticket, social media, and other site-specific proxies. If you ask me, I will say it’s definitely one of the best alternatives to 911 proxy.

12. IPRoyal — Best 911 Proxy Alternative for Unlimited Bandwidth

IPRoyal Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 3 USD for 1 Gigabyte
  • IP Number: More than 2 million
  • Location: Over 150 Countries
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless

IPRoyal is the next 911 proxy alternative on this list. An unknown number of proxies are controlled by IPRoyal. The proxies are yours alone, and no one else will be able to utilize them at once. Limitless connection requests and bandwidth are guaranteed by these services.

13. Proxy6.net — Reliable and Cheap Alternative to 911 Proxy

Proxy 6 Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 2.25 USD for 5 proxies
  • Location: Over 15 Countries

If you want to remain anonymous on the internet, you’ll need to get a high-quality proxy. In order to receive high-quality proxies at an affordable price, make sure that the proxies you purchase are of high quality. If you need a simple internet proxy for $1.25 a month, Proxy6.net is your best option. It is one of the best 911 alternatives I have talked about on this list.

14. Leaf Proxies — Best Alternative to 911 Proxy for High-Speed ISP, Residential, and Datacenter Proxies

Leaf Proxies Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 19.5 USD for 1 Gigabyte
  • Type of IP: Residential IPs
  • Location: Over 40 Countries
  • Proxy Protocol: SOCKS, HTTP/HTTPS

Using the services of Leaf Proxies, you can get your hands on the latest sneakers. They provide high-speed datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and ISP proxies. Sneaker copper uses their proxies because they’ve discovered them to be successful. No matter what you do, you can’t get rid of the variety of options they provide.

15. Astroproxy — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Geo-Targeting Option

Astroproxy Homepage

  • Price: 3 USD for 1 Gigabyte
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 100k

In addition to the datacenter, mobile, and residential proxies, Astroproxy provides a wide range of proxy services. To utilize the residential proxy service provided by Astroproxy, you must make a payment. Individual proxies are not what you’ll be paying for when you make payment. For this reason, since they are supplied from P2P networks, they do not have complete control over the IP addresses in their pool.

16. ProxyLTE — Reliable and Authentic 911 Proxy Alternative with Easy-to-use Dashboard and High-Quality US Mobile Proxies

ProxyLTE Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 0.05 USD for 1 Private US Proxy (HTTPS/SOCKS)

The next 911 proxy alternative is ProxyLTE. I often make use of this service when I am in need of flexible pricing. US-based IP addresses are the primary focus of ProxyLTE. However, despite the fact that its name implies that it only provides mobile proxies, its IP pool contains both mobile and residential proxies alike. A simple interface and a wide range of price options make this a user-friendly service.

17. Rayobyte (formerly Called BlazingSEO) — Trustworthy Provider of Dedicated, Semi-dedicated, and Rotating Proxies as Alternatives to 911 Proxy

Rayobyte (Previously Called BlazingSEO) Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 3 USD for 1 Gigabyte (for Rotating Residential Proxies)
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Begins at 20 Gigabyte
  • Location: Over 17 Countries

If you want a reliable alternative to 911, I recommend Rayobyte. Web proxy provider RayoByte provides semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating datacenter proxies. Once you’ve signed up for a plan with Rayobyte Proxies, you’ll have access to immediate activation. Each month, quarterly, biannual, and yearly plans are available for purchase.

18. IPBurger — Best 911 Proxy Alternative for Bypassing Regional Restrictions

IPBurger Homepage

  • Price: 75 USD for 5 Gigabytes
  • Type of IP: Datacenter and Residential
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 30 million

Privacy-conscious IPBurger is a 911 proxy alternative and a service provider in the proxy and VPN space. It’s been more than five years since IPBurger first opened for business. Regional limitations can be bypassed while saving time and effort using IPBurger proxies for your company’s growth.

