How Much is Matt Rhule Salary for Coaching Nebraska Football Team?


Matt Rhule, a renowned name in American football coaching, recently stepped into the role of the head coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. His salary, a topic of interest to many, is set at $5.5 million for 2023. But, that's not the whole story. The intricate details of his contract reveal a progressive increase each year, making his remuneration one of the most lucrative in the college football arena.

  1. Delving Into The Numbers
  2. Summary of matt rhule salary
  3. Additional Earnings Bonuses
  4. The Buyout Clause
  5. Comparing with Previous Appointments
  6. Future Expectations
  7. FAQs

Delving Into The Numbers

Matt Rhule and Nebraska Cornhuskers shook hands on an eight-year deal in November 2022, which aggregates to a whopping $74 million. His inaugural year as the coach will see him pocketing a base salary of $5.5 million. This figure is poised to escalate by $1 million every subsequent year till 2026. Post-2026, each year will witness a hike of $1.5 million in “matt rhule salary” until the year 2030.

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Summary of matt rhule salary

Year Base Salary Bonuses Total Compensation
2023 $5.5 million $0 $5.5 million
2024 $6.5 million $0 $6.5 million
2025 $7.5 million $0 $7.5 million
2026 $8.5 million $1 million $9.5 million
2027 $9.5 million $1 million $10.5 million
2028 $10.5 million $1 million $11.5 million
2029 $11.5 million $1 million $12.5 million
2030 $12.5 million $1 million $13.5 million

Additional Earnings Bonuses

Beyond his fixed salary, Rhule has the potential to increase his earnings through performance-driven bonuses. Achievements like clinching the Big Ten Conference championship would entitle him to a $1 million bonus. Participating in the College Football Playoff could add another $500,000, and a triumphant bowl game can fetch him an additional $250,000.

The Buyout Clause

Contracts often come with clauses to safeguard the interests of both parties. In Rhule's contract, a buyout clause is present. If the Cornhuskers decide to terminate Rhule's services without a valid reason, they'd be obliged to pay the outstanding amount on his contract. But, if the termination is justified, Rhule would walk away without any further compensation.

Comparing with Previous Appointments

Before taking the helm at Nebraska, Matt Rhule was associated with other franchises. His severance from the Carolina Panthers was noteworthy, where a dispute over his compensation led to an arbitration suit.

Future Expectations

Nebraska's commitment to excellence in football is evident from Rhule's high-profile signing. With his proven expertise, fans and management alike are hopeful that he will guide the Cornhuskers back to their glorious days.


What's the duration of Matt Rhule's contract with Nebraska?
An eight-year contract stretching till the 2030 college football season.

How much is Matt Rhule's starting salary for 2023?
His salary for the year 2023 is set at $5.5 million.

Can Rhule earn bonuses apart from his base salary?
Yes, there are performance-based bonuses integrated into his contract, enhancing his potential earnings.

Is there a provision if the contract gets terminated?
Yes, the contract features a buyout clause, securing both Rhule and the Nebraska Cornhuskers' interests.


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