How to Download Videos from Instagram in 2023 (PC, Android, iPhone)

Hey there! Have you ever come across an Instagram video that you just had to save and watch again later? I‘ve definitely been there many times. Unfortunately, unlike other social platforms, Instagram doesn‘t give us a simple way to download videos posted by other users.

But don‘t worry – with the right tools, you can easily save any Instagram video to your device. In this post, I‘ll show you the best methods for downloading Instagram videos in 2023 on PC, iPhone, and Android.

Why You Might Want to Download Instagram Videos

Before we get into the how-to, let‘s discuss why downloading videos can be useful:

  • Offline viewing – If you don‘t have a steady internet connection, downloading videos allows you to watch them anytime without needing access. This is great for plane rides, road trips, and other times you might lack connectivity.

  • Archive memorable videos – You can use downloads to preserve special Instagram videos forever, like a friend‘s wedding clip or fun vacation highlights.

  • Share on other sites – Instagram videos can only be shared within Instagram. Downloading them gives you the flexibility to also share them on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

  • Reuse/remix content – Downloaded videos can be edited and repurposed into original content, reactions, commentary videos and more.

  • Data hoarding – Some folks just love archiving original files of photos, videos, tweets, etc. Downloading is right up their alley!

According to research from Loanry, 83% of Americans ages 18-29 actively use Instagram. It‘s also the most used social media platform worldwide.

With over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users as of 2022, there‘s clearly a massive desire to consume visual content on the platform. While Instagram caters to short-form video entertainment, sometimes we come across videos that deserve to be saved rather than lost in the endless feed.

That‘s where downloading comes in handy! Now let‘s look at the best ways to do it in 2023.

Downloading Instagram Videos on PC

If you spend time browsing Instagram on your Windows or Mac computer, you have a couple solid options for easily saving videos:

4K Video Downloader

One of my personal favorite tools for downloading videos is 4K Video Downloader. This handy utility allows grabbing videos, entire channels and playlists from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and over 50 other sites.

4K Video Downloader has specific support for downloading Instagram photos and videos. All you need to do is copy the link to an Instagram post and paste it into 4K Video Downloader. It will automatically extract any videos linked in the post for simple one-click downloading.

Some of the best features of 4K Video Downloader for Instagram include:

  • Downloads videos in MP4 up to 4K resolution
  • Can download entire playlists from a profile
  • Browser extensions available for quick downloading
  • Free basic version available with unlimited Instagram downloads

4K Video Downloader makes bulk downloading Instagram videos a breeze thanks to the intuitive browser-based interface. And the free version provides all the core functionality without annoying limitations.


An alternative Instagram video downloader for desktop browsers is SnapInsta. This is a web app specifically designed for grabbing media from Instagram.

The main perks of SnapInsta are:

  • Extremely simple 1-click downloads
  • Browser extensions for easy access
  • Unlimited downloads on free plan
  • No watermarks on saved videos
  • Clean and user-friendly interface

SnapInsta takes a super minimal approach – all you need to do is paste in a link and hit download. For quick individual video grabs, I really like the simplicity of SnapInsta.

Downloading Instagram Videos on iPhone

Unfortunately the Instagram app doesn‘t allow saving videos directly on iOS. But thankfully the App Store offers some solid third party tools for the job. Here are a couple I recommend:

Video Saver for Instagram

As the name suggests, Video Saver for Instagram exclusively focuses on downloading Instagram videos on iPhone and iPad.

The way it works is quite clever – when you want to download a video, you simply use iOS share sheet to send the video from Instagram to the Video Saver app. This initiates the download and saves the video to your Camera Roll.

Some of the best features of Video Saver include:

  • Easy sharing-based downloading
  • Supports all Instagram video formats
  • Optional password protection
  • Completely free with unlimited downloads

For iPhone users who want a straightforward way to download the occasional Instagram video, Video Saver is a reliable choice thanks to the seamless sharing integration.