19. Dichvusocks — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Cheap Pricing

Dichvusocks Homepage

  • Price: 10 USD for 100 Proxies
  • Type of IP: Residential
  • Location: More than 30 Countries
  • Proxy Protocol: SOCKS

If you need the best 911 proxy alternative thatcan fit your budget, I recommend Dichvusocks. When it comes to using proxies, the most common justification given is because of their low cost. Pricing is unquestionably an important consideration for the majority of consumers. This means that those who are low on money have an incredibly limited selection to choose from, and the Vusocks proxy falls into that category. Getting 100 proxies for 10 USD for 30 days is a great deal. That works out to 0.1 USD per proxy, which you’ll agree is a steal.

20. Asocks — Best 911 Proxy Alternative for Unlimited Residential Proxies

Asocks Homepage

  • Price: 39 USD for 20 Gigabytes (1.99 USD per Gig)
  • Location: More than 120k Countries

There isn’t much to talk about on Asocks. It’s one of the long-serving alternatives to 911 proxy. It provides easy and clean residential proxies of over 70k. It also has a wide reach, being present in more than 120k countries. It has no restrictions and allows you to download proxy lists. Personally, I am convinced this is the best alternative to 911 for unlimited residential proxies.

21. OxyLabs — Best 911 Proxy Alternatives with Mobile and Residential Proxies for Market Research

OxyLabs Homepage

  • Price: 600 USD for 50 Gigabytes
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 30 million
  • Type of IP: Datacenter and Residential

Your search for the best 911 proxy alternatives ends with OxyLabs. Why? Oxylabs claims to have proxies in practically every country in the globe, and their IP pool is enormous. Using their proxies is completely safe and secure. Oxylabs provides both datacenter and residential proxies for its customers.

22. ProxyBonanza — Best for Anonymous HTTP and SOCKS5 Protocol Proxy

ProxyBonanza Homepage

  • Price: 10 USD for 10 Gigabytes
  • Bandwidth: Limited
  • Location: Over 100 Countries

Elite proxies are available for usage at ProxyBonanza, an online premier proxy service and a great alternative to 911 proxy. There are two types of proxies offered by ProxyBonanza: Socks5 and HTTP/HTTPS. They have super-fast servers that can transfer data at rates of up to 1000 MB/sec. Because they use both kinds of protocols in their proxies, they are totally interoperable with the majority of applications on the internet.

23. Froxy — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Good Location Support and Premium Private Proxy

Froxy Homepage

  • Price: 45 USD for 3 Gigabytes
  • Type of IP: Residential
  • Proxy Protocol: SOCKS and HTTP/HTTPS

In addition to mobile and residential proxies, Froxy provides proxy services that best 911 proxy. Proxy users may not be familiar with this service, but you should know that it is on par with some of the more well-known ones. Most people who use proxies will be able to get by with only using Froxy’s large proxy pool of servers.

24. GeoSurf — Best 911 Proxy Alternative for anonymous, reliable and unblockable web surfing

GeoSurf Homepage

  • Price: 300 USD for 1 Gigabyte
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 2 million
  • Type of IP: Datacenter and Residential
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS

You are definitely missing out on you haven’t taken advantage of GeoSurf. The reason it has made it to my list of best 911 proxy alternatives is that its proxies are basically unblockable, undetectable, reliable, and secure from several webs serves.

25. Netnut — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Fastest Residential Proxy Network

Netnut Homepage

  • Price: 300 USD for 20 Gigabytes
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 10 million
  • Type of IP: Residential
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS

Apparently, Netnut is a newcomer in the business when compared to other 911 proxy alternatives on this list. Personally, I see it as “the next great thing” due to the success I have experienced with its service. It even claims to be the best IP proxy network for domestic use. When contrasted to other proxy services, it claims to have a failure rate of almost zero and lower latency.

26. Geonode — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with HTTPS and SOCKS5 Protocols

Geonode Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 47 USD for 10 threads per month
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Limitless
  • Permitted Concurrency: Begins at 10 (however, it mainly depends on the chosen package)
  • Locations: More than 140 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 2 million

New proxy service provider Geonode aims to deliver all the benefits of premium services without the drawbacks. Even though they haven’t been able to achieve that yet, their proxy service has made it into our list of the top alternatives to 911 proxies, even in its beta phase.

