Best Overclocking Software for Windows in 2023

Best Overclocking Software for Windows

Whenever you need to improve your PC performance, just know that the best overclocking software will do the job for you. Windows PC often encounters slow performance over time. In some cases, the PC slowdown happens because of malware. However, the slow performance often has a lot to do with the excessive power the CPU and GPU exert during the entire time you operate the PC.

Other than Service Host Superfetch and Windows Modules Installer Worker, there are other factors which contribute to the PC slow performance. A limited factory setting can affect the performance of your Windows PC. In order to prevent that, you will need the service of the best overclocking software. By installing the software, the CPU, GPU, and RAM can work as efficiently as possible.

Before we get to the list of best overclocking software, we can show an overview of overclocking in general. Take a look at the brief explanation of overclocking below to shine a light on the issue we talk in this article.


CPU always comes with the factory settings. The entire package of the PC system deliberately sets that way so it can run the way it should. In terms of CPU, the factory setting usually revolves around the speed. To prevent the CPU exhaust, factory setting sets up CPU to work at a certain speed. However, the factory settings itself may even slow down the PC performance when it is sorely needed.

If you have enough of your PC slow performance, then you can try the overclocking method. This method can boost up your PC performance efficiently. By arranging a higher clock rate or multiplier in the PC’s BIOS, your CPU can perform better than it ever could.

When the overclocking works, your CPU will increase its speed. It will then allow your PC to improve its performance. Nevertheless, the overclocking method has a damaging effect if not treated carefully. With the CPU speeds up, it will also take more energy to work. The PC may overheat because of the excessive energy the CPU requires. If it continues on, the PC can suffer damage in forms of the blue screen error or continuous accidental restart. Therefore, you must provide an additional cooling system to cool the heat down or reduce the potential overheat.

Overclocking Software for CPU and GPU

The faster the better. It may be all the things an avid computer user wishes for their personal computer. If you follow the CPU factory setting, your PC may work efficiently up to a certain point. It may not be able to support your high dependence on an efficient computer performance if you rely on the current state of your CPU and GPU alike. In case some troubles cannot be contained anymore, you must look for the best overclocking software for CPU and GPU.

Luckily for you, the overclocking software can easily solve your problem with only a few clicks. The software will work like any types of problem-solving software for Windows out there. It will start the operation of overclocking on your CPU as soon as you start it. In the end, you only need to lay low and wait for the software to finish the overclocking operation.

Best Overclocking Software for Windows PC

Just like registry cleaner and driver updater, overclocking software can be easily found across the internet. To make it even better, most of the overclocking software for CPU and GPU is free to download and use. In order to help you out finding the best overclocking software, we have curated a list of best overclocking software across the internet. Take a look at the list below and find which one best fits for your computer.

MSI Afterburner

As one of the famously recognized CPU and GPU overclocking software out there, MSI Afterburner will do well to fix the PC slow performance. This overclocking software will let you control the Graphic Card of your computer completely. It will also display the complete overview of every piece of hardware on your PC as well as benchmarking and customization of fan settings, at the very least.

Since operating software can be tricky, non-tech savvy users may hesitate about using it. Luckily, this is not the case when you use MSI Afterburner. By using MSI Afterburner, you will not have to worry about the complicated manner of overclocking. The simple interface will make the entire process of overclocking easy.

Use MSI Afterburner for free and have the control to monitor the overclocking process. By doing this, you can increase the performance of your computer hardware, such as CPU and GPU, optimally. In addition to the hardware monitoring, MSI Afterburner also gives you access to control the core memory and an in-game FPS counter. With the monitoring access to the core, you can gain complete information about the PC system and its performance. Not only the hardware and core control, but MSI Afterburner can also examine the durability and thermal display of the PC’s Graphic Cards. Once MSI Afterburner gives you access to manage the Graphic Cards, you can use the best service the PC Graphic Cards can do.

EVGA Precision X

Nothing will do the overclocking process better than EVGA Precision X. As one of the renown CPU overclocking software in the gamer community, you can get no wrong with it. The work of EVGA Precision X effectively improves PC performance as proven by a lot of gamers. With EVGA Precision X, you can operate the software for up to ten users. The only thing EVGA Precision lacks is the limited option of Graphic Cards choices it can set. This software can only support Nvidia Graphic Cards and not all Graphic Cards like the other GPU overclocking software. Other than that, EVGA Precision X can do well in increasing fan speed voltage and managing user profiles among many other things. In addition to that, you can also edit the memory clock offset as well as the GPU clock offset of the PC system.

CPU Tweaker and MemSet

If you have insight on how the overclocking works and understand it well, then you can use these tools. CPU Tweaker can only work with a few numbers of processors, however. Nevertheless, it will work well in the hand of an advanced technician. You may only use CPU Tweaker if the processors have implanted memory controllers. Such processors are AMD Phenom, Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and many others out there. If your PC does not operate with the listed processors, then you can opt to use MemSet. Similarly to CPU Tweaker, MemSet is equipped with advanced and professional features.

