C++, The Great and Powerful


What is C++?

C++  is a high-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup around 1980 as an extension of the C programming language.

C++ is similar to С and compatible with it. С++ can compile most C programs without changing the source code.

At the same time, C++ is a safer language than C as it supports class-based object-oriented programming, allowing developers to create and test applications faster, easier, and risk-free.

C++ is a compiled language that supports the Write Once, Compile Anywhere principle.

C++ is a general-purpose language. That means that it is used in high-level and low-level programming.

It combines the power of C for managing low-level details with the ability to build high-level abstractions.

Is C++ Popular?

Is C++ Popular

As of 2022, C++ is among the top 5 most used programming languages worldwide.

The C/C++ programming language community is the world's fourth largest, with 11 million developers.

Why is C++ so loved by developers?


C++ is ideal for high-performance software. Several leading companies, such as Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Bloomberg, and Mozilla, use C++ for software development.


C++ overtakes its main competitors, Python and Java, in speed due to faster code compilation.


C++ software products can run smoothly for years. Therefore, most embedded systems and  IoT devices operate on firmware written in C/C++.

Useful Tools

C++ has an extensive collection of libraries, manuals, tutorials, and development toolkits.


C++ developers have learned how to solve problems and avoid sharp corners in over 40 years of using this language. The huge community of C++ programmers won't leave any questions unanswered.

Where is C++ Used?

C++ is literally used everywhere, in all industries. Below, we list the most common uses of C++.

Operating Systems

C++ with its low-level features makes development fast and efficient. Therefore, operating systems, even the famous ones like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS, rely on C++ development.

IoT and embedded systems

IoT and embedded systems

C++ is one of the best options for low-power, memory-constrained devices where hardware is embedded inside the object. C++ gives developers the ability to control power and memory usage to run programs efficiently.

Numerous frameworks, libraries, toolkits, and community support with a large amount of literature and manuals, make C++ attractive for IoT app development.

Object-oriented programming allows code reuse and improves application security.

C++ is platform-independent, so applications built with this language can run on different operating systems.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications

C++ is widely used to develop augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

C++ is in fourth place among programming languages used in AR and VR in 2022.

Such applications deal with large amounts of data in real time, and C++ is well-suited for such purposes.

Web browsers

C++ finds its use in web browsers for fast and efficient development of back-end services.


Telecommunications infrastructure relies on C++ due to its versatility, speed, and efficiency. It can help handle lots of simultaneous messages.

So, C++ is really widely used. Being versatile and powerful, it has been serving programmers faithfully for years, consistently showing excellent results.

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Written by Susan B. Anthony