How to Edit WooCommerce Pages (No Coding Required)

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions for WordPress. It allows you to quickly set up an online store on your website.

By default, WooCommerce creates several pages like Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account, etc. However, customizing the design and layout of these pages can be difficult without coding.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll show you how to easily edit your WooCommerce pages without needing to write any code. We‘ll explore the various WordPress page builder plugins that provide an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to modify WooCommerce templates.

After 15+ years as a WordPress expert, I‘ve customized hundreds of WooCommerce stores for clients. Take advantage of my experience as we dive into how to overhaul your default pages for more sales!

Why Edit WooCommerce Pages?

Here are 5 compelling reasons why customizing default WooCommerce pages can significantly benefit your online store:

1. Boost Conversions

Tweaking your checkout and cart pages to include social proof elements, urgency countdown timers, and product recommendations can increase conversion rates.

  • Baymard Institute found that adding testimonials to the checkout page can improve conversions by 34%.

  • Displaying dynamic urgency timers leads to a 98% increase in cart completion rate according to research by Barilliance.

Small design changes based on proven principles make a big sales impact.

2. Improve Branding

Editing the header, footer, fonts, colors, and other design aspects brings visual consistency. This fortifies your brand image throughout the shopping journey.

A tailored, recognizable store provides a seamless user experience. Studies show buyers are 80% more likely to purchase from brands they can trust.

3. Stand Out

A WordPress site with optimized, unique pages makes your shop memorable and different from competitors.

Consumers have limitless choices online. Your customized store persuades buyers that you offer an unforgettable experience worthy of their business.

4. Enhance User Experience

Thoughtfully crafted pages with clear layouts, simplified flows, and strategic elements improve customer satisfaction.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better user experience, according to research from SuperOffice.

5. Increase Average Order Value

Tactical updates to your pages like suggested products and frequency purchase discounts incentivize customers to purchase more items per order.

Amazon found that 35% of purchases are from recommendations. More add-ons mean higher cart value.

Now let‘s explore how you can easily achieve these benefits by customizing your WooCommerce store‘s pages without coding skills.

Page Builders for WooCommerce Customization

When it comes to editing WooCommerce pages, you have a few different WordPress plugin options to choose from:

  • SeedProd – Drag and drop landing page builder with dedicated WooCommerce blocks.

  • Elementor – Visual page builder with WooCommerce integration.

  • Oxygen – Code-free site builder with shop module.

  • Divi – Visual builder toolkit with modular layout options.

  • Beaver Builder – Frontend editor with WooCommerce modules.

Let‘s compare some of the key capabilities of these leading plugins:

Feature SeedProd Elementor Oxygen
Custom WooCommerce Templates
Drag and Drop Editing
No Coding Required
Mobile-Ready Pages
Custom CSS Options
Conversion Optimization Tools


SeedProd is the most full-featured choice for easily building high converting WooCommerce pages without coding. Some key advantages:

  • Dedicated blocks for WooCheckout, Cart, Products, etc make WooCommerce customization intuitive.
  • Additional conversion features like countdown timers and exit intent allow advanced optimizations.
  • A/B testing capabilities to iteratively improve page designs.
  • Simpler interface than extremely robust builders like Elementor.

SeedProdplaces the power to customize your entire WooCommerce storefront directly in your hands without any coding.

Customize WooCommerce Checkout Page

Let‘s walk through how to fully customize your store‘s checkout page with SeedProd. We‘ll overhaul the default template into an ultra high-converting funnel.

The checkout is one of the most critical pages for conversions. A study by Baymard Institute found:

  • 68% of shoppers abandon their cart during checkout.
  • The average cart abandonment rate is 75%.

Optimizing this page alone can massively boost sales.

Step 1: Install and Activate SeedProd

First, install and activate the SeedProd plugin in your WordPress admin dashboard. Watch this quick video tutorial for a walkthrough:

Step 2: Create New Landing Page

Next, create a new landing page in SeedProd that we‘ll use for the custom checkout. Just navigate to SeedProd » Landing Pages and hit the "Add New" button.

Choose a blank template to start from a fresh slate.

SeedProd Add New Page

Step 3: Build the Checkout Page Structure

SeedProd has a drag and drop page builder that makes it easy to customize layouts.

Start by dragging a Header section to your page, then add a Hero section underneath.

Within each, insert elements like your logo, navigation, headlines, buttons, and background images. Build the overall page structure.