Several protocols are supported by the service, including SOCKS5 and HTTPS. Over 2 million IPs are available to you via this service, which also offers limitless bandwidth. According to the number of threads you can generate, its proxies cost less than premium residential proxy networks.

27. ProxyGuys — 911 Proxy Alternative with High-Quality Proxies

ProxyGuys Homepage

  • Price: 20 USD for 24 Hours
  • Type of IP: Mobile
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS
  • Location: Over 25 in the United States

As a 911 proxy alternative, ProxyGuys specializes in the distribution of mobile IP addresses, but they also offer VPN services. HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxy protocols are supported by them. These high-quality corporate proxies can be used for market research, detection of fraud, scraping crawling of web, sale intelligence, and social media automation and management.

28. ProxyEmpire — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Geo-Targeting Option

ProxyEmpire Homepage

  • Price: 15 USD for 1 Gigabyte
  • Location: Over 150 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 3 million

Lately, the proxy market was added to the ProxyEmpire service. Residential and mobile proxies are also available from them. When compared to other 911 alternatives on this list, it’s fair to say ProxyEmpire is new in the industry.

It doesn’t matter how new the service is; it has a few aspects that you can’t help but take note of. Several locations are available, geo-targeting is enabled, and a robust session control feature makes this proxy service useful for the management of accounts.

29. Infatica — Best 911 Proxy Alternative with High Number of Residential Proxies and Ethical Proxies for Business Cases

Infatica Homepage

  • Price: 360 USD for 40 Gigabytes
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 10 million
  • Type of IP: Mobile, Datacenter, and Residential
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS

You can use Infatica proxies to expand your company since they are suitable for a broad range of websites and safe to use. Infatica’s proxy pool has a very large number of personal IP addresses, which is one of the things that really stands out to me about the service.

Personally, I rate Infactica quite above 911 proxy. Infatica entered the market in 2019 and now has more than 2.5 million residential IPs in its pool in less than 10 months.

More than 10 million residential IP addresses are now in their proxy pool. If you agree with me, this is a wonderful match for 911 proxy since there are other suppliers in the market who have not been able to accumulate several proxies like Infactica.

30. Proxyrack — Best for Limitless Bandwidth

Proxyrack Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 80 USD for 100 threads
  • Permitted Concurrency: Limitless
  • Locations: More than 140 Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 2 million

It is possible to get proxies for other protocols, including Socks, using Proxyrack as an excellent substitute for 911. You can utilize as many of the pooled IP addresses as you like with this service, which provides you with limitless bandwidth. Now, Proxyrack’s infinite residential proxy pool has over 2 million IP addresses that originate in diverse regions throughout the world.

Proxyrack’s price is unusual in that it is dependent on the number of threads – starting at 149 USD per 100 threads. Using Proxyrack, you can do all of the things for which you would normally use a 911 proxy, as well as many more.

Advantages of 911 Proxies

1. It has Perfect Pool Size and Location Coverage

The 911 S5 Proxy has strong location coverage, which you may find handy. Proxies come from up to 190 countries throughout the globe, and users can choose which one they want to use. It is possible to geo-target cities in addition to particular nations.

In addition, the 911 Proxy has a large pool of IPs. There’s no indication of the size of the pool on the company’s website, but it does note that although the core servers are in the US, the network of peers is spread around the world.

2. It provides you with a ‘FavoriteProxy’ Feature

After 24 hours, the proxy you’re using will usually be deactivated. However, proxies can be required for a longer period of time. This is possible because of the “FavoriteProxy” option. To begin, find the “TodayList” and choose the proxies you wish to keep.

Create or remove groups from the same list. A group’s proxies are erased if it is deleted. For each proxy you reuse, you’ll have to pay out a portion of your account balance.

