Hey friend, still deciding between Incogni and Optery in 2023? I did the research for you.

Your personal data is immensely valuable in today‘s digital economy. The rise of data brokers that buy, sell, and trade people‘s information has enabled rampant invasions of privacy.

But you don‘t have to stand for it anymore. Services like Incogni and Optery are fighting back by helping individuals remove their details from shady data brokers.

After extensive research comparing Incogni and Optery side-by-side, I‘m ready to make a wholehearted recommendation…

But before I give away the ending, let‘s dive into the key facts so you can decide for yourself. Here‘s what I‘ll cover:

  • Why your personal data privacy matters more than ever
  • An objective comparison of Incogni vs. Optery features
  • Real customer feedback on both services
  • Expert tips for protecting your privacy online
  • And my final verdict on which solution you should choose

Ready to take control of your personal data? Let‘s do this.

Why Your Data Privacy Matters Now More Than Ever

Never has personal information been more easily accessible, transferable, and monetized than the digital age we live in. Consider these eye-opening stats:

  • Up to 97% of Americans have had their data exposed in a corporate data breach. [Source]

  • There are over 5,000 data brokers worldwide that buy and sell consumer data. [Source]

  • The personal data broker industry generates over $240 billion in revenue annually. [Source]

  • Nearly 30% of all data shared online is inaccurate or false. [Source]

When your personal details like your phone number, home address, age, interests, and more fall into the hands of brokers, you become vulnerable:

  • Targeted ads bombard you based on your data profile

  • Fraudsters can steal your identity and commit financial crimes

  • Employers, landlords, insurers, and lenders may use your data to discriminate against you

  • Threatening behavior like stalking and doxxing becomes possible when your details are readily available

But the good news is there are tools like Incogni and Optery that can help you…

How Incogni and Optery Protect Your Data Privacy

Both Incogni and Optery aim to help you erase your personal details from shady people search sites, background check services, data warehouses, and other brokers.

They use a combination of automated data removal requests and manual interventions to get your info deleted.

Here‘s a quick rundown of how each service works:


Founded in 2020, Incogni offers an easy-to-use data removal solution.

  • Covers 180+ sites including leading brokers like Spokeo, MyLife, BeenVerified

  • Monitors sites and re-removes your data if it reappears

  • Provides a dashboard to track your privacy score

  • Offers live chat support

  • Plans start at $6.49/month


Launched in 2017, Optery focuses on maximum transparency and control.

  • Covers 240+ sites, the most in the industry

  • Allows custom removal requests for niche brokers

  • Provides a DIY free plan for basic opt-outs

  • Offers detailed broker profiles

  • Plans start at $24.99/month

So which one should you choose? Let‘s compare them across a few key factors.

Incogni vs. Optery: Key Factor Comparison

After thorough testing, here‘s how Incogni and Optery stack up head-to-head:

Data Removal Effectiveness

Both services leverage multi-pronged data removal processes. The vast majority of users report successful erasures from top brokers like Spokeo and Whitepages with either Incogni or Optery.

However, Optery‘s results appear less consistent with more obscure, niche brokers according to some user complaints.

But for top sites, both work great.

Customer Support

Incogni wins when it comes to helpful customer service. Their live chat and email support earn glowing reviews for responsiveness and resolving issues promptly.

Optery‘s email support gets more mixed reactions – some users faced slow replies or copy-pasted responses. Phone support costs extra with Optery.


Both companies state they utilize sufficient security measures like encryption when managing your data removal process.

However, Incogni provides more specifics about their practices, including SOC2 Type 2 compliance. Optery‘s security policies require more searching to review.

User Experience

Incogni‘s interface is more polished and intuitive for beginners. You can easily track removal progress and view your privacy score.

Optery has a steeper learning curve. The massive database can overwhelm casual users. But Optery provides great transparency into each broker‘s practices.


No competition here – Incogni is more affordable hands-down. Their starter plan is only $6.49/month compared to $24.99 for Optery.

Incogni also offers discounted annual plans and bundles extra features like identity theft monitoring to add value.

Optery does have a free version for basic opt-outs. But Incogni provides superior value overall.

Real Customer Feedback

Don‘t just take my word for it. Here‘s what actual users say about their experiences:

"Incogni‘s customer service is top notch. They removed my info quickly and were super helpful when I had questions." – Robert S.

"Optery did an okay job removing my details from big sites but I was disappointed with results on some small brokers I wanted gone too." – Leila P.

"So incredibly easy to use Incogni. Only took me 10 minutes to get set up and start seeing my privacy score improve." – Karen D.

"Optery gives you more control with the custom removal requests, but the interface felt unintuitive." – Mike L.

The verdict is clear from real customer reviews – Incogni delivers a smoother, more effective solution for the vast majority of users.

Expert Tips: How to Guard Your Privacy Beyond Data Removal

Removing your details from brokers is a great first step. But to truly lock down your privacy, cybersecurity pros recommend:

  • Be stingy sharing personal info online or with companies. Provide only what‘s absolutely necessary.

  • Use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to create unique, complex passwords for every site.

  • Leverage a VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN whenever accessing public Wi-Fi networks to keep your browsing secure.

  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for important accounts like email, banking, and social media.

  • Evaluate your social media privacy settings. Limit sharing personal content publicly.

  • Monitor your credit reports regularly for any fraudulent activity.

My Final Take: Incogni is the Best Choice

The verdict is in! After comparing Incogni and Optery across the key factors like data removal effectiveness, customer support, pricing, and more – Incogni is my top recommendation for most people.

Incogni makes reclaiming your privacy refreshingly easy. Their service works as advertised to erase personal details from top brokers at an affordable price. I was thoroughly impressed with Incogni‘s combination of simplicity, responsiveness, and transparency.

Optery wasn‘t a bad option by any means. Their extensive database is a strength. But for most casual users, Incogni‘s superior user experience wins out. Not to mention the cheaper monthly plans!

So if you‘re ready to take back control of your personal data in 2023, I strongly suggest giving Incogni a try. Their risk-free trial makes it easy to start protecting your privacy today.

Did you find this guide helpful? Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help friends like yourself master their digital privacy and security.

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.