It is not advised for non-tech savvy users or beginners to use CPU Tweaker and MemSet. Advanced users can get this app for free and run it to improve PC performance effectively. Nevertheless, you can still try to use them if you have enough knowledge about overclocking.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU)

It shall help you out that overclocking software with the best and simple display exists out there. Intel XTU is one of the simplest overclocking software you can find on the internet. Both beginners and advanced users can operate and navigate their ways to use this software to proceed with the overclocking process. If you search for the best overclocking software for Intel hardware and processor, then Intel XTU will be your best bet. It mainly supports all types of Intel-Core processors as well as the next generation versions.

Intel XTU can effectively monitor your Windows system. It can also optimize the processor work to the maximum capability. In terms of CPU monitoring, Intel XTU can perform temperature analyzing as well as inspect changes in your CPU as soon as the overclocking finishes. Similarly to any Windows overclocking software, Intel XTU will grant you access to manage the voltage, memory, graphics, and processor on your own. While you’re at that, make sure the Windows system operates in a good condition. After all, the entire computer system should be prioritized at the expense of the overclocking processing.

AMD Overdrive

If you look for the easy overclocking software to use, then AMD Overdrive will be your best bet. With the simple design and neat interface, AMD Overdrive can sell the charm to the overclocking software hunters like you. To ensure the overclocking process running smoothly, you can look for the AMD processor. Some of them are widely available out there for Windows.

With AMD Overdrive, you can also manage the CPU as well as real-time monitoring of the CPU. Once the overclocking process finishes, make sure to run a stability test. It can ensure you whether the PC performance improves or not.


For a specific overclocking software, SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility should not be left amiss. Just like the other specific overclocking software, this software only focuses its work on AMD Graphic Cards. Aside from AMD, TriXX Utility can also work its magic on Radeon Graphic Cards and Radeon R9 Fury.

Similarly to any overclocking software, this software can give you access to monitor and set GPU core clock, voltage, memory clock, and many more. All you can do here to optimize your PC performance. In addition to the basic settings, this software is also equipped with hardware real-time monitoring. Having this feature can help you monitor the stability of your PC performance after the overclocking process finishes.


Yet, another specific overclocking software to help you improve your PC performance is here. SetFSB has a unique feature which sets it apart from other overclocking software. It can change and manage the computer system’s Front Side Bus (FSB). This software will connect the CPU to the PC main memory, so you can make the right adjustment to boost your PC performance easily.

NVIDIA Inspector

If you look for the monitoring Graphic Cards software, then this one will work well for you. NVIDIA Inspector simply works to display the information from Graphic Card to the PC user. In addition to the general monitoring, it is usually used to overclocking GPU.

As the function stands, NVIDIA Inspector has its own limits. There are no features to monitor the system temperature or stability in this software. Alternatively, you may want to look for temp monitoring software to do the rest of the job. The simple usage also comes with the simple user interface, so you may not find any difficulty working with this overclocking software.


If you look for a complete package overclocking software, then CPU-Z will be the best choice. Aside from analyzing CPU usage, this software can perform maintenance on the system, processor, and Graphic Card. Along with GPU-Z, they can make the best team to analyze your PC system. CPU-Z and GPU-Z will give you reports on your system’s performance before and after overclocking.

Other than the complete analysis, you can get detailed reports about your motherboard, processor, and GPU. Get all kinds of related information about your PC processors with CPU-Z. The detailed information will include packages, cache levels, voltage, and many more.

GPU-Z will maintain the settings for Graphics Card related information. Things like memory clocks and GPU clocks, temperature, size, and more, will be observed and proceeded with overclocking from this software. Both of this software can work fairly well with NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPU, and ATI Graphic Cards.


If you use a certain brand of computer, then you can certainly try to look for the overclocking software for it too. Try ASUS GPU Tweak for instance. As one of the simple overclocking software for Windows with a great interface, ASUS GPU Tweak can grab the attention of the common tech users easily.

With this software, you can manage the GPU core clock, voltage and memory clock of GPU. Nevertheless, you shall install another software to monitor the other features of your computer system. Look for the stability and temperature monitoring software to optimize your PC performance safely.


The best CPU and GPU overclocking software is not hard to get. By searching for what you need, the internet will give you a list of software which will do well in doing the service. Nevertheless, some of the software out there may lack one thing or two. Therefore, we have curated the best you can find in this article. By operating the overclocking software, you can improve your PC performance. Achieve the maximum potential of your computer’s CPU and GPU by considering the system in a safe manner. After all, you shall responsibly use this software for the overheating effect may follow suit if it is not operated wisely.

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