SeedProd Page Builder

Step 4: Add Checkout Form

The most crucial element is the checkout form where customers enter their information.

Drag the dedicated WooCommerce Checkout block into your layout. Customize the styling like input fields and continue button.

Optionally add order bumps or recommendations under the form to boost order values.

Step 5: Include Social Proof

Research shows that elements like customer testimonials increase conversion rates:

  • 74% of customers say positive reviews make them trust a business more.

Add blocks like the SeedProd Testimonial Carousel to build credibility. Don‘t forget review stars!

Step 6: Add Urgency

The Countdown Timer block lets you create scarcity and urgency to complete the purchase.

Dynamic timers have proven wildly effective – ‘Limited Time Only‘ offers convert 202% better according to Social Proof‘s data.

Step 7: Publish and Integrate

Once done customizing, hit publish and visit WooCommerce settings. Under Advanced, set your new checkout page as the default.

Now visitors will experience your highly optimized page that converts casual visitors into paying customers!

Finished Customizable Checkout Page

Follow these steps to transform your default generic WooCommerce checkout into a sales machine without touching any code. The drag and drop flexibility empowers you to continually refine it into a converting masterpiece.

Create One-Page Checkout in WooCommerce

Multi-step checkouts look slick but lead to higher abandonment rates. You can easily create a polished one-page flow using SeedProd.

Follow the same process to make a new landing page. This time, choose a "One Step Checkout" template from SeedProd.

Adjust it to your preferences:

  • Add / Delete Form Fields – Only include essential user details needed. Remove clutter.

  • Choose Layout – Experiment with 1 or 2 column layouts. Assess which converts best.

  • Payment Options – Include the payment types you accept like PayPal or Stripe.

  • Order Bumps – Below the form, add suggested upsells and order bumps.

  • Branding and Styles – Modify colors, fonts, margins and backgrounds.

Enable this simplified yet beautifully designed template as your main WooCommerce checkout page. Customers will now breeze through purchasing in a refined one-page flow.

Gif of seedprod one page checkout template

Build Custom Shop Page in WooCommerce

Want complete control over your product category and shop pages? Easily build a custom shop template with SeedProd‘s flexibility.

Pick a suitable template like Category Grid as your starting point. Then drag in the elements that make up your ideal shopping flow:

  • Featured Products – Showcase your newest or bestselling items.

  • Category Menu – Make navigation easy with groups and filters.

  • Banners/CTAs – Guide buyers with prompts at key points.

  • Recommendations – Suggest related or frequently bought together products.

Polish up styling by tweaking the product grids, image sizes, colors, etc. You can create an elevated yet conversion-focused catalog experience.

Editing WooCommerce shop page in Seedprod

Enable your layout as the primary shop page in your WooCommerce settings. Now you control the exact presentation of your products and categories.

Optimize Other WooCommerce Pages

With SeedProd‘s versatile templates and blocks, the customization possibilities are endless. Let‘s look at more pages you can redesign:

Product Pages

Craft a spectacular layout for individual products with compelling sales copy, lush imagery, demos, and strategic add-ons.

Usage of high-converting components like reviews, comparisons, or quantity discounts will persuade more visitors to buy that item.

Cart Page

Keep customers engaged as they finalize their cart with targeted page updates:

  • Display related items under the cart contents.
  • Show a progress bar and continue prompt.
  • Add urgency with limited time discount countdowns.

Account Page

Help buyers easily manage purchases in a user-friendly account dashboard:

  • Allow order lookup with a search bar.
  • Include graphical reports of spending.
  • Recommend products based on purchase history.

Take full control over the experience beyond just checkout by tailoring every page.

Get Complete Design Freedom

The days of rigid WooCommerce page templates are over. Now full storefront customization is achievable for non-coders through SeedProd.

You have two great options:

  1. Individual Pages – Enhance targeted pages like checkout and cart with specific tweaks.

  2. Entire Theme – Replace your theme with a completely custom handcrafted one.

No limitations or restrictions – every template and pixel available for modification.

Stop settling for lackluster default WooCommerce pages. SeedProd places the tools to unlock your creative vision directly in your hands.

Transform each page into a sales-driving juggernaut. Surprise and delight visitors with an unforgettable journey. And watch your profits grow as conversions improve.

The power lies completely in your hands – no developers needed.

So are you ready to start customizing your WooCommerce storefront with optimized user experiences? Unlock the true potential of your WordPress store without coding using the strategies outlined above.

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.