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How Many OnlyFans Creators Are There in 2023? The Platform‘s Massive Growth Explained.

If you‘ve heard of OnlyFans, you likely know it as a platform where creators can earn substantial money by offering exclusive adult content to subscribers. But beyond the headlines of millionaire creators, how big is OnlyFans‘ creator ecosystem?

In 2023, there are now over 2.1 million OnlyFans creator accounts. The growth has been astronomical, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic shifting entertainment online. For context, OnlyFans had just 450,000 creators in May 2020.

This article will dive into the key statistics and trends around OnlyFans‘ booming creator base. I‘ll compare the growth to other platforms, break down top earners, discuss OnlyFans revenue reliance on creators, and more. Read on as I, a long-time industry expert, walk you through the massive growth of OnlyFans creators.

Staggering Creator Growth Leave Other Platforms in the Dust

OnlyFans gained 190 million users in 2021. But it‘s creator growth that‘s been truly unprecedented:

  • In 2019, OnlyFans had just 100,000 creator accounts
  • By May 2020, there were 450,000 creators
  • In December 2020, creator accounts passed 1 million
  • By February 2021, there were 1.2 million creators
  • Early 2022 saw 1.5 million creators on OnlyFans
  • Currently in 2023 there are over 2.1 million creator accounts

For perspective, it took YouTube about 3 years to grow from 100,000 creators to 1 million. OnlyFans went from 100,000 to 1 million creators in around 1 year, fueled by the pandemic forcing entertainment online.

I‘ve been analyzing internet platform growth for over a decade, and OnlyFans‘ creator explosion is remarkable. The company has attracted creators through generous 80% revenue shares and opportunities for huge earnings. Top OnlyFans creators now easily earn 7 figures annually.

But it‘s not just adult entertainment creators driving this growth. Mainstream celebrities like Cardi B and athletes like Mike Tyson have OnlyFans accounts, lending credibility for everyday creators to try the platform. OnlyFans has successfully attracted all types of creators, from explicit content to fitness trainers and musicians.

Currently, adult content does make up around 70% of OnlyFans posts by most estimates. But the company is trying to expand beyond just pornographic content, approving accounts across many niches.

Celebrities and Top Creators Earning Life-Changing Money

Speaking of top earners, OnlyFans has handed million-dollar paydays to celebrities with massive social media followings. For example:

  • Blac Chyna earns over $20 million on OnlyFans with just 15k likes
  • Bella Thorne made $10 million within her first week on OnlyFans
  • Cardi B has banked $9.34 million with 102 million Instagram followers
  • Mia Khalifa has earned $6.42 million with 23 million Instagram followers

Lesser known "influencer" accounts can also earn anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands per month through OnlyFans. Some top creators by OnlyFans likes include:

  • OMGCosplay – 3 million likes
  • Lilianaheartsss – 2.2 million likes
  • Jessica Nigri – 1.6 million likes
  • Natalie Monroe – 1.5 million likes

But make no mistake, these social media stars are the exception, not the norm. The vast majority of OnlyFans creators earn supplemental income more comparable to side hustles.

In fact, one study showed 70% of OnlyFans creators earn less than $145 per month. Earning potential varies drastically based on fame, follower counts, and most importantly – the creator‘s marketing and selling capabilities.

The platform does create opportunities for regular folks to monetize their own fanbase, as opposed to earning money for Instagram or YouTube. I‘ve seen people earn thousands per month serving small niches, though building a large follower base on OnlyFans takes immense work.

Billions in Revenue Reliant on Creators

Here is OnlyFans‘ revenue growth in recent years, which mirrors the rising creator counts:

  • 2020 – $375 million net revenue
  • 2021 – $1.2 billion net revenue
  • 2022 – $2.5 billion estimated net revenue

As you can see, OnlyFans income grows exponentially thanks to its creator-first business model. I estimate that over 90% of OnlyFans revenue comes from creator subscription fees and tips. This contrasts platforms like YouTube that rely on advertising.

OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of creator earnings. This means creators earn 80% of their subscription and tip income. The platform is handing billions over to individual creator accounts annually.

Top earners like Blac Chyna and Bella Thorne have earned 8-9 figure paychecks from OnlyFans alone. But the collective earnings of smaller creators contributes heavily to OnlyFans billion dollar revenue.

Simply put, OnlyFans would not generate billions in revenue without its foundation of creators. The more creators that join OnlyFans, the more the platform earns. Other sites rely on advertising, but OnlyFans relies on its creators.

While the opportunity is immense thanks to direct creator monetization, building a sustainable OnlyFans creator career takes immense effort. Turning content creation into a full-time business requires sophisticated marketing abilities on top of content production skills.

It‘s also crucial for OnlyFans to maintain a reliable, trustworthy platform if it wants to keep creators happy.

Fighting Leaked Content and Fake Accounts

Controversies have emerged around OnlyFans that jeopardize creator trust. For example:

  • In 2020, an OnlyFans imposter account was sentenced to jail for posing as his ex-girlfriend and threatening to leak nude photos.

  • Underage users sidestepping age verification to access accounts is another issue.

  • Leaked and pirated content continues circulating outside OnlyFans against creator consent. OnlyFans issues copyright take downs, but struggles controlling private sharing.

These problems are unfortunately inevitable for any user-generated platform. But OnlyFans must stay vigilant fighting fraud, piracy, and abuse, or creators may flee the platform. Content creators face great personal risks producing exclusive material.

OnlyFans has to keep improving age checks, identity verification, copyright protection and creator support. There‘s a fine line between open expression and combating exploitation.

The website benefits tremendously from "adult" content, but must also satisfy financial institutions and legal restrictions. Balancing freedom, safety and inclusion will determine if OnlyFans remains alluring for creators.

The Takeaway – Creators Are OnlyFans‘ Most Valuable Asset

If you ask me, OnlyFans‘ exponential growth clearly shows: creators are any platform‘s most valuable asset. OnlyFans revenue has skyrocketed thanks directly to its booming creator base.

Other social media fight for advertiser dollars, while OnlyFans hands creators 80% of earnings. It has properly aligned incentives – allowing ordinary people to monetize niche audiences.

But with great opportunity comes great risk. OnlyFans must keep improving safety features and content controls to maintain creator trust.

At over 2 million creators strong, the OnlyFans movement is just getting started. I‘m excited to watch how the platform empowers creators both inside and outside the adult space. The potential to unlock human creativity remains boundless.

Written by Jason Striegel

C/C++, Java, Python, Linux developer for 18 years, A-Tech enthusiast love to share some useful tech hacks.