3. High, Efficient, and Sustainable Functionality

The headers of data packets are often rewritten by proxy providers. It can cause data to be incorrectly labeled or routed. The 911 S5 Proxy process does not include data rewriting. Low mistake rates and greater productivity are the outcomes. However, your privacy and security can be compromised in the process. The reason for this is that the packet headers, which now include your personal information, can be clearly identified.

4. It has Limitless Bandwidth

In contrast to numerous other providers, its bandwidth is not limited. It implies that you don’t have to be concerned about how much data you use and how much you have to spend per gigabyte. Sit back and enjoy the product to the fullest without having to worry about exceeding the allotted bandwidth or having to renew your subscription.

5. It has a High-Speed Proxy

As far as performance is concerned, the 911 S5 Proxy sets itself apart. A proxy’s effect on internet speed is an important factor to take into account when making your final decision. It is possible to slow down the internet by using automated systems that make numerous requests to a limited number of popular websites. With and without the use of a proxy, an internet connection’s performance was compared. Using the 911 S5 proxy resulted in much faster internet speeds.

6. It provides you with Proxy Protocol Header

Using the proxy protocol header, you can determine the IPs of users if your load balancer uses TCP for back-end connections. Load balancers are designed to intercept traffic between your instances and clients. Your instance’s access logs include the IP address of the load balancer but not the originating client. A client’s port number and IP address are readily available by parsing the first request.

7. It provides Learning Hub

Your membership to the 911 S5 Proxy doesn’t expire until you cancel it. The 911 S5 Learning Hub includes a number of video tutorials that demonstrate how to use the software’s many features.

You’ll also receive video training and soft-screen shortcuts. You’ll learn how to use simple features like changing screen resolution, faking the referer, and utilizing the “blocksites” feature in the video lessons. You’ll also learn how to use the 911 S5 Proxy on your phone.

8. It enables you to Change Request Headers

If you wish to alter the request headers, the 911 proxy has got you covered. 911 S5 Proxy allows you to customize your request headers. A single characteristic sets it distinct from the majority of other proxy services. You can also modify your IP address, which is what all proxies are for. You can, however, mask your browser’s other identity by using the 911 S5 Proxy.

Only the most critical HTTP request headers can be modified. There are more options for creating user profiles if personal information is necessary. A list of sites you don’t wish to visit can be saved together with your user agent and referrer information. When you try to visit such websites, the client restricts your access.

9. Lifelong Subscription

Each of the six options costs between 28 USD and 674 USD, depending on your needs. Another perk of the 911 S5 Proxy is that there is no expiration date on any of the packages. Regardless of the bundle you pick, you’ll have access to the service for the rest of your life. All packages include free software and unmetered bandwidth. You receive 150 to 9,000 proxies depending on the bundle. No doubt, the product’s name indicates that SOCKS5 is an integral component.

Disadvantages of 911 Proxies

1. No refund or free trial

The 911 S5’s main flaw is the absence of a free trial. The major goal of a free trial is to acquire a feel for the product and see whether it meets your needs. The 911 S5 Proxy, on the other hand, requires payment for even the most basic plan. If you don’t like the program, you can’t get a return since there’s no such thing as a refund policy.

2. Limitations of Utility

Web scraping, crawling, and other similar activities are popular uses of proxy servers. There are certain chores for which the Porsche 911 S5 isn’t the best choice.

3. Limitations of Compatibility

Only Windows XP through Windows 10 is supported by the 911 S5 Proxy. Using it with other operating systems is technically possible but very time-consuming. As a result, if you don’t use Windows, you shouldn’t bother with this program.

4. Usage Difficulties

Using the 911 S5 proxy may be a bit of a challenge for you. Use a proxy? You’re probably using IP:PORT. However, if you have a 911 S5, you may discover that this approach isn’t the best choice and be forced to follow the firm’s instructions for downloading software.

The activity of the 911 Forum

As a way to connect to the “last mile” in cybercrime, 911 has become a well-known service among those who live and work on the dark web. The capacity to send harmful traffic via a computer that is near to the customer whose credit card or bank account is going to be charged on a site.

