Is LaVar Ball Wife, Tina Ball, the Support Behind His Controversial Exercise Equipment Business?


LaVar Ball, widely known as a contentious figure in the basketball realm and the father of professional basketball players Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo, recently stirred the pot with his new business venture in 2023. He launched a set of exercise bars for children, retailing at a staggering $1,850, aiming to hone young athletes' strength and coordination. This venture, especially its pricing, has sparked ample discussions and criticisms.

  1. Summary of “lavar ball wife”
  2. Personal Life of LaVar Ball and Tina Ball
  3. Tina Ball's Background
  4. Tina Ball's Social Media Presence
  5. Tina Ball's Name and Age
  6. LaVar and Tina Ball's Public Moments
  7. LaVar Ball's Perspective on His Relationship with Tina
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Given the price tag, many believe there are more affordable, equally efficient alternatives. LaVar, however, emphasizes the premium quality and durability of his product, insisting that it's a worthy investment for budding athletes. In the background of all this commotion stands Tina Ball, LaVar's wife, a formidable figure and former basketball player herself. Their journey together adds another layer to the narrative.

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Summary of “lavar ball wife”

Date Data Summary
December 11, 1967 Tina Ball is born  
1997 LaVar and Tina Ball get married  
2023 LaVar Ball releases pricey exercise equipment For children
55 Tina Ball's age as of July 2023  
3 Number of sons LaVar and Tina Ball have Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo

Personal Life of LaVar Ball and Tina Ball

LaVar and Tina's story traces back to their college days at Cal State Los Angeles. They tied the knot in 1997 and are proud parents to their three sons. Their life together, spanning over 25 years, has witnessed highs and lows, both on and off the court.

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Tina, a basketball enthusiast, was no stranger to the game. With her impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch, she represented Cal State Los Angeles in her college days.

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Tina Ball's Background

Christened as Christina Catherine Slatinsky, Tina was born on December 11, 1967. After her college stint, she ventured to Europe to play professional basketball for several years. Tina's parents, Robert and Catherine Slatinsky, must have been immensely proud of her achievements.

Tina Ball's Social Media Presence

Over on Instagram, Tina enjoys a following of over 12,000 people. Her posts frequently feature her family, chronicling their achievements and memorable moments. She proudly dons the titles of being LaVar Ball's wife and the mother of Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo.

Tina Ball's Name and Age

For clarity, Tina Ball's full name post marriage is Tina Catherine Slatinsky. As of July 2023, she celebrates her 55th birthday, marking her birth on December 11.

LaVar and Tina Ball's Public Moments

Tina's presence is palpable in LaVar's public appearances. The reality TV show “Ball in the Family” often captures her, supporting her husband. An episode even delved deep into their relationship, with LaVar opening up about their bond and acknowledging Tina as a bedrock of their family.

LaVar Ball's Perspective on His Relationship with Tina

LaVar has never shied away from expressing his deep admiration for Tina. In several interviews, he has alluded to Tina as the family's anchor. For him, Tina has always been a constant source of support, guiding him and their sons, ensuring they remain grounded.


The spotlight might often be on LaVar due to his audacious claims and ventures, but Tina's steadying influence on the Ball family is undeniable. Through controversies and challenges, Tina Ball has remained a rock, supporting her husband and nurturing her sons. Their story is an inspiring testament to enduring partnership and mutual respect.


  1. Who is Tina Ball?
    Tina Ball, born Christina Catherine Slatinsky, is LaVar Ball's wife and the mother of their three basketball-playing sons.
  2. What is the controversy around LaVar Ball's exercise equipment?
    LaVar launched exercise bars for children priced at $1,850 in 2023, which many believe is overpriced.
  3. How did LaVar and Tina Ball meet?
    The couple met during their college days at Cal State Los Angeles and got married in 1997.
  4. Does Tina Ball have a background in basketball?
    Yes, Tina played basketball for Cal State Los Angeles and later played professionally in Europe.

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