10+ Best Android Call Blocker Apps You Can Get for Free

Android Call Blocker Apps lets you block calls from numbers that you don’t want to talk to!

Android Call Blocker Apps

Avoid annoying calls from unknown and unwanted sources alike with the best Android call blocker for your Android devices.

You may wonder how to block numbers on Android with all these annoying calls bothering you. Instead of rejecting each one of the calls, the application will work automatically to stop the calls from getting in.

The way call blocking apps work is similar to adblock on browsers. You won’t get the annoying promotions from the bots such as those from telemarketing agencies or scammers. By installing the call blocker application, you can prevent any number from contacting your devices.

How to Block Numbers on Android

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While some Android phones provide the blocking option as one of the built-in features, plenty of phones out there don’t. If you get unwanted calls all the time, you may have to consider getting the best Android call blocker application to block spam calls and messages for your device. Luckily, you can install the call blocking application through a third-party. With the call blocker on your device, you can protect your number from uninvited calls. In addition to blocking, the call blocker will also help you identify the unknown numbers which can be made to make spam calls.

In order to help you sort out the best call blocker out there, we have curated 8 best call-blocking apps for Android. You can trust these call-blocking apps because we can guarantee that they will work well on your Android devices. Each one of these apps has different features, so make sure you know all you need about how to block numbers on Android first before you decide to install a call blocker app on your device. It’s important that you find one that works and fits your interest best.

Call Blacklist – Call Blocker

Call Blacklist – Call Blocker

Are you in need of a powerful call blocker app that works for your Android devices? Call Blacklist will fulfill all your needs by functioning both as a spam call blocker and SMS blocker at best. This app will block calls and messages from an unknown, unidentified or hidden number. In addition to the usual strange suspects, the blocker will not let any number that does not exist in your contacts to make any contact.

In order to install this application, you can simply go to Google Playstore. Simply type in Call Blacklist and the application will appear at the top of the list. You won’t have to pay for this app because it is free. There is no need to worry about your device performance since this app carries little memory. Keep in mind that this app is ad-supported and may contain some in-app purchases.

Should I Answer?

Should I Answer

This Android call blocker application allows you to sort telemarketers, scammers, spam messages, and other unwanted calls into different categories. Not only the sorting out for different categories for the blocked numbers, but you can also set these numbers into assigned ratings.

In addition to these unknown numbers, you can block additional and specific numbers. You can even opt to block any numbers that are not listed in your contact list. This application will also allow you to select which information you wish to submit to the database. You can opt out uploading your contacts.

Disclaimer: Should I Answer? is a free application with no ads. You can simply go to Google Playstore to download it. Type the application name and pick the top application on the list to install it.

Call Blocker

Call Blocker

Another Android call blocker application you need to consider to block spam calls and messages at best is Call Blocker. It is an efficient call blocker app for your Android device that offers a service to prevent unwanted calls. In addition to the blocking service, this application also allows you to block private numbers, telemarketers, and bots.

In addition to the automatic blocking, you can also add any unwanted numbers to the blacklist data. If you wish to change the setting for certain numbers, you can simply unblock them as you wish. Just like any typical free application, Call Blocker includes in-app ads. If you wish to install it, you can simply look for the app on Google Playstore. Simply type the name of the app and click on the first top match of the list to install it.

Safest Call Blocker

Safest Call Blocker

If you need to keep things easy and simple on your Android device, then Safest Call Blocker may be your best bet. Make your own list of blocked numbers with a blacklist feature. In addition to the automatic list, you can also block unwanted numbers from your contact list, phone logs manually. Simply block each of the suspicious numbers every time they initiate contact from your Android device. This app also offers you a feature to block a specific series of numbers automatically with the wildcard entries.

It’s important to note that this app is free to use. You won’t have to pay to use its though it contains ads. Find Safest Call Blocker in Google Playstore to help you get rid of annoying unknown calls.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number

As one of the most famous call and spam messages blocker apps for Android, Mr. Number provides you with the best blocking service for free. You can simply block unwanted calls and stop unidentified numbers that keep bothering you. In addition to the unknown numbers, you can also stop spam calls and messages with this app.

