Alicia Menendez Husband Who is Carlos Prío Odio?


Alicia Menendez, renowned MSNBC anchor, recently made headlines when she decisively stepped back from covering the indictment of her father, Senator Bob Menendez. While her professional integrity is evident, many are curious about her personal life, particularly about Alicia Menendez's husband, Carlos Prío Odio.

Alicia Menendez's Background
Born in Union City, New Jersey, Alicia is the proud daughter of Senator Bob Menendez, a first-generation American of Cuban descent, and Jane Jacobsen, a teacher with German, Norwegian, and Irish roots. Before settling down in New Jersey with her family, Alicia had spent significant time in Miami.

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Summary of Alicia Menendez Husband

Aspect Details
Husband's Name Carlos Prío Odio
Wedding Date February 15, 2015
Wedding Location Coral Gables United Church of Christ, Florida
Carlos's Background Political involvement, Public service, Born and raised in Miami
Alicia's Profession MSNBC Anchor

Alicia Menendez's Marriage to Carlos Prío Odio
February 15, 2015, marked a significant chapter in Alicia's life when she tied the knot with Carlos Prío Odio. Their wedding, filled with joy and cultural richness, was held at the Coral Gables United Church of Christ in Florida. Their relationship is noteworthy, not only for their shared Cuban heritage but also for their initial dynamics that evolved into a beautiful union.

Carlos Prío Odio's Background
Delving into the life of Carlos Prío Odio, Alicia Menendez's husband, reveals a person steeped in political engagement and public service. Born and raised in Miami, Carlos has consistently showcased his commitment to the community, further strengthening the bond he shares with Alicia.

In summary, Carlos Prío Odio is not just “Alicia Menendez's husband” but an individual with a profound legacy and dedication to public service. Their union represents not only love but also the coming together of two families with deep-rooted commitments to their communities.


Who is Alicia Menendez?
Alicia Menendez is an American TV commentator, host, and writer, prominently known as an MSNBC anchor.

When did Alicia Menendez get married?
Alicia Menendez got married on February 15, 2015.

Where did Alicia Menendez's wedding take place?
The wedding was held at the Coral Gables United Church of Christ in Florida.

Who is Carlos Prío Odio?
Carlos Prío Odio is Alicia Menendez's husband, with a notable background in political involvement and public service.


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