SocialPlus Review 2023 – Avoid This Scam

Hey there! As an experienced tech analyst, I wanted to provide an in-depth review of SocialPlus to help you make an informed decision about using them for your Instagram growth. After carefully evaluating their services, I have concluded that SocialPlus is not a company I would recommend. Here‘s why:

Who Is SocialPlus and What Do They Offer?

First, let‘s cover the basics. SocialPlus markets itself as an Instagram growth service that claims to kickstart your organic growth through followers, likes and comments. Their website looks slick and professional at first glance, and their pricing for likes, followers and comments seems very budget-friendly.

However, the affordable rates and appealing website actually demonstrate that the growth SocialPlus provides is not real and organic. The followers and engagement they promise are fabricated through bots and fake accounts. This directly violates Instagram‘s terms of service and can seriously damage your account‘s credibility and reach.

Here‘s a breakdown of the inauthentic services SocialPlus offers:

  • Followers: Packages range from 100 followers for $2.99 to 2,500 followers for $59.99
  • Likes: 100 likes costs $3.99, while 2,500 likes costs $69.99
  • Comments: Prices start at $9.99 for 20 comments up to $29.99 for 100 comments

While SocialPlus does technically deliver the followers, likes and comments you pay for, they are of extremely poor quality and have no value for genuine Instagram growth.

Does SocialPlus Really Work?

Now that we‘ve covered what they sell, let‘s look at whether SocialPlus actually helps your Instagram growth.

The short answer: No.

SocialPlus does send you the followers and engagement you purchase. However, they are clearly bot accounts and fake activity, not real users.

Here are signs the growth they offer is 100% inauthentic:

  • Followers have no profile picture, no posts, generic names like "User1234" and mass-follow/low-follower accounts.
  • Likes and comments come from accounts completely irrelevant to your niche with the sole purpose of inflating engagement.
  • There is no retention – the fake followers and likes drop off after a short period.

This type of imitation growth has zero benefit for real Instagram success. Having thousands of followers with little authentic engagement looks highly suspicious and can lead to your posts being suppressed. Plus, low-quality fake followers may actually deter real users from following you.

Multiple studies have shown that inauthentic growth ultimately hinders your reach and visibility:

  • Accounts with fake followers experience a 33% drop in impressions and reach. (SocialInsider)
  • Posts saw 95% fewer likes after fake followers were removed. (Hypeauditor)
  • IG is cracking down on artificial growth – over 1.5 million accounts were deleted for using third-party services in 2018. (Business Insider)

The cheap imitation growth SocialPlus offers simply isn‘t worth the risk of account restrictions or decreasing your credibility with real users.

SocialPlus Reviews Are Misleading

SocialPlus displays many 5-star reviews on their website and profiles on review sites like Trustpilot. However, these have all the hallmarks of fake testimonials, not real reviews from customers.

Here are some telltale signs their reviews are fabricated:

  • Reviews are generic and vague with no unique details about services.
  • Most come from users with only a first name and stock avatar.
  • Multiple reviews have identical verbatim language, proving they‘re not unique testimonials.
  • There are no negative or mediocre reviews, only perfect 5-star ratings.
  • No authentic reviews from objective third-party sources can be found anywhere for SocialPlus.

This lack of genuine reviews is a major red flag. For a legitimate company, there would be at least some real reviews available through impartial sites like SiteJabber or SocialProof. But there is zero evidence any satisfied customers have left authentic feedback on SocialPlus‘s services.

Fabricating reviews is an effort to deliberately mislead potential customers about their offering. This level of deception is unacceptable from any business you entrust with handling your Instagram account.

Top Services for Real Instagram Growth

If you‘re looking for services that can actually help grow your Instagram account in an authentic and strategic way, I highly recommend these three options over SocialPlus:


  • Leverages AI to target relevant audiences and drive natural engagement
  • Completely organic – no bots, fakes or shortcuts
  • Plans start at $49/month

Nitreo has helped over 10,000 users gain over 2 million followers through fully above-board growth techniques. Their strategic approach helps you make real connections and gain visibility without violating Instagram‘s terms.


  • Focuses on helping you build genuine relationships with engaged followers
  • Does not use any bogus services like fake accounts or bulk liking
  • Plans from $49/month

UseViral is fully transparent about only using ethical practices to facilitate real Instagram growth. Over 20,000 users have grown their accounts successfully through their authentic engagement services.


  • Takes a unique approach by optimizing your existing content
  • Provides custom analytics and reports to maximize your growth
  • Starter plan is $99/month

Kenji leverages their team‘s expertise to unlock your content‘s full potential for growth. Their focus on data helps drive actual organic growth through optimization and strategic posting.

The more patient approach these services take pays dividends through sustaining real followers. While it may progress slower than SocialPlus‘s fake growth, you avoid harming your account‘s credibility and reach long-term.

Why Requiring Your Password is Actually a Good Sign

When researching Instagram growth tools, you may be wary of services asking for access to your account through your login details. However, requiring your username and password is actually a positive sign that growth will be authentic.

Without your credentials, a third-party service simply does not have the ability to perform real actions on your behalf that drive organic growth. This includes:

  • Liking and commenting on posts from targeted profiles
  • Following and unfollowing accounts strategically
  • Curating relevant hashtags and captions for your posts

Hands-on engagement through your account is how legitimate services are able to provide you with lasting, natural growth. If a company doesn‘t need your password, it means they cannot actually facilitate real interactions or growth.

While sharing login details may feel concerning, just be sure you only give access to established, secure companies with a proven track record. But the need for your credentials means they can truly help you in an above-board way – unlike SocialPlus.

No Free Trial Offered

SocialPlus does not provide any free trial period to test drive their services. This is a major drawback compared to leading Instagram growth companies that offer free trials, usually 3-7 days.

Without a free trial, you have no way to experience first-hand whether the growth SocialPlus promises would actually benefit you. And since we‘ve established their offerings are not legitimate, you would have no recourse after handing over your money.

Being able to try features risk-free reflects a company that is confident customers will be satisfied. Only using services that provide a trial period ensures you can vet the quality and safety of their growth methods before committing.

Who Is Behind SocialPlus?

An indicator of a shady Instagram growth service is a lack of transparency about who owns and runs the company. Legitimate businesses provide information on founders, leadership team and sometimes employees.

Worryingly, SocialPlus‘s website contains zero information on who owns or operates the company. There is no "About Us" page, no list of team members or executives, and no customer service contact details.

This complete lack of transparency about who you‘re entrusting your account and data to is very concerning. You have no way to assess their qualifications or trustworthiness as a service provider. Avoid companies hiding behind faceless brands at all costs.

The Bottom Line: Steer Clear of SocialPlus

Here is a quick summary of the key reasons I strongly advise staying away from SocialPlus for your Instagram growth:

  • They sell fake followers and inauthentic engagement in violation of Instagram‘s rules.
  • The bogus growth they offer provides no real value and can actively harm your account.
  • Reviews are clearly fabricated, not real testimonials from customers.
  • No free trial is offered to test their suspicious services risk-free.
  • Complete lack of transparency about who owns/runs SocialPlus.
  • Multiple secure services available that facilitate real, organic Instagram growth.

The bottom line: SocialPlus relies on shady practices and deception. Buying their artificial engagement poses far more risks than potential rewards for your account‘s visibility and credibility.

I hope this comprehensive review helps you make an informed decision to steer clear of SocialPlus and instead invest in legitimate services for organic Instagram growth. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.