In addition to blocking numbers, this app also allows you to block any specific area code, either local or international. You can opt out the numbers in your directory from the blocked list. Another upside that is worth to notice is that this app is quite easy to navigate and offers total protection for your Android devices.



Do you need a trusted call blocker for your Android device? Truecaller will be your best choice. It’s an outstanding app which has gained the trust of millions of users. This app has a flexible setting which can enable you to identify unfamiliar incoming calls and restrict unwanted numbers either in forms of calls or messages.

In order to see the specific information of each number, you can filter it. In addition to the blocking feature, this call blocker app also allows you to back up your history, contacts, and blacklist to Google Drive.

Through this app, you will also be able to block all spammers which are already listed in the Truecaller database. To make it even great, you can get this app for free. You can simply configure your way through it with a user-friendly interface.

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free apps

Another functional call blocker app for your Android device which can be operated and downloaded for free is here to help. Call Blocker Free can help you block unwanted and annoying spam calls. Get rid of these unwanted calls and messages by simply creating a blacklist as well as a whitelist from your contact list.

Once you add these unidentified numbers to the list, they won’t be able to make contact to your number anymore. Configure the app to alert you about an incoming blocked call. You can also turn on the ‘call reminder’ option to assist you in identifying unknown numbers.

Just like its name, you can get this app for free. However, you need to beware of the ads operating within the application. If you find this app interesting, then you can simply look for it by searching it on Google Playstore. Once you find it, you can simply click on the app and install it.


Hiya Apps

Before it is known as Hiya, this Android call blocker app used to be called White Pages Caller ID and Call Blocker. This app was a mere service to look for reverse numbers. Changes have been made to the app so everyone can have it on their phones. By installing this call blocking application, you can block unwanted calls as well as rejecting offers from caller ID service.

Trust Hiya’s accuracy when it comes to identifying numbers. This call blocker app can analyze up to 3 billion calls each month. The algorithm will then give you context regarding incoming calls from various numbers. In a way, it works similarly to Truecaller. Keep in mind that once you register your number, all the call logs in your phone are included in the analysis.

Call Control

Call Control apps

With the current technological advancement today, you can easily get updates for almost everything. Applications on your mobile phone are included in this list too. In addition to the factory update, Call Control provides an option of improvement through user reports. This free app also provides a service where you can do reverse phone lookup along with call blocking. In addition to blocking calls, Call Control can also blacklist messages.

Call Control has a list of features for each type of mobile phone systems. Operate this app efficiently with its easy and intuitive interface. The app also collects a blacklist, including scam numbers gathered from users reports. Interested in using this app? Go search for Call Control for your Android device on Google Playstore.

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker

CallApp Caller ID- Call Blocker apps

At the core, this call blocking app analyzes and gathers information from any spam calls. The application will then give you options to decide whether to answer the call or not. Unlike the other call blockers, this app has a feature which compiles and analyzes data from your call logs.

The caller ID will give you information every time an incoming call comes in afterward. You can simply look for CallApp in Google Playstore. Download it for free with in-app advertisements or purchase it to avoid any ads within the app.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

Unlike any other call blocker apps, Norton Mobile Security is not essentially a call blocking application. As a well-known digital security brand, the app provides you with a whole security package. Among its many features, call blocking is available to protect your device from spam calls and messages.

Including this app in this list may gain your interest in mobile phone security. For those of you who wish to get full protection, you can simply get this app. Your device will be guaranteed of its security with just the installation of one single app.

In other words, you won’t need to install another app to block certain annoying calls. Just simply look for Norton Mobile Security on the Playstore to get the full security on your Android device.

Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus apps

Get an effective call blocker app with a user-friendly design like Blacklist Plus. This Android call blocker app allows you to restrict any calls from both Blacklist and Whitelist. Choose what to do with the unwanted calls with options like hang up and mute for blacklist contacts.

Furthermore, you can use four block modes with option one blocking all numbers from the blacklist, option two to block all numbers, option three which allows you to block all numbers except contact list, and option four to block all number except the whitelist. With this app, you can manage to turn on/off the call blocking mode by setting the time limits.

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