Insave – Instagram Video Downloader

A more full-featured option for iOS is Insave. Insave provides advanced downloading capabilities beyond just saving videos.

Some of the useful tools Insave offers:

  • Download photos and videos via links or sharing
  • Custom resolution downloads up to 1080p
  • Clipboard link importing
  • Downloads captions and hashtags
  • Reposts downloaded videos to Instagram
  • Private locker for sensitive downloads

Insave is ideal if you need to grab multiple Instagram videos per day in specific resolutions. The ability to repost downloaded videos also makes it unique. Overall Insave provides the most flexibility for downloading Instagram content on iPhones.

Downloading Instagram Videos on Android

As with iOS, downloading videos directly within the Instagram app is restricted on Android. But thankfully there are some good third party apps that get the job done:

Video Downloader for Instagram

Living up to its straightforward name, Video Downloader for Instagram exclusively focuses on saving Instagram videos on Android devices.

The download process involves:

  1. Copying the link to an Instagram post
  2. Pasting the link in Video Downloader for Instagram
  3. Hitting download to save the video to your device storage

Key advantages of Video Downloader for Instagram:

  • Easy link-based downloading
  • Saves all video formats and sizes
  • Allows multiple downloads
  • No login or account required
  • Free but contains ads

For a basic no-frills Instagram video downloader on Android, this app ticks all the boxes. Despite the ads, actually downloading videos is quick and seamless.

InstaSave – View & Download Instagram Photos

With InstaSave, you get a full suite of Instagram media management tools on top of simple video downloading.

Notable features of InstaSave include:

  • Downloads photos, videos, and IGTV
  • Repost media to your Instagram
  • Create playlists for easy downloading
  • Private locker for hidden downloads
  • Multi-account support

InstaSave caters to power users who want to do more than just download the occasional video. With playlist support, reposting, and multi-account management, it offers the most robust Instagram toolset on Android.

Key Tips for Downloading Instagram Videos

To ensure the best experience, keep these tips in mind when grabbing Instagram videos:

  • Double check download quality – Some tools compress videos, so check resolution settings.

  • Use Wi-Fi for large downloads – 4K and HD videos eat up mobile data quickly.

  • Avoid tools needing Instagram login – Login approval gives apps broader access and privacy risk.

  • Mind download limits – Paid tools tend to have higher limits versus free tools.

  • Hide sensitive downloads – Any app may access all files, so store private videos securely.

  • Check IGTV support – Longer IGTV downloads may need a compatible tool.

  • Keep apps updated – Instagram access changes over time but workarounds emerge so stay on top of app updates.

FAQs about Downloading Instagram Videos

Here are answers to some common questions about downloading videos:

Does the original poster get notified if I download their video?

Nope, the download process is completely anonymous. The original uploader has no indication their video was saved by someone.

Is it legal to download Instagram videos?

There are no laws prohibiting downloading videos for personal archival use. However, you should not download content to commercially profit from or redistribute without permission.

Can my Instagram account get banned for downloading videos?

Instagram generally won‘t ban you just for downloading videos to view offline. But mass scraping or reposting content without permission may violate terms and potentially prompt account termination.

Do I need to log into Instagram to download videos?

Most Instagram video downloader tools do not actually require you to login or connect your Instagram account. Simply copying and pasting the post link is enough for downloading the video.

Is there a downloader app for Instagram videos on Mac?

Yes, the desktop tools covered in this post like 4K Video Downloader work seamlessly on Macs as well as Windows PCs. You can also use web-based options like SnapInsta on a Mac through the browser.

Wrapping Up

I hope this post gave you a comprehensive guide to securely downloading videos from Instagram using the top tools available in 2023. While Instagram itself prevents saving videos, the third party apps and extensions mentioned here provide easy workarounds.

Now you can grab memorable videos for offline viewing and long term archiving. Just be sure to download responsibly and avoid mass piracy!

Let me know if you have any other questions about downloading Instagram videos. I‘m always happy to help fellow Instagram power users. Have fun saving and re-watching those awesome videos!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.