After reviewing a decade of forums, this reporter was surprised to discover no official support account for 911 on any of the biggest cybercrime forums, despite the service often receiving acclaim from cybercrooks.

Individual 911 support requests have been answered by two cybercriminal personas on the forums, and their handles have been used for advertising a service that sells fake 911 accounts for cash. fl.l33t[.]su, a criminal discussion board, was home to both of these aliases from 2016 until 2019.

Many sales threads promoting pricey gadgets and other consumer items purchased using stolen credit cards were started by the user “Transfer,” who marketed and sold access to 911 from 2016 to 2018.

Using the handle “527865713” on fl.l33t[.]su, a user could be spotted responding to private messages in response to 911 assistance requests. A user who has advertised for years the capacity to accept and transmit big wire transfers from China has been identified as the source of this identification.

“China wire service,” which focused on Western Union payments and claimed that “all transactions are approved in China,” was advertised by this user as recently as 2016. When a bank account is hacked, or fraud like CEO impersonation is perpetrated, illegal wire transactions like this are called “scam wires,” which the service charges 20 percent for.

The Current Status of 911 Today

VIP72, a 15-year-old proxy network constructed on malware-compromised PCs that was 911’s strongest rival, unexpectedly shut down in August 2021. More and more people who had previously used VIP72 started using 911 as a proxy.

This affirmation was asserted by the Co-founder of Spur.us (a security company that tracks anonymous services), Riley Kilmer. After LuxSocks shut down, another malware-based proxies service was shut down in January 2023, 911 saw a surge in new subscribers, according to Kilmer.

After VIP72 and LuxSocks were discontinued, “911’s user base soared,” Kilmer claimed. In other words, it’s easy to understand why. In a similar vein as 911, VIP72 is a Windows-based software that allows users to purchase IP addresses for private use,”

In contrast to most of the big proxy networks, Kilmer believes 911 is unique in that it seems to be headquartered in China.

In order to get fresh IPs, Kilmer said that “they use two fundamental ways.” In addition to free VPN software, there are also malicious torrents.” They’ll backdoor the 911 proxy into Photoshop and other software they’ve already uploaded.

However, they may claim that the proxy was installed by a third-party affiliate while still maintaining that all users have agreed to their Terms of Service.

911 has over 200k proxy networks for sale, Kilmer claimed, spanning more than two hundred nations. The US has the highest proportion of proxies for hire, with over 42k proxies available.


Q. Why 911 login failed?

The reason is 911s5 proxy closed on July 28th, This is a very sad news for all of 911 s5 proxy users.

Q. Is 911 VPN shutting down permanently?

Yes, On July 28th, 911.re announced a permanent shutdown of its services.“We regret to inform you that we permanently shut down 911.re and all its services on July 28th.”

Q. Is it good to use 911 proxies Previously?

With millions of residential IPs to choose from, the 911 S5 proxy routinely weeds out problematic ones. The system was built with Windows in mind. Vistra’s product is touted as one of the most dependable and quickest on the market, according to the company.


911’s distinctive features make it clear that the service is excellent. However, in an attempt to stand out, it has rendered itself unsuitable for some jobs that need the use of proxies. If 911 does not meet your needs, I’ve listed a few more options above for you to consider.

Don’t just choose a service provider at random; conduct your homework to ensure that they suit the needs of your project before making a decision.


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Written by Python Scraper

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Over the years, I've honed my skills in Python, developing sophisticated scraping tools that navigate complex web structures. A critical component of my work involves using various proxy services, including BrightData, Soax, Smartproxy, Proxy-Cheap, and Proxy-seller. These services have been instrumental in my ability to obtain multiple IP addresses, bypass IP restrictions, and overcome geographical limitations, thus enabling me to access and extract data seamlessly from diverse sources.

My approach to web scraping is not just technical; it's also strategic. I understand that every scraping task has unique challenges, and I tailor my methods accordingly, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards. By staying up-to-date with the latest developments in proxy technologies and web scraping methodologies, I continue to provide top-tier services in data extraction, helping clients transform raw data into